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Gunnysacking - Wikipedia
Gunnysacking is when someone silently collects irritations and slights until "the last straw is placed on them" causing an overblown reaction.

Gunnysacking has been described as 'an alienating fight tactic in which a person saves up, or gunnysacks, grievances until the sack gets too heavy and bursts, and old hostilities pour out'.

yarp. glad to find there's a specific term for this! good riddance!
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august 2018 by cluebucket
sad pictures for children by Ono One (deleted) — Kickstarter
"I am making the loudest sound I know how to make. I know that some people will be personally offended that I am doing this, but I am doing this in large part because our culture has developed in such a way that some of the intelligent, empathetic people who follow me will believe they feel more psychological pain because of books being burnt, their money and my attitude about them than because of the destruction of the natural world, the continuation of classist, racist, abusive patterns of behavior and representation, etc."
john_campbell  kickstarter  manifesto  writing  capitalism  money  sad_pictures_for_children  pictures_for_sad_children  comic  artist  fight  resist  privilege  herman_melville  texas  paypal  book  writer  q&a  church  calvinism  hell  fire  value  joke  change  life  social_media  internet  2000s  2010s  income  2014  breakdown 
january 2018 by cluebucket
firecat | a simile on community activism
"The way to change things is for more people to sing rather than for the same small group of people to try to sing louder and never breathe."
firecat  quote  simile  analogy  sexism  activism  community  strength  resist  2006  2000s  singer  ozarque  livejournal  health  chorus  fight 
february 2017 by cluebucket
That's just how you negotiate with a Nazi. Ask your grandfather. | MetaFilter #6887028
"Maybe part of the problem here is that at some point we conceded that valuing someone's life, health, and security of person based on their race, gender or sexual identity is something you're even allowed to have an opinion about."
dry_white_toast  metafilter  comment  nazi  discrimination  bigotry  hate  power  debate  america  truth  freedom  2017  2010s  life  fight  attack 
january 2017 by cluebucket
sick part of a sick thing, here is something i think people don’t understand,...
"real nazis have this unfortunate, terrifying habit of continuing to be nazis."
"no, we weren’t born bloodthirsty, just salivating at the chance to kick a nazi in the balls. we got driven here reluctantly, by history, to a place where violence in our defense can make us weep with gratitude. you drove us here."
priorwaltering  tumblr  nazi  jewish  violence  defense  2017  2010s  fight  threat  hate  writing  philosophy  peace  tolerance  debate  fear 
january 2017 by cluebucket
Exiting the Vampire Castle

"Class consciousness is fragile and fleeting. The petit bourgeoisie which dominates the academy and the culture industry has all kinds of subtle deflections and pre-emptions which prevent the topic even coming up, and then, if it does come up, they make one think it is a terrible impertinence, a breach of etiquette, to raise it. I’ve been speaking now at left-wing, anti-capitalist events for years, but I’ve rarely talked – or been asked to talk – about class in public.

"But, once class had re-appeared, it was impossible not to see it everywhere in the response to the Brand affair. Brand was quickly judged and-or questioned by at least three ex-private school people on the left. Others told us that Brand couldn’t really be working class, because he was a millionaire. It’s alarming how many ‘leftists’ seemed to fundamentally agree with the drift behind Paxman’s question: ‘What gives this working class person the authority to speak?’ It’s also alarming, actually distressing, that they seem to think that working class people should remain in poverty, obscurity and impotence lest they lose their ‘authenticity’."

"The first law of the Vampires’ Castle is: individualise and privatise everything. While in theory it claims to be in favour of structural critique, in practice it never focuses on anything except individual behaviour. Some of these working class types are not terribly well brought up, and can be very rude at times. Remember: condemning individuals is always more important than paying attention to impersonal structures. The actual ruling class propagates ideologies of individualism, while tending to act as a class. (Many of what we call ‘conspiracies’ are the ruling class showing class solidarity.) The VC, as dupe-servants of the ruling class, does the opposite: it pays lip service to ‘solidarity’ and ‘collectivity’, while always acting as if the individualist categories imposed by power really hold. Because they are petit-bourgeois to the core, the members of the Vampires’ Castle are intensely competitive, but this is repressed in the passive aggressive manner typical of the bourgeoisie. What holds them together is not solidarity, but mutual fear – the fear that they will be the next one to be outed, exposed, condemned."
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january 2017 by cluebucket
Trump Days - The New Yorker
"Standing in line at the pharmacy in an Amarillo Walmart superstore, I imagined some kid who had moved only, or mostly, through such bland, bright spaces, spaces constructed to suit the purposes of distant profit, and it occurred to me how easy it would be, in that life, to feel powerless, to feel that the local was lame, the abstract extraneous, to feel that the only valid words were those of materialism ('get' and 'rise')—words that are perfectly embodied by the candidate of the moment."
george_saunders  newyorker  election  rally  group  2016  donald_trump  arizona  california  america  fight  protest  anger  fear  essay  writing  2010s 
july 2016 by cluebucket
"There are many truths related to that day. ...[I]n a clear sign of racially biased policing, every single unarmed person who died in 2015 in Maryland was Black. Yet, state law enforcement agencies aggressively opposed having to report deaths in police custody."
aclu  maryland  rights  freddie_gray  2015  2016  2010s  police  police_brutality  racism  black  transparency  government  death  killing  crime  organization  justice  prison  larry_hogan  fight  discrimination  power  fraternal_order_police  injustice 
may 2016 by cluebucket
American Woman Gives Domestic Abuse A Face, And Voice, In China : NPR
"In one instance, she was told her physical evidence was inadmissible because she had visited the wrong hospital. Another time she was told that the correct police official was not present to take her evidence. And she was also informed that voice recordings were needed of her husband's threats against her."
kim_lee  li_yang  npr  abuse  relationship  divorce  marriage  public  fight  activism  china  america  2000s  2013  2010s  beijing  trial  weibo 
february 2013 by cluebucket
About This Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson Twitter Beef... | Awesomely Luvvlie
I resolve from here on out to read fewer articles about celeb-ish twitter beefs, but this one makes some good points.
awesomelyluvvlie  twitter  comedian  musician  celebrity  fight  argument  shame  abuse  bullying  bullshit  criticism  takedown  2012  2010s  racism  feminism  rihanna 
november 2012 by cluebucket
Heat and storm damage translate into parental power outages - On Parenting - The Washington Post
for some parents I know ;P

"There are four basic elements in my approach, which support a parent being calmly and confidently in charge. The first is attachment and connection... The second is … parenting from strength, rather than neediness and desperation.. The third is helping kids handle frustration so that it doesn’t turn into anger and aggression... And finally, I teach parents to stay cool and calm, rather than turning on what I affectionately refer to as “Mom TV.” "
2012  2010s  parenting  washingtonpost  susan_stiffelman  janice_d'arcy  summer  child  power  struggle  fight  argument  problem  philosophy  emotion  authority  frustration  advice  how_to  21st_century 
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