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On Finland, the United States, and the freedom of information and of the press - The Washington Post
"Precisely because Finland is worthy of kudos for its protection of free expression over the years, it is all the more interesting what it does not protect."
excerpt from The Soul of the First Amendment
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Moomin Edition Finnish Baby Box
I want this really bad... in ... adult-size proportions???
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25 Fascinating Charts Of Negotiation Styles Around The World | Business Insider
"Scandinavians often have entrenched opinions that they have formulated “in the long dark nights,” though they are reasonable conversationalists. Swedes often have the most wide-ranging discussions, Finns tend to value concision, and most Norwegians fall somewhere in between."
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Nordic Baby Names - Nordic Names Wiki - Name Origin, Meaning and Statistics
lol. the most practical baby naming guide, no joke --

"Final check: You've got some ideas? Good! Let's imagine the following three situations, and check that the name [XXX] is suitable in all of them:
* For a three-year-old [XXX]: Could [XXX] come out and play with us?
* For the 20-year old [XXX]: I love you, [XXX].
* For the 40-year old [XXX]: Wouldn't [XXX] be the suitable person to lead this challenging project?"
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When Will We Learn? - TIME
admitting that I just ♡ Fareed. but there are good points in here. basically -
"We've been talking about America's education decline for three decades now, so much so that we are numbed by the discussion. But the consequences of that crisis are only just becoming fully apparent."
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