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Photographer removes smartphones to show dystopic, lonely world — Quartz
"US photographer Eric Pickersgill has created 'Removed,' a series of photos to remind us of how strange that [increasingly normal hunched pose of the phone-absorbed] pose actually is"
eric_pickersgill  quartz  photography  photo  smartphone  technology  society  culture  image  b&w  mobile 
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The Pudding
"a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays"  the_pudding  design  data  magazine  essay  culture  visualization  *to_read 
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Gyaru-moji - Wikipedia
私 (watashi, "I") → 禾ム
神 (kami, "god") → ネ申
林 (hayashi, "woods") → 木木
おはよう (ohayō, "Good morning") → 才(よчoぅ
ポケモン (pokemon) → 尓o ヶ 毛 ω
タケシが好き (Takeshi ga suki, "I like Takeshi") → 夕ヶ =/ カゞ 女子(キ
wiki  wikipedia  japanese  language  日本語  ギャル文字  gal  下手文字  hetamoji  sms  text  message  phone  cell_phone  culture  slang  teenage  2000s 
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Wow, Bob Mackey! on Twitter: "doing deep Simpsons research and noticing a LOT of notes from MG about removing racist/ableist/homophobic jokes… "
aw. current writers should take notes.

(I have now not-watched The Simpsons for 2x as long as I did-watch it, with the exception of episodes circa 2016 playing in the laundromat)
bobservo  simpsons  notebook  criticism  editing  matt_groening  writer  writing  tv  1990s  culture  racism  handwriting 
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Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web | Technology | The Guardian
"You’re encouraged to post one single hyperlink and expose it to a quasi-democratic process of liking and plussing and hearting. But links are not objects, they are relations between objects. This objectivisation has stripped hyperlinks of their immense powers.
"Some networks, like Twitter, treat hyperlinks a little better. Others are far more paranoid. Instagram – owned by Facebook – doesn’t allow its audiences to leave whatsoever. You can put up a web address alongside your photos, but it won’t go anywhere. Lots of people start their daily online routine in these cul-de-sacs of social media, and their journeys end there. Many don’t even realise they are using the internet’s infrastructure when they like an Instagram photograph or leave a comment on a friend’s Facebook video. It’s just an app.

