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Kitchen sink realism - Wikipedia
aka all those films that made me buy a Film Forum membership.
genre  realism  1950s  1960s  art  literature  film  theater  british  u.k.  writing  definition  anger  disillusionment  wiki  wikipedia 
april 2018 by cluebucket
really wanted to see this...
my mom was mistaken for Shigenobu Fusako and Nagata Hiroko at various border crossings ha

"Anabasis? The name given, since Xenophon, to wandering, circuitous homeward journeys."  eric_baudelaire  masao_adachi  fusako_shigenobu  may_shigenobu  film  video  2011  2010s  red_army  1970s  japanese  filmmaker  lebanon  palestine  super8  memory  french  revolution  1974  beirut  japan  archive  terror  重信房子  重信メイ  足立正生 
may 2017 by cluebucket
150 Canadian Films - National Canadian Film Day
in a Don McKellar mood

why does it have to be only one day? (April 19, in case you missed it)
canada  film  list  movie  culture  search  #CanFilmDay 
april 2017 by cluebucket
George Formby - I'm Shy - YouTube
"let loose me sex appeal"

as much as I like humming this lil ditty I am struck by how freakin bored the girl character must've been... read too many emotional labor threads to not notice
george_formby  shy  film  video  youtube  spare_a_copper  1940  1940s  b&w  novachord  emotion  music  synthesizer 
february 2017 by cluebucket
I Am Here….Now (trailer) on Vimeo
watched this with Bob & TH a few years ago and the fourth dot is really worth it
neil_breen  trailer  cinefamily  video  film  las_vegas  2000s  trash  funny 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Scene from The Little Prince - YouTube
im tearing up

"It's only with the heart that one can see clearly. What's essential is invisible to the eye"

this clip has a huge glitch/pop sound at the end but STILL am tearing up.
youtube  movie  film  gene_wilder  little_prince  heart  nostalgia  video  1974  1970s 
august 2016 by cluebucket
Twitter @georgelazenby on @guardianculture
lazenby said:
2015 end of the tour
2016 trump
2017 this
2018 dave wallace realdoll™
2019 the mcnoose meal
2020 (scene missing)
guardian  tweet  film  mel_gibson  sean_penn  oxford  dictionary  2010s  2016  from twitter_favs
august 2016 by cluebucket
Chris Rock: 'I've Never Gone Into Battle Without A Black Woman' | xoNECOLE
"Rock went on to further support his point, admitting that not only did he have to fight to get actress Tichina Arnold cast as the mom in Everybody Hates Chris, a sitcom-biopic based on Rock’s own life, he hinted that they wanted to cast a non-Black woman for the role. ... Wait, what?"
chris_rock  interview  hollywood  casting  actor  tichina_arnold  black  women  discrimination  racism  oscars  tv  film 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Paris, Texas - OST - Ry Cooder - YouTube
Brian Stack: "Super Bowl producers hate my halftime idea of having Ry Cooder sit on a stool and play the Paris, Texas soundtrack"
1984  soundtrack  music  film  wim_wenders  ry_cooder  youtube  streaming  audio  1980s  guitar  texas  instrumental  from twitter_favs
february 2016 by cluebucket
Red, White, Blue & Orange by Benjamen Walker | Free Listening on SoundCloud
happened to listen to this today, when the last British detainee (never charged) was released...
... after 14 years!
... and still 100+ detained!
benjamen_walker  theory_of_everything  podcast  soundcloud  radio  audio  guantánamo  torture  zero_dark_thirty  film  controversy  war  prison  prisoner  interview  2000s  2006  2013  2010s  tajikistan  umarov_muhibullah  cia  military  crime  criminal  2004  mckenzie_funk  joshua_phillips  secret  detainee  terror 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Seinfeld Is Unfunny - TV Tropes
"Although they often began by saying something new, they in turn became the status quo. It's basically the inverse of a Grandfather Clause taken to a trope level: rather than being able to get away with something that is seen as overdone or out of style simply because it was the one that started it, people will disregard it because it got lost amidst its sea of imitations even though it paved the way for all those imitators. That is, a work retroactively becomes a Cliché Storm."  wiki  seinfeld  trope  theme  tv  cliché  culture  backlash  breakdown  meme  hype  history  film  game  theater  passé  trend  comic  wrestling  literature  old_hat  popularity 
october 2015 by cluebucket
'American Sniper' Is Almost Too Dumb to Criticize | Rolling Stone
haven't seen it. he says "Eastwood, who surely knows better," (... but I wonder?)

