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Learn something new every day: How to make learning and personal development a regular part of your life | INTO MIND
1. don't push yourself to learn something you don't enjoy
2. every little counts
3. have a goal
4. find the right study method
5. create a study plan
6. get into a routine
7. keep track of your progress
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Turning 30. Handling it poorly. - existentialcrisis adulthood maturity | Ask MetaFilter
"Trying to narrow it down, I just shrug. I'm not talented enough at a single thing to earn a living from it. It takes years to become truly skilled at anything, and I've already lost so much time." whoa boy
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Ask Polly: My Life Is A Beige Pointless Hellscape! - The Awl
"Suddenly you can feel the cold press of the plastic chair on your tenders. That's the physical sensation of realizing you're a joke to the rest of the world." lqtm

"I never understood why my dad ran, swam, ate a mango for lunch, and then had an early cocktail. Now I get it. Mood maintenance is everything for the olds."

"Passion comes from vulnerability. If you want to know how to transcend this provincial life—and there are lots of ways to do it—you absolutely must start by ripping out these old walls that protect you and prevent you from feeling connected to yourself and to other people. You must learn to make yourself vulnerable and open and sensitive again."

"Am I changing the world? Should I have done more by now? Those questions are just needless noise, like the cheap click of that boom box. If I AM a failure, then being a failure fucking rules, because here I am, right now, doing what I love."
theawl  ask_polly  heather_havrilesky  advice  life  boredom  depression  ambition  goal  hope  pessimism  settling  writing  performance  2013  2010s  career  desire  passion  mood  work  joy 
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