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This Weird Person Might Save You From Online Harassment — Backchannel — Medium
"This is someone who cares, but who doesn't care if others agree with how they care."

"Maymay believes that people too often forget that companies' interests are not always aligned with those of their users. The services want users to stay focused on doing things that will drive the bottom line. Crane, who writes technical copy for the products and is instrumental in their design, offers a more blunt explanation: 'They don't want their users coming on a dating site and thinking about getting raped.'"  backchannel  meitar_moscovitz  maymay_moscovitz  writing  internet  tool  weapon  technology  san_francisco  open-source  safety  social_media  dating  caleb_garling  hacker  cyborg  PAT  predator  negative  anonymous  facebook  okcupid  sex_offender  creepshield  browser  homeless  freelance  work  gender  social_change  justice  doxxing  transparency  rebecca_crane  action  collective 
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Creative ideas for turning time into money - income | Ask MetaFilter
- dog walking, DogVacay, cat sitting, house sitting
- childcare, babysitting, Nextdoor
- housecleaning
- mystery shopping
- pizza delivery, food delivery, Caviar, Postmates
- SAT prep / uni tutoring, academic editing / proofreading, CrowdSource,
- TESL tutoring
- church front desk
- DSP notetaking
- taskrabbit, mechanical turk, HITs Worth Turking For, Thumbtack
- selling textbooks on Amazon Marketplace (browse secondhand bookshops)
- writing & selling erotic short stories
- campus clinical studies
- Craigslist handyman
- helping people move
- part time work at a food place
- catering, bartending
- online poker, virtual currency mining, buying/reselling niche apparel & collector's items
- showing homes: show rental properties, do data entry
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Should I Work for Free?
"This is the most toxic line of bullshit anyone will ever feed you."
shouldiworkforfree  jessica_hische  free  work  money  design  job  yes  no  flowchart  freelance  diagram  business  advice  life  nonprofit 
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