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ABBA - Slipping Through My Fingers - YouTube
I watch her go with a surge of that well-known sadness
And I have to sit down for a while
abba  song  music  audio  photo  family  parenting  youtube  daughter  linda_ulvaeus  1981  1980s  the_visitors 
july 2019 by cluebucket
Always Go To The Funeral : NPR
"Most days, my real battle is doing good versus doing nothing."
deirdre_sullivan  writing  essay  npr  funeral  death  family  emotion  memory  duty  2005  2000s 
february 2019 by cluebucket
Death of a Revolutionary | The New Yorker
“Do not rest assured. Things are not O.K.” On the back of the page, she scrawled in red ink, “Are you even on my side? Are you on your own side?”
shulie  shulamith_firestone  susan_faludi  2013  2010s  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2012  obituary  life  revolution  feminism  feminist  nyc  schizophrenia  mental_health  family  orthodox  jewish  tragedy  author  culture  politics  group  breakdown  capgras  kathie_sarachild  ti-grace_anderson  kate_millett  leadership 
november 2017 by cluebucket
Eudocia Pulido had hopes, dreams, and fears too
"Eudocia Pulido's niece Ebia talks about the Aunt Cosiang that she knew, and what she wished she had asked Alex Tizon if he were still alive"

feel like for all the back and forth about the My Family's Slave feature in the Atlantic, this is necessary consideration...
lian_buan  philippines  media  response  interview  eudocia_pulido  theatlantic  alex_tizon  2016  2010s  slavery  work  identity  mystery  family  2011  2017  death  filipinx  translation 
june 2017 by cluebucket
Samsung, corruption, and you - The Verge
"Chaebol is the Korean term for conglomerate. The word comes from the same Chinese characters that form the Japanese term zaibatsu; that those characters roughly translate to “wealth” and “clan” should give you some idea as to how the concept came to be. Many of South Korea’s top conglomerates, like LG, Hyundai, SK, Lotte, and Hanwha, are family-run chaebol where power is traditionally passed down through generations."
lee_jae-young  lee_kun-hee  korea  samsung  corporation  corruption  merger  2010s  2017  lee_byung-chul  company  business  bribery  family  cult  president  park_geun-hye  power  choi_soon-sil  embezzlement  money  scandal  sam_byford 
march 2017 by cluebucket
FAMILY "Between Blue And Me" - YouTube
"Waves of emo-ow-shun, sea of jo-hoo-oy"
family  band  blue  video  1971  1970s  prog  rock  performance  live  youtube  u.k. 
january 2017 by cluebucket
men as feminist allies | MetaFilter #5618445
"Folks, there are no motherfucking gnomes."

forgot I had already faved this
metafilter  MonkeyToes  comment  work  service  household  feminism  family  comfort  ally  men  2014  2010s  emotional_labor 
january 2017 by cluebucket
The Problem with the Solution : Invisibilia : NPR
I often get really irked by the stylistics of this show, but this episode (content) is v interesting
npr  2016  invisibilia  podcast  radio  mental_health  belgium  problem  stigma  nyc  2010s  parenting  family 
august 2016 by cluebucket
The Brats | Biography & History | AllMusic
my uncle was named "Sparky" because he set a club on fire, according to lore
brats  band  nyc  1970s  glam  rock  music  musician  profile  biography  history  family 
april 2016 by cluebucket
I want to marry my wife’s stepmother -
aw I miss Cary Tennis.
" each person comes up to me I hand them a yellow 3-by-5 card and say, 'Quit drinking. See a therapist. Next.'"
"See a professional. I'm not a professional anything. I am just a person with an Internet connection. You should see a professional. But here is what I think anyway. I think that before you do this you need to figure out why you want to do it."
"Self-knowledge is not just a luxury. It's more a responsibility. It's like learning to drive right so you don't run people down."
salon  advice  cary_tennis  2011  2010s  therapy  relationship  affair  divorce  family  self-help  awareness  life  driving  metaphor  quote  suicide 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Tinybeans | Online Baby Journal for Sharing with Family
present for when I run out of ideas as everyone around me pops one out
tinybeans  baby  journal  newsletter  app  family  photo  diary  privacy  gift  book 
december 2015 by cluebucket
Remembering Will Spong
"... '"Who the hell are we?" and "What’s it all about?" ... [I]f you’re not asking those questions, if you’re just here to learn how to put the vestments on right, go home. Don’t come here for that. The world is too important.'”  texas  john_spong  will_spong  father  writing  rememberance  memory  priest  episcopal  church  belief  activism  teacher  teaching  religion  baseball  accident  death  grief  wisdom  north_carolina  son  family  love  bible  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2000s  2015  2010s  piano  alfie  chaplain  pain  hospital 
november 2015 by cluebucket
The 6 Awkward Conversations You're Dreading, And How To Deal With Them
bookmarking fer this: "remember that you don't owe anyone an uncomplicated life or a performance of happiness"
captainawkward  list  tip  advice  conversation  family  holiday  stress  trigger  response  retort  shutdown  2015  2010s  politics  politeness  distraction  confidence 
november 2015 by cluebucket
Growing Up Poor With Three Parents — Medium
"I'm very lucky: my parents are remarkable people who care deeply for me and did an admirable job of raising. But, it certainly didn't hurt that there were three of them."
raindrift  ian_baker  class  privilege  poverty  society  polyamory  monogamy  economics  family  relationship  benefit  childhood  support  2015  2010s  1980s  parenting 
september 2015 by cluebucket
Who Has the Right to a Dignified Death? - The New Yorker
' The suicide rate in Belgium (excluding cases of euthanasia) is the second-highest in Western Europe, a phenomenon often attributed to the Flemish personality type known as “binnenvetter,” a person who holds emotions inside. '
rachel_aviv  newyorker  2015  2010s  ethics  suicide  death  depression  euthanasia  doctor  protest  family  belgium  flemish  mother 
july 2015 by cluebucket Feminist Radical Thinkers: A Sampler
"Feminist Radical Thinkers: a FREE ebook collection from second-wave socialist-feminist texts"