"But hyperlinks aren’t just the skeleton of the web: they are its eyes, a path to its soul. And a blind webpage, one without hyperlinks, can’t look or gaze at another webpage – and this has serious consequences for the dynamics of power on the web."
guardian  blog  blogging  culture  2008  2000s  2010s  smartphone  2015  iran  link  internet  social_media  prisoner  power  radical  noise  surveillance  government  hossein_derakhshan 
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Death of a Revolutionary | The New Yorker
“Do not rest assured. Things are not O.K.” On the back of the page, she scrawled in red ink, “Are you even on my side? Are you on your own side?”
shulie  shulamith_firestone  susan_faludi  2013  2010s  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2012  obituary  life  revolution  feminism  feminist  nyc  schizophrenia  mental_health  family  orthodox  jewish  tragedy  author  culture  politics  group  breakdown  capgras  kathie_sarachild  ti-grace_anderson  kate_millett  leadership 
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Twitter @NathanZed
"do yall realize we literally got devices in our hands where we can talk to anybody in the world face to face at any time bruh thats wild. nobody calling me but still wow"
NathanZed  tweet  quote  technology  2017  2010s  smartphone  culture  from twitter_favs
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Truth in Jest? | Hazlitt
"This is why C.K.’s failure to address these allegations is not a good enough reason for his fans to avoid the difficult, uncomfortable issues they bring up. If you like this guy’s work because of its ethical spine, and yet you can keep enjoying it exactly the same way once these allegations are introduced—without any traces of concern or creeping dread or cognitive dissonance or confusion or frustration—then maybe it’s worth thinking about why they’re so easy for you to ignore. This is the exact same idea that runs under C.K.’s work like a third rail, makes him seem so insightful: the moments when an issue is small enough for you to register it and then turn away comfortably are the moments when it probably deserves your closest scrutiny."  louis_ck  comedian  abuse  assault  rumor  tig_notaro  2017  2010s  empathy  emma_healey  truth  privilege  betrayal  jen_kirkman  culture  silence  tv  writing  essay 
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Sword Guys Are a Thing and I’ve Had Sex With All of Them
"Katanas are the Bulbasaur of sword catching, and this guy wants to be a real sword master."
thecut  nymag  hana_michels  sword  dating  hobby  culture  2017  2010s  2013  weapon  sexism  america  sharon_tate  youtube  comedian 
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Gap - In-Store Playlists, Fashion, Music, Videos and Culture
I am a huge sucker for these lovingly-tendered archives of fluorescent light retail chain playlists UGH I just have to admit this and face the facts.
gap  archive  store  music  list  1990s  culture  america  blogspot  cd  compilation  2000s 
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4 mins f/ 2 Pac, 50 Cent, A Tribe Called Quest, Afrika Bambaataa, Audio Two, AZ, Beastie Boys, BG, Big Pun, Biz Markie, Black Rob, Black Sheep, Blackstreet, Bobby Shmurda, Boogie Down Productions, Busta Rhymes, Cali Swag District, Cam'ron, Chamillionaire, Chance The Rapper, Clipse, Common, Craig Mack, Cypress Hill, David Banner, De La Soul, Dead Prez, Digable Planets, Digital Underground, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, DJ Kool, DJ Quik & Kurrupt, DMX, Doug E Fresh, Dr. Dre, Drake, Eazy-E, Eminem, Eric B. & Rakim, Funky 4+1, Gang Starr, Geto Boys, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, GZA, House of Pain, Ice Cube, J-Kwon, Jadakiss, Jay Electronica, Jay-Z, JJ Fad, Juvenile, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, KRS-One, Lauryn Hill, Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys, Lil Kim, Lil Troy, Lil Wayne, LL Cool J, Ludacris, Madvillain, MC Shan, Meek Mill, MF DOOM, Missy Elliott, Mobb Deep, Montell Jordan, MOP, Nas, Naughty By Nature, Nelly, Nicki Minaj, Notorious BIG, NWA, Ol Dirty Bastard, Outakst, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Petey Pablo, Pharaohe Monch, Public Enemy, Puff Daddy, Quad City DJs, Rich Boy, Rick Ross, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, Run-DMC, Salt N Pepa, Scarface, Schoolly D, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Skee-Lo, Slick Rick, Snoop Dogg, Soulja Boy, Sugarhill Gang, T La Rock, T-Wayne, T.I., Terror Squad, The Fat Boys, The Fatback Band, The Fugees, The Game, The Pack, The Pharcyde, The Roots, Three 6 Mafia, Tone Loc, Tyga, UGK, Usher, UTFO, Warren G, Whodini, Wreckx-N-Effect, Wu-Tang Clan, Ying Yang Twins, Young Gunz
mashup  compilation  hiphop  2010s  2000s  1990s  1980s  youtube  video  music  mix  rap  culture  nostalgia  hood_internet 
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150 Canadian Films - National Canadian Film Day
in a Don McKellar mood

why does it have to be only one day? (April 19, in case you missed it)
canada  film  list  movie  culture  search  #CanFilmDay 
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The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black - Features - The Stranger
"Even if there were thousands of Rachel Dolezals in the country, would their claims of blackness do anything to open up the definition of whiteness to those with darker skin, coarser hair, or racialized features?"
ijeoma_oluo  interview  privilege  washington  spokane  america  white_supremacy  rachel_dolezal  white  black  race  racism  narcissism  2017  2010s  2015  scandal  culture 
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We Are All Very Anxious | We are Plan C
"When misery stopped working as a control strategy, capitalism switched to boredom."
"There has been a partial recuperation of the struggle against boredom. Capitalism pursued the exodus into spaces beyond work, creating the social factory – a field in which the whole society is organised like a workplace. Precarity is used to force people back to work within an expanded field of labour now including the whole of the social factory."
"Today’s public secret is that everyone is anxious. Anxiety has spread from its previous localised locations (such as sexuality) to the whole of the social field. All forms of intensity, self-expression, emotional connection, immediacy, and enjoyment are now laced with anxiety. It has become the linchpin of subordination."
"Our success in this performance in turn affects everything from our ability to access human warmth to our ability to access means of subsistence, not just in the form of the wage but also in the form of credit. Outsides to the field of mediatised surveillance are increasingly closed off, as public space is bureaucratised and privatised, and a widening range of human activity is criminalised on the grounds of risk, security, nuisance, quality of life, or anti-social behaviour.

