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not sure if this is a good one or not... bookmarking for later
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july 2019 by cluebucket
Revenge of the Lunch Lady - The Huffington Post
"In 2014, now-House Speaker Paul Ryan said that public assistance, including school lunch, offered a “full stomach and an empty soul” because it made kids reliant on government handouts. With the party now in control of Congress and the White House—and with Michelle Obama, the program’s greatest defender, gone—school lunch is as vulnerable as it’s ever been."

paul ryan needs to have food taken away from him
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february 2017 by cluebucket
via Tbeck
brought to you by the CMI (チェリーマーケティング協会 Cherry Marketing Institute)
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january 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @SikhProf
"Sikhs around the US spent the day supporting women's rights and offering free food. These are our traditions!… "
womensmarch  sikh  simran_jeet_singh  tradition  food  volunteer  solidarity  2017  2010s  photo  image  from twitter_favs
january 2017 by cluebucket
Homemade Granola | Perpetually Chic
- 3 c old-fashioned rolled oats
- 3 tbsp honey
- 2 tbsp maple syrup
- 3 tbsp canola oil
- 1/4 tbsp cinnamon
- 1/8 tbsp salt
- cooking spray
- mix-ins: nuts & dried fruit, finely chopped

1. Preheat oven to 300°F
2. Put oats in large mixing bowl
3. Combine honey, syrup, and oil in small saucepan
4. Bring to boil, stirring occasionally; stir in cinnamon and salt
5. Pour honey mixture over oat mixture in bowl, tossing until oats are thoroughly coated
6. Spread mixture evenly onto baking sheet coated w/ cooking spray
7. Bake 30-35 min, stirring every 5-10 min
8. Cool completely; granola will harden as it cools; stir in choice of nuts / chopped dried fruit
9. Store in airtight container for 1 week

Perpetually Fibrous
granola  recipe  diy  food  health  oat  honey  cinnamon  nut  fruit  baking 
january 2016 by cluebucket
Tomato Typologies / Blog / Need Supply Co.
brandywine, beefsteak, roma, san marzano, green, on the vine, heirloom

"I think they didn't finish the post" lol
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july 2015 by cluebucket
Search Results | Real Simple
"10 ideas for...."
tagged and archived weirdly, but worth sifting in case
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january 2015 by cluebucket
UbuWeb Film & Video: Henry Miller - "Dinner With Henry"
'Henry Miller, holding court at the dinner table at age 87. "Dinner with Henry" (30min)'

"Usually I fucked people up, I never did pay, don'cha know?"
henry_miller  film  archive  interview  dinner  1970s  1979  1980s  1980  author  writer  food  brenda_venus  documentary  richard_young  john_chesko  elderly  nobel_prize  inheritance  from twitter_favs
january 2015 by cluebucket
5 detoxifying foods you might already have in your fridge | Well+Good
1. Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, kale - fiber, enzymes that help metabolize toxins and excess hormones
2. Beets - carbohydrate & a liver detox booster
3. Protein of quality - sulfur-containing amino acids (more liver detox). i.e. free-range/antibiotic-free/hormone-free chicken, grass-fed beef, low-toxicity/wild fish
4. Flaxseeds - fiber. tip: grind seeds just prior to use or soak in water overnight (put in a shake/shot next morning).
5. Apples - pectin, high fiber, low-sugar
brooke_kalanick  detox  food  ingredient  health  vegetable  liver  beets  meat  protein  flax  apple  fruit  tip  list  2014  2010s  fiber 
september 2014 by cluebucket
unlikely pairing
via Tbeck via Jessica & Rolf
"Epleslang (literally 'apple stealing')"
unlikelypairing  friends  herb  forest  norway  apple  food  foraging  norwegian  nature  fruit  vegetable  fermentation  mushroom  blog  photo  fungus  seed  jessica_williams 
september 2014 by cluebucket
The Best Way to Store Leftover Pizza in the Fridge
"Anderberg suggests grabbing a plate and stacking the pizza slices one on top of another. In between each piece, place a paper towel, and when it's all stacked up, cover it in plastic wrap. This will ensure the pizza stays fresh and is on its best behavior when it comes time to reheat it, or not, if you'd rather just go for the cold."  tip  pizza  refrigerator  kitchen  food  storage  preservation  jeremy_anderberg  art_of_manliness  fresh  leftover 
september 2014 by cluebucket
getting organized- a whole month’s worth of meals via crockpot freezer cooking
via my middle school friend, current barely-an-acquaintance, but seems to be an active get shit dun momma
kojo-designs  cooking  recipe  crockpot  food  organization  freezer  frozen  how_to  tip  advice  budget 
june 2014 by cluebucket
The All-Healing Chickpea-Chorizo Frittata | The Hairpin
"I keep thinking I should want soup, because isn’t that the classic accompaniment for Dayquil and Nyquil and tissues and cold weather? But instead, I’ve been helping myself to another slice of this frittata. It’s spicy and sweet and nutty and colorful, and just filling enough. If you need rescuing anytime soon, I hope a chickpea frittata will be there for you, too."
thehairpin  recipe  food  cooking  how_to  frittata  chickpea  onion  chorizo  sausage  sweet_potato  egg  baking  2014  2010s  natalie_eve_garrett 
march 2014 by cluebucket
A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings, Part III | The Hairpin
FEELING: The kick-drum thud when someone you've been bumping shoulders and knees with for weeks, close enough to an accident that it could have been an accident after all, finally touches you on purpose for the first time.
HOW TO EAT IT: Are you crazy? Don't move. Eat only what you can reach.
jess_zimmerman  thehairpin  writing  feeling  emotion  eating  food  guide  tip  funny  2013  2010s 
november 2013 by cluebucket
'Radish Cheese Cake,' according to Sammy's online delivery menu
photo  me  mika_meixiang  instagram  image  food  cake  carrot  radish  2013  2010s  from twitter
october 2013 by cluebucket
Cinnamon Apple Muffins
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 cup white sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 egg
1/3 cup milk
2 apples...
recipe  muffin  baking  apple  cinnamon  food  how_to  from notes
september 2013 by cluebucket
The Land of the Binge -
"It was once held up as an indisputable virtue, virtually synonymous with prudence. Don’t get too carried away with any one thing. Don’t become too set in your ways. That was the message from parents and teachers. That was the cue the culture gave.

"But America these days is an immoderate land of fixed opinions and outsize fixations. More and more we wallow: in our established political philosophy; in our preferred interest group; in our pastime of choice; in whichever health routine we’ve turned into a health religion."

kinda good comments section
frank_bruni  nytimes  op-ed  moderation  extreme  politics  food  america  fad  narrow  tv  news  extremism  2013  2010s  advertising  binge  marketing 
february 2013 by cluebucket
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