"The problem of course is that there's no such thing as 'winning' the War on Terror militarily. In fact the occupation led to mass destruction, hundreds of thousands of deaths, a choleric lack of real sanitation, epidemic unemployment, and political radicalization that continues to this day to spread beyond Iraq's borders.

"Yet the movie glosses over all of this, and makes us think that killing Mustafa was some kind of decisive accomplishment -- the single shot that kept terrorists out of the coffee shops of San Francisco or whatever."  matt_taibbi  review  movie  film  clint_eastwood  iraq  war  politics  forrest_gump  bradley_cooper  chris_kyle  american_sniper  2015  2010s  soldier  hero  violence  psychopath  fiction  disturbing  criticism  vietnam  veteran  cambodia  laos 
january 2015 by cluebucket
UbuWeb Film & Video: Henry Miller - "Dinner With Henry"
'Henry Miller, holding court at the dinner table at age 87. "Dinner with Henry" (30min)'

"Usually I fucked people up, I never did pay, don'cha know?"
henry_miller  film  archive  interview  dinner  1970s  1979  1980s  1980  author  writer  food  brenda_venus  documentary  richard_young  john_chesko  elderly  nobel_prize  inheritance  from twitter_favs
january 2015 by cluebucket
Books about Osaka? - japan | Ask MetaFilter
Osaka: The Merchants' Capital of Early Modern Japan (McClain & Wakita)
Visions of Virtue (Najita)
Takarazuka (Robertson)

Teru Miyamoto : Maboroshi no hikari, Doro no kawa
Oda Sakunosuke : Stories of Osaka Life
Ihara Saikaku : The Eternal Storehouse of Japan

Naniwa kin'yūdō ナニワ金融道 (Aoki 1990s)

Naniwa erejii 浪華悲歌 (Mizoguchi 1936)
ask.metafilter  book  osaka  japan  fiction  author  nonfiction  film  history  list  recommendation  大阪 
november 2014 by cluebucket
Interviews: Jarvis Cocker | Features | Pitchfork
"When I went to art college, I would read books about famous artists of years gone by and think, 'Oh, well, if I went and lived in Marrakech and ate only oatmeal and bananas for a year, I'd become really artistic,' as if there's some kind of recipe. But instead of looking off into the distance, try and concentrate on your immediate surroundings and you will find that you already have a unique take on the world. It's just that you might not recognize it. The key to locating it is by being specific and writing about the details of situations, because a detail proves that you were actually there and lends authenticity to what you're writing. And the weird thing is that, by being more specific, it opens things up and makes it universal."  pitchfork  jarvis_cocker  musician  pulp  band  interview  2014  2010s  life_death_and_supermarkets  documentary  ryan_dombal  rough_trade  london  u.k.  florian_habicht  sheffield  pop  fan  1980s  1990s  2000s  2002  2011  video  film  shyness  work  class  common_people  creativity  internet  life  culture  subconscious 
november 2014 by cluebucket
You Farted During "Boyhood" - mw4m
via A.Leland