"In this increasingly securitised and visible field, we are commanded to communicate. The incommunicable is excluded."
"We’ve noticed a certain tendency for insurrectionists to refuse to take seriously the existence of psychological barriers to militant action. Their response tends to be, 'Just do it!' But anxiety is a real, material force – not simply a spook. To be sure, its sources are often rooted in spooks, but the question of overcoming the grip of a spook is rarely as simple as consciously rejecting it."  plan_c  capitalism  anxiety  system  control  misery  boredom  19th_century  20th_century  history  organization  strategy  secret  society  social_change  resist  1960s  protest  culture  work  employment  surveillance  consumerism  social_media  japan  u.k.  repression  regulation  war  parenting  poverty  theory  public  punishment  fear  compliance  situationist  action  activism  anger  power  revolution  tip  psychology  depression  apathy  BenCarson 
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The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems
social entrepreneurship abroad / reductive "solutions"

"Some delopment workers even have an acronym that they use to describe these initiatives: SWEDOW (stuff we don't want)."

"don't go because you've fallen in love with solvability. Go because you've fallen in love with complexity."  courtney_martin  health  activism  essay  problem  social_change  privilege  poverty  kickstarter  failure  world  risk  development  manufacturing  aidwatch  altruism  government  zambia  industry  delusion  uganda  nonprofit  david_bornstein  2000s  energy  product  question  tinder  c.z._nnaemeka  glamour  neglect  america  molly_melching  senegal  technology  culture 
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Stuff What Boys Can Do | Fugitivus
"This is a list of ways that boys can ally themselves against misogyny. Examples, anecdotes, and stories. This list is for men that want to help but don’t know what to do. It is also for anybody who wants to share a story of something good that they saw."
fugitivus  wordpress  list  anecdote  idea  guide  tip  misogyny  feminism  activism  action  men  sexism  culture  society 
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That's just how you negotiate with a Nazi. Ask your grandfather. | MetaFilter #6886229
first published 1945:
"Less well known is the paradox of tolerance: Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.
"We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal."
HarshCoffee  metafilter  nazi  tolerance  society  culture  karl_popper  argument  paradox  crime  justice  freedom  2017  2010s  rights  limit  writing  book  quote 
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Did Media Literacy Backfire?
"too many students I met were being told that Wikipedia was untrustworthy and were, instead, being encouraged to do research. As a result, the message that many had taken home was to turn to Google and use whatever came up first. They heard that Google was trustworthy and Wikipedia was not."
danah_boyd  internet  culture  trust  media  wikipedia  information  teenage  bias  america  research  pizzagate  conspiracy  doctor  vaccination  doubt  news  fake  politics  clickbait  truth 
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SPIN - Google Books
omg full color scan time capsule. what a weird/fun/conflicty/contradictory time to be coming of age

the ads are also killin me :-D
spin  magazine  1997  1990s  scan  image  google_books  girl  nostalgia  feminism  riot_grrrl  culture  music  fiona_apple  women  musician  true_crime  list 
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The making of Addy Walker, American Girl’s first black doll.
"For Porter, Meet Addy was the most difficult book in the series to write, because there was so much to accomplish: “Not only did it have to introduce Addy and her family,” Porter said, “it had to introduce slavery, set the initial plot line for six books, and I had to keep in mind that Pleasant Company had multiple tie-ins. There were the books but some of the products being created were also featured in the books—the clothes, accessories, furniture.”"
slate  culture  toy  doll  1990s  character  1993  aisha_harris  addy_walker  african-american  black  history  pleasant_rowland  connie_porter  book  author  development 
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The Towner | A magazine about cities
Buckle of the Bible Belt
Surrounded by Billboards and Battling Satan in South Georgia
mark_leidner  lauren_tamaki  writing  town  georgia  america  2016  2010s  high_school  mascot  devil  alcohol  memory  culture  bill_clinton  ad  reading  1990s  fast_food 
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The Third Rail
"'History furnishes ... no record of a successful intermingling between the great divisions of mankind,' warned the Baltimore Sun, the organ of city establishment, in 1865. Two decades later, the Sun suggested the best course might be just to 'let the colored people dissipate away.'"