via twitter, this is free at least in Jan 2015. ISBN: 9781784783129  verso  book  ebook  epub  download  feminism  text  reading  socialism  education  20th_century  michèle_barrett  mary_mcintosh  lynne_segal  sheila_rowbotham  juliet_mitchell  woman  sex  family  consciousness  estate  radical  radical_thinkers  sample  from twitter_favs
january 2015 by cluebucket
Ask Polly: Can I Kick My Mom Out of My Life? -- The Cut
I'm not thinking of doing this but I can all too easily imagine/remember when this advice is handy
nymag  ask_polly  mother  advice  pregnancy  emotion  relationship  dysfunction  how_to  forgiveness  time  2015  2010s  family 
january 2015 by cluebucket
How to Work from Home Effectively When You're Short On Space
Carve Out a Comfortable, Familiar Space to Work - go-to nook/cranny
Give Your Workspace Boundaries, Even If They're Small - "free"/"busy" sign
Make Your Space As Work-Friendly As Possible - move non-work stuff
Block Out the Rest of the World - pomodoro/music for distractions
Talk to the People You Live With - don't let them feel sidelined  alan_henry  home  office  how_to  work  space  cleaning  productivity  tip  family  boundary 
january 2015 by cluebucket
Ask Polly: How Do I Deal With My Crazy Family? -- The Cut
"I know it hurts. And plenty of people would tell you to never visit an emotionally abusive mother. Plenty of people would say you should be authentic and tell your family how you feel. I guess it depends on how many experiments in fear and self-loathing you can tolerate. For me, accepting that I won't get all of my needs met works a lot better.

"I need to know, going in, that I will feel sad and disappointed at some point. There are just too many unspoken emotions in the mix for that not to happen. And I am going to eat some shit, no matter what. I always do!