"There we were, just enjoying a nice quiet Saturday night at the movies. A slow mover, Linklater's 'Boyhood.' Some popcorn. A few sodas. Nothing really happens in the film, we found. For about 90 minutes or so we stare listlessly at the screen. It's a thinking man's film, I say. Beautifully shot. It's about life, and death and relationships and things of that nature. Just then, at a brief, carefully-timed cinematic pause in dialogue, an enormous fart from somewhere in the back pierces an otherwise silent movie theatre. It had the impact of a baseball bat hitting a leather couch, or George Foreman working the heavy bag. Whack. Loud, deep and masculine.The seat cushion heroically absorbed most of the blow, but not enough that each and every person in the movie theatre instantly burst into nervous laughter. The laughter continued for what felt like a good 5 minutes, until tears streamed down our faces. Even well after the blast, we quietly chuckled to ourselves with a 'remember the time that guy farted in the movie theatre' gleam in our eyes. And just like that, with a soft chuckle and a deep breath, we were back into the film. Things happened, people drove around Texas, relationships came and went, there was crying, there was hope. It was as if we had all forgotten about the fart that had brought us together that night. As the sun began to set on screen, the teenage boy, no longer a boy, transitions into an adult, before our very eyes, and looks, intently, lustfully into a young girls eyes, as if to lean in for a kiss, and braaaaaaap. Another fart from the back row, like two giant hands clapping together, and the screen goes dark, roll credits. We decided, after laughing our way out of the theatre, and all the way home, that this was the best movie that we had ever seen. I imagine the lone fartist sauntering off into the sunset. His work here done.
If only I could say thank you, kind sir. You are truly a master of your craft."
craigslist  boyhood  richard_linklated  missed_connection  los_angeles  pasadena  cinema  movie  film  audience  fart  funny  writing  review  fartist  anonymous  2014  2010s 
august 2014 by cluebucket
UbuWeb Film & Video: Kenneth Anger - Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965)
"Cars as sex. Kenneth Anger's 2.5 minute pop erotic masterpiece, Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965): "
kenneth_anger  pop  music  film  short_film  video  ubuweb  dream_lover  pv  sex  paris_sisters  car  erotic  kustom_kar_kommandos  buffer  1960s  1965  from twitter_favs
july 2014 by cluebucket
watched amazing Jodo Dune doco yesterday! finally! <3 with & two benign strangers
alejandro_jodorowsky  dune  movie  documentary  dvd  homepage  film  1970s  2010s  filmmaker  from twitter
may 2014 by cluebucket
Mel Brooks and His Wonderful Rejection of Subtlety | Splitsider
"...Brooks’ films have the elements that make it the perfect comedy film “gateway drug,” and should be essential viewing for any kid with an interest in comedy." truedat!  mel_brooks  comedian  film  director  comedy  joke  1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s  joy  writing  review  brad_becker-parton  history_of_the_world_part_I  blazing_saddles  movie  influence  childhood  youtube  video  clip  2013  2010s 
december 2013 by cluebucket
Marc Maron and the wrong Kevin Macdonald: A true “WTF” moment. | Variety
just marking this down because when that episode came out I really was disappointed that it was Kevin MacD and not Kevin McD. ha!
marc_maron  wtf  variety  interview  kevin_mcdonald  kevin_macdonald  comedian  director  film  tv  kidsinthehall  2010s  2013  mistake  identity  podcast  wtf_pod 
december 2013 by cluebucket
Django, the N-Word, and How We Talk About Race in 2013 - Hollywood Prospectus Blog - Grantland
"While ideas of a 'post-racial' society are but a single cute step below thinking the world was going to end on December 21 on the 'awwww, that's cute' scale, what we are in 2013 is post-'race and things typically associated with a single race existing only within that racial silo.' Finally."

Jackson: "It wasn't a great question if you can't say the word."
rembert_browne  grantland  writing  film  django_unchained  2013  2012  2010s  race  racism  language  nigger  culture  samuel_l_jackson  interview  chief_keef  rgIII  parker  blackness  quentin_tarantino  spike_lee  audience  public 
january 2013 by cluebucket
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