"That was Baltimore mass rail, two decades after the system was proposed: two lines that did not connect, far short of what one needed for the network effect of a true system. Inevitably, the inadequacies of public rail left many Baltimoreans ever more reliant upon the buses — a bewildering scattering of lines that typically followed the old streetcar routes, comprehensible only to those with no alternative but to rely on them."

and Larry Hogan being awful, and more...
baltimore  city  racism  transportation  alec_macgillis  bus  street  train  subway  suburban  maryland  20th_century  19th_century  2015  2016  2010s  riot  corruption  white_flight  population  streetcar  1885  1880s  culture  industry  migration  baltimore_sun  black  factory  neighborhood  prejudice  real_estate  housing  conflict  manners  bigotry  liberal  1911  1930s  1910s  ghetto  1940s  george_mcmechen  photo  image  highway  chiaki_kawajiri  mortgage  law  government  kurt_schmoke  1980s  1960s  history  jim_crow  transit  politics  barbara_mikulski  larry_hogan  martin_o'malley  freddie_gray  politician  republican  poverty  segregation  discrimination  cynicism  infrastructure  development  lawsuit  naacp  aclu  amazon 
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After the Fact - The New Yorker
"An American Presidential debate has a lot more in common with trial by combat than with trial by jury, which is what people are talking about when they say these debates seem 'childish': the outcome is the evidence. The ordeal endures."

"When we Google-know, Lynch argues, we no longer take responsibility for our own beliefs, and we lack the capacity to see how bits of facts fit into a larger whole. Essentially, we forfeit our reason and, in a republic, our citizenship."
newyorker  philosophy  thought  fact  truth  trial  history  historian  barbara_shapiro  michael_p_lynch  jill_lepore  politician  2016  2010s  america  president  lie  culture  1215  1210s  magna_carta  13th_century  20th_century  debate  data  internet  google  author  paradox  truthiness  2005  stephen_colbert  2000s  enlightenment  politics  essay  belief 
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The Sensualist - The New Yorker
"Seducing another man’s wife could be forgiven; a bad poem, clumsy handwriting, or the wrong perfume could not."

"In Chapter 4, titled 'Yugao,' Genji comes across a run-down house, the abode of a young woman he is about to seduce.

Waley describes the entrance like this: 'There was a wattled fence over which some ivy-like creeper spread its cool green leaves, and among the leaves were white flowers with petals half-unfolded like the lips of people smiling at their own thoughts.'

Seidensticker: 'A pleasantly green vine was climbing a board wall. The white flowers, he thought, had a rather self-satisfied look about them.'

Tyler: 'A bright green vine, its white flowers smiling to themselves, was clambering merrily over what looked like a board fence.'

Washburn: 'A pleasant-looking green vine was creeping luxuriantly up a horizontal trellis, which resembled a board fence. White flowers were blooming on the vine, looking extremely self-satisfied and apparently without a care in the world.'”
ian_buruma  newyorker  tale_of_genji  genji  2015  2010s  review  literature  book  11th_century  translation  murasaki_shikibu  novel  seduction  sex  poetry  dennis_washburn  heian  平安  adultery  源氏物語  junichiro_tanizaki  ivan_morris  buddhism  style  privilege  royalty  sei_shonagon  pillow_book  gender  men  women  royall_tyler  13th_century  history  japanese  1930s  arthur_waley  1976  1970s  edward_seidensticker  prose  moral  utagawa_kunisada  hishikawa_moronobu  polygamy  culture 
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Problems We Don't Really Want to Solve — Strong Towns
"This is the system that we’ve inherited. But here’s the rub. A larger and larger proportion of the American population of all colors is slipping from comfortable middle class status to a state of reduced circumstances. Many of the folks who always believed they could buy their way in to the better places are now finding themselves in the lesser environments – the kinds of situations they were happy to impose on others in the past. And they’re really pissed off about it."  2016  2010s  civil_rights  history  america  problem  society  culture  racism  housing  law  johnny_sanphillippo  change 
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Ichi-go ichi-e - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The 1994 movie Forrest Gump was released in Japan with this term in the subtitle as Forrest Gump/Ichi-go Ichi-e"
zen  buddhism  phrase  japanese  日本語  四字熟語  yojijukugo  expression  transcience  culture  sen_no_rikyū  rikyū  千利休  life  chance  opportunity  tea  16th_century  language  definition 
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How Corporations Profit From Black Teens' Viral Content | The FADER
"'I gave the world a word,' Newman said. 'I can’t explain the feeling. At the moment I haven’t gotten any endorsements or received any payment. I feel that I should be compensated. But I also feel that good things happen to those who wait.'"

