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Nontraditional Employment for Women
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august 2017 by cluebucket
We Are All Very Anxious | We are Plan C
"When misery stopped working as a control strategy, capitalism switched to boredom."
"There has been a partial recuperation of the struggle against boredom. Capitalism pursued the exodus into spaces beyond work, creating the social factory – a field in which the whole society is organised like a workplace. Precarity is used to force people back to work within an expanded field of labour now including the whole of the social factory."
"Today’s public secret is that everyone is anxious. Anxiety has spread from its previous localised locations (such as sexuality) to the whole of the social field. All forms of intensity, self-expression, emotional connection, immediacy, and enjoyment are now laced with anxiety. It has become the linchpin of subordination."
"Our success in this performance in turn affects everything from our ability to access human warmth to our ability to access means of subsistence, not just in the form of the wage but also in the form of credit. Outsides to the field of mediatised surveillance are increasingly closed off, as public space is bureaucratised and privatised, and a widening range of human activity is criminalised on the grounds of risk, security, nuisance, quality of life, or anti-social behaviour.

"In this increasingly securitised and visible field, we are commanded to communicate. The incommunicable is excluded."
"We’ve noticed a certain tendency for insurrectionists to refuse to take seriously the existence of psychological barriers to militant action. Their response tends to be, 'Just do it!' But anxiety is a real, material force – not simply a spook. To be sure, its sources are often rooted in spooks, but the question of overcoming the grip of a spook is rarely as simple as consciously rejecting it."  plan_c  capitalism  anxiety  system  control  misery  boredom  19th_century  20th_century  history  organization  strategy  secret  society  social_change  resist  1960s  protest  culture  work  employment  surveillance  consumerism  social_media  japan  u.k.  repression  regulation  war  parenting  poverty  theory  public  punishment  fear  compliance  situationist  action  activism  anger  power  revolution  tip  psychology  depression  apathy  BenCarson 
april 2017 by cluebucket
A woman's lowly place in Japan, mirrored in its language | The Japan Times
女(おんな) woman
奴隷(どれい) slave
姦しい(かしましい) noisy
姦する(かんする) to rape, seduce, assault
嬲り殺し(なぶりごろし) death by torture
嫉む(そねむ) jealousy
女性的(じょせいてき) woman-like
男勝り(おとこまさり) man-surpasser
女以下(おんないか) worse than a woman
良妻賢母(りょうさいけんぼ) good wives & wise mothers
花嫁修業(はなよめしゅぎょう) bridal training
永久就職(えいきゅうしゅうしょく) eternal employment (marital duties)
玉の輿に乗る(たまのこしにのる) marrying a man far richer than oneself
石女(うまずめ) stone woman
畜生腹(ちくしょうばら) beast womb


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february 2017 by cluebucket
Mineful Response and the Rise of Corporatist Spirituality « Speculative Non-Buddhism
"The Mindful-One on the couch says something with a chuckle. I can only make out the first and last parts: 'maybe we should…so they don’t rush the stage.' It gets a big, nervous laugh. Then, he gets serious. So should you.

"'This is sort of an important moment,' he proclaims. Is he about to tell us that 'Corporations have historically had a giant footprint on public infrastructure, communities and the environment without paying for it, and Google is no different. They’ll avoid paying for privatizing our bus stops like they avoid paying $11 billion in federal taxes. When a company’s chairman publicly says, 'We’re proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this,' you know Don’t Be Evil was just a sick joke of the Googlezillionaires.'

"No, he isn’t about to tell us that. Of course not."


"In under three minutes, the clip validates Slavoj Žižek’s claims that western x-buddhism, of which mindfulness has become a dominant variety, is the perfect partner for or 'supplement' to our hyper-consumerist techno-capitalist corporations."  2014  2010s  protest  video  google  silicon_valley  mindfulness  apathy  capitalism  consumerism  conflict  glenn_wallis  corporation  san_francisco  housing  wealth  slavoj_žižek  society  change  denial  richard_payne  employment  strategy  evil  rant  takedown 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Creative ideas for turning time into money - income | Ask MetaFilter
- dog walking, DogVacay, cat sitting, house sitting
- childcare, babysitting, Nextdoor
- housecleaning
- mystery shopping
- pizza delivery, food delivery, Caviar, Postmates
- SAT prep / uni tutoring, academic editing / proofreading, CrowdSource,
- TESL tutoring
- church front desk
- DSP notetaking
- taskrabbit, mechanical turk, HITs Worth Turking For, Thumbtack
- selling textbooks on Amazon Marketplace (browse secondhand bookshops)
- writing & selling erotic short stories
- campus clinical studies
- Craigslist handyman
- helping people move
- part time work at a food place
- catering, bartending
- online poker, virtual currency mining, buying/reselling niche apparel & collector's items
- showing homes: show rental properties, do data entry
student  list  work  tip  job  income  zeri  ask.metafilter  2014  2010s  independence  business  money  task  gig  part-time  employment  freelance 
december 2014 by cluebucket
Suicide and the Economy - Elizabeth MacBride - The Atlantic
"My family had not only refused to speak of Roy, they rewrote the story of his death. Within hours, they closed ranks. A second cousin, a local policeman, told the newspaper Roy was subject to fainting spells. His mother said he died of a heart attack in a parking garage; according to another family story, he’d fallen in front of a train. Eventually, the lie became the truth. I flipped through the journals his mother wrote in 1950s. She mentioned Roy once, when a passerby reminded her of him. Then she went back later and whited out his name."
suicide  theatlantic  depression  economy  1920s  1930s  america  family  2013  2010s  death  memory  mental_health  crisis  psychology  employment  failure  life  library  news  roy_humphrey  nyc  new_jersey  elizabeth_macbride  stigma  society  survival  denial  guilt  shame  emotion 
september 2013 by cluebucket
Unpaid Internships Are a Rich-Girl Problem—and Also a Real Problem - Phoebe Maltz Bovy - The Atlantic
"We will only be able to successfully challenge the norm of unpaid internships if we move away from blaming the interns themselves. Female interns in particular are often taken to task for lacking marketable skills, perhaps for having studied feminist theory in college when the more feminist approach would have been engineering. But even if humanities-major jobs have always paid less, it is entirely different for them to pay nothing at all."
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february 2013 by cluebucket
baxter sez: Some thoughts on "choice"
"Even though it's incredibly important that individuals have the right to make decisions about their lives, to suggest that "choice" is somehow the explanation of things that are wrong with the world, or to suggest that "choice" alone will solve the problems, is to significantly diminish complex lived experiences."
alison_piepmeier  writing  feminism  choice  word  problem  wages  gap  sexism  choosing  language  society  men  women  gender  work  employment  2012  2010s  21st_century 
may 2012 by cluebucket
Life After Long-Term Unemployment - The Morning News
"When meeting new colleagues, smile. Practice now. No, not a grimace. Don’t show lower teeth. Look less like you just lost a baby in a shopping mall. Look less like the baby."
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february 2012 by cluebucket

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