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The “Nathan for You” Finale, My New Favorite Love Story | The New Yorker
"As Nathan and Bill’s quest unfolds, and the story about long-lost romance quickly descends into a series of bunko schemes, Bill’s feelings for Frances come into question. His is worse than a case of unrequited love. It’s nothing. The dream evaporates in some acrid vapor. But, almost as suddenly, a new dream is born."
"I’m starting to see my own life as an experiment in Nathan Fielder’s weird business curriculum. Years ago, for instance, when I was an out-of-work filmmaker, I got a job as a private investigator. In order to get information in one investigation, I had to pose as a filmmaker. I remember the internal confusion this caused, the internal monologue: 'But I am a filmmaker. But I’m also posing as one, because in this context no one can know that I am a filmmaker.' It’s not exactly that I was pretending to be something that I wasn’t. I was pretending to be something that I no longer was but would eventually be again. Still, a kind of uneasiness ensued."
errol_morris  nathan_for_you  documentary  filmmaker  tv  newyorker  2017  2010s  love  belief  review  business  truth  imposter  philip_k_dick  nathan_fielder 
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Sarah Polley: The Men You Meet Making Movies - The New York Times
i - love - sarah - polley

"The implication wasn’t subtle. I replied that I wasn’t very ambitious or interested in acting, which was true. He then asked me about my political activism and went on to recast himself as a left-wing activist, which was among the funniest things I’d ever heard."
sarah_polley  op-ed  nytimes  harvey_weinstein  1990s  actor  harassment  filmmaker  hollywood  2017  2010s  men 
october 2017 by cluebucket
really wanted to see this...
my mom was mistaken for Shigenobu Fusako and Nagata Hiroko at various border crossings ha

"Anabasis? The name given, since Xenophon, to wandering, circuitous homeward journeys."  eric_baudelaire  masao_adachi  fusako_shigenobu  may_shigenobu  film  video  2011  2010s  red_army  1970s  japanese  filmmaker  lebanon  palestine  super8  memory  french  revolution  1974  beirut  japan  archive  terror  重信房子  重信メイ  足立正生 
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Richard Ayoade: ‘Shyness can be interpreted as a kind of aggression’ | Culture | The Guardian
What he’s trying to avoid, he admits, is “the Faustian pact with the media to cannibalise my personality”. He’s not difficult in the same way as a surly bloke in a rock band who’s rude for the sake of it. Mostly, he says, he just finds the interview process hilarious, “because the elephant in the room of any interview is ‘consume this product’. That’s a very funny subtext to anything. You might as well just go, ‘by the way, it’s out Monday’.”
richard_ayoade  sam_wolfson  interview  guardian  2014  2010s  actor  comedian  filmmaker  shyness  product  u.k.  character 
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watched amazing Jodo Dune doco yesterday! finally! <3 with & two benign strangers
alejandro_jodorowsky  dune  movie  documentary  dvd  homepage  film  1970s  2010s  filmmaker  from twitter
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Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie -
Schrader mentioned that he was still trying to cast a psychiatrist a small but pivotal role.
"I called Jeff Goldblum and Willem Dafoe. They're not available. So, any ideas?"
Lohan squealed and said, "How about Jared?"
Schrader nodded approvingly.
"Jared Harris?"
"No, Jared Leto."
2013  2010s  film  writing  filmmaker  paul_schrader  alexander_pope  bret_easton_ellis  james_deen  nolan_funk  lindsay_lohan  actor  flaky  stephen_rodrick  canyons 
january 2013 by cluebucket
Don McKellar Online
hasn't been updated for seven years, but I'm glad this site is still up!
elaine_hsu  don_mckellar  fan  fansite  filmmaker  actor  writer  director  canada  2000s  1990s  twitch_city  20th_century 
january 2012 by cluebucket
Good Jobbb, Jr.: SCIORTINO: Your house is a bit disorderly,
via Andrew: "Cleaning is the ultimate Sisyphean task; you sweep the motes of dust into the air, where they fall back down to the ground. It makes me feel like a cartoon character to sweep, like I am a Sim-person sweeping Sim-dust."
this guy just summed up my everything about household dusting.
goodjobbb  tumblr  quote  interview  interview_magazine  hamilton_morris  kaley_sciortino  cleaning  filmmaker  mess  dusting  2011  2010s  household  madness  pillow  pillowcase  witty  21st_century 
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