"That's just the way it is. Families are not perfect little democratic societies. Families are complicated and many family members are patently nuts."
nymag  ask_polly  2014  2010s  family  relationship  advice  dysfunction  emotion  holiday  writing 
january 2015 by cluebucket
My Stepfather, The Peeping Tom
"I was trying to prove some point — the point that I should not have to talk to him, that such an expectation was sick and deranged. Guess what? My point was not being taken. Would I tough it out like a lone, ignored hunger-striker until I died?
"But then, if I talked to him, was I betraying not only myself but every woman ever abused, every person who talked to me in a hushed tone after a poetry reading, every woman who nabbed me on the street saying, 'I read your book. Something like that happened to me, too…'?"
"A former boyfriend whom I had been with for many years had made many trips with me to Florida, and I felt bad about the way his relationship with the man fucked with his head. 'Is it all right that I like him?' he asked me — confused, not wanting to betray me, but I had set him up, hadn’t I? I had set him up to spend time with this jolly man who treated my mother so kindly, who took us to play miniature golf and blasted Aerosmith in his truck and didn’t give a shit that my ex was transgender and took us out for pizza and came home from a run to the gas station bearing bingo-themed scratch tickets for us all to play. In the years before his spinal disease crippled him, this was my stepfather. Charming, chain-smoking, liked to talk about science, a scuba diver. The sexual abuse he had perpetrated was a concept. The man before us was real."
1980s  1990s  2010s  2014  michelle_tea  writing  memoir  abuse  stepfather  parenting  peeping_tom  voyeurism  pain  father  silence  mother  growing_up  apology  acceptance  anxiety  family  relationship  poet 
november 2014 by cluebucket
How do I deal with this morass of feelings re: holidays, travel, family - thanksgiving christmas longdistance | Ask MetaFilter
tckma: "They will come around. I don't have an answer for the guilt you feel; I feel it too."
feral_goldfish: "It helped that I could cite my grandfather, who always used to say: 'Fish and visitors stink in three days.'"
ask.metafilter  advice  travel  holiday  family  stress  trip  expense  excuse  guilt  tip  parenting  in-laws  vacation  thanksgiving  christmas  duty 
november 2014 by cluebucket
Ashkenazi names: The etymology of the most common Jewish surnames.
patronymics, matronymics, place names, occupational names, personal traits, insulting names, animal names (Einhorn: unicorn!), Hebrew names, Hebrew acronyms, other Hebrew- and Yiddish-derived names, invented "fancy shmancy" names.... and a separate correction article.
slate  lexicon_valley  bennett_muraskin  surname  jewish  family  name  onomastics  history  ashkenazi  europe  1880s  17th_century  18th_century  19th_century  hebrew  yiddish  language  list  2014  2010s  linguistics 
january 2014 by cluebucket
Suicide and the Economy - Elizabeth MacBride - The Atlantic
"My family had not only refused to speak of Roy, they rewrote the story of his death. Within hours, they closed ranks. A second cousin, a local policeman, told the newspaper Roy was subject to fainting spells. His mother said he died of a heart attack in a parking garage; according to another family story, he’d fallen in front of a train. Eventually, the lie became the truth. I flipped through the journals his mother wrote in 1950s. She mentioned Roy once, when a passerby reminded her of him. Then she went back later and whited out his name."
suicide  theatlantic  depression  economy  1920s  1930s  america  family  2013  2010s  death  memory  mental_health  crisis  psychology  employment  failure  life  library  news  roy_humphrey  nyc  new_jersey  elizabeth_macbride  stigma  society  survival  denial  guilt  shame  emotion 
september 2013 by cluebucket
Patricia Lockwood, "Rape Joke"
has many other great poems but even my brother was taken with this one
patricia_lockwood  theawl  poem  poetry  2013  2010s  joke  assault  sex  rape  teenage  family 
july 2013 by cluebucket
How to Have a Career: Advice to Young Writers — Work in Progress — Medium
"Avoid all messy and needy people including family; they threaten your work. You may believe your messy life supplies material, but it in fact distracts you from understanding that material, and until you understand it, it is useless to you."  sarah_manguso  advice  writer  writing  life  enemy  ally  dignity  kindness  favor  health  family  money  work 
july 2013 by cluebucket
Hijacking feminism - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
"US women do not need to change their attitude; they need, first, job security, good childcare, livable wages for the work they do, and physical security."
"Indeed, it is extremely disturbing that for these high-powered women the 'woman problem' is no longer about social justice, equity and women's emancipation - as if these have already been achieved - but about affect, behaviour modification and well-roundedness."
aljazeera  op-ed  catherine_rottenberg  feminism  class  race  wealth  economics  culture  hype  criticism  lynne_huffer  zillah_eisenstein  sheryl_sandberg  anne-marie_slaughter  elite  justice  society  america  1970s  2010s  2013  2012  theatlantic  women  facebook  balance  revolution  work  family 
march 2013 by cluebucket
Maria Bamford's 'Special Special Special!' Online |
"Ms. Bamford takes a moment to imagine what’s it like to believe in God, spinning out a carefully wrought metaphor: 'You know when you are in a third-world shantytown at midnight, and you’re terrified, but then off in the distance you see the glowing logo of an international conglomerate, and you just feel like: Everything’s going to be O.K.' Then she added: 'Maybe it’s time I seek the Exxon within.'

"It’s a funny, well-written joke delivered with the solemn tone of a woman thrilled to find solace. Her parents didn’t laugh. That silence is fascinating."
maria_bamford  jason_zinoman  nytimes  2012  2010s  comedian  video  review  writing  criticism  audience  comedy  stand-up  parenting  mental_health  family  faith  joke  metaphor  quote  corporation  funny  silence 
december 2012 by cluebucket
rabbit blog: EXIT STRATEGY
"[E]very second you spend in their presence, your self-esteem crumbles a little more.

"That's by design, by the way. They want you to feel weak because they can't stand the idea that you could grow strong and leave them and never look back."

"This is about survival, ok? You are not surviving right now. You're hurting yourself, by telling yourself that you're safer in an inherently unsafe situation. You need to say soothing things, avoid pissing the vampires off, all the while quietly getting the fuck out of there."
rabbitblog  heather_havrilesky  advice  parenting  abuse  daughter  family  escape  debt  self-defense  depression  2012  2010s  happiness  safety 
november 2012 by cluebucket
Think Before You Breed -
"In fact, people are still expected to provide reasons not to have children, but no reasons are required to have them."
christine_overall  philosophy  pregnancy  childbirth  children  family  birth  birth_control  ethics  society  life  group  2012  2010s  octomom  duggar  responsibility  choice  nytimes  op-ed  opinionator  21st_century 
june 2012 by cluebucket

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