"Whereas Meechie’s dance videos are considered a threat to record companies’ bottom line, his cultural production—and Kayla Newman’s 'on fleek,' too—is treated as ripe for the taking by those same companies."
doreen_st_felix  2015  2010s  kayla_newman  peaches_monroee  catchphrase  on_fleek  innovation  social_media  linguistics  sociolinguistics  credit  ownership  denzel_meechie  youtube  copyright  intellectual_property  culture  k.j._greene  internet  trend  copy  dance  slang  race  black  appropriation  money 
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The Gullah Geechee's fight against 'cultural genocide' - Al Jazeera English
"We're not shocked when African Americans, regular Americans, people from around the world say, 'We thought all black people in America lost all their cultural traditions,'" Goodwine says. She believes that perception arises from a systematic devaluation of black people, starting with slavery. "That was the plan: to programme you to believe you never had a culture, that you never came from rich kingdoms, from people who created math systems and science systems."
"What you see when you come to Charleston is sweetgrass baskets. It's an easy sell. Anybody can sell that," he concludes. "But can you sell the pain? Do you want to tell that story? I think it needs to be told, but they don't want to tell it. They don't want to ruffle feathers."  2015  2010s  gullah_geechee  culture  genocide  allison_griner  queen_quet_marquetta_goodwine  america  nation  slavery  southern  africa  creole  rights  south_carolina  florida  north_carolina  island  brainwashing  racism  tradition  georgia  bridge  cornelia_bailey  population  housing  tax  benjamin_dennis_iv  tourism 
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Seinfeld Is Unfunny - TV Tropes
"Although they often began by saying something new, they in turn became the status quo. It's basically the inverse of a Grandfather Clause taken to a trope level: rather than being able to get away with something that is seen as overdone or out of style simply because it was the one that started it, people will disregard it because it got lost amidst its sea of imitations even though it paved the way for all those imitators. That is, a work retroactively becomes a Cliché Storm."  wiki  seinfeld  trope  theme  tv  cliché  culture  backlash  breakdown  meme  hype  history  film  game  theater  passé  trend  comic  wrestling  literature  old_hat  popularity 
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Great white nope case file #45: Kreayshawn’s Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay · My World Of Flops · The A.V. Club
"In hindsight, it’s a little odd that a Kreayshawn album exists at all. She’s a consummate YouTube phenomenon, and there is a huge gulf between the level of commitment required to press a button and watch a music video for free and the level required to spend actual money on an artist’s album. There were lots of folks willing to press a button to watch 'Gucci Gucci' on YouTube—and almost none willing to actually buy her album."
avclub  nathan_rabin  culture  kreayshawn  album  flop  2015  2010s  2011  2012  youth  record_label  video  writing  tacky  somethin_bout_kreay  failure  success  music  pop  icon 
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The Grantland Staff’s Songs of the Year «
holy crap I've never been one to necessarily bat for Ryan Adams (all I can attest to is his energy/longevity onstage) but "Feels Like Fire".... perfect late 80s rockpop!

"we made it"
"all under one roof raving"
"down it goes"
"all about that bass"
"u guessed it"
"war on the east coast"
"feels like fire"
"it's all over my face / tower of meaning"
"hard (out on numbers"
"an introduction to the album"
"digital witness"
"seasons (waiting on you)"
"girls chase boys"
"every breaking wave"
"blank space"
"i don't mind"
"i can't live without my mother's love"
"no flex zone"
drake  jamie_xx  white_lung  rich_gang  meghan_trainor  og_maco  new_pornographers  ryan_adams  blood_orange  sophie  the_hotelier  st_vincent  future_islands  sia  ingrid_michaelson  U2  taylor_swift  usher  sun_kil_moon  romeo_santos  juicy_j  rae_sremmurd  2014  2010s  pop  rock  rap  hiphop  jazz  dance  rembert_browne  andy_greenwald  jason_concepcion  alex_pappademas  molly_lambert  sean_fennessey  ben_lindbergh  chris_ryan  kirk_goldsberry  dev_hynes  arthur_russell  danny_chau  matt_borcas  bill_barnwell  mark_lisanti  jason_bailey  katie_baker  josh_wimmer  amos_barshad  juliet_litman  steven_hyden  ryan_o'hanlon  shea_serrano  best_of  list  year_end  single  music  song  indie  culture  zeitgeist 
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The Cost of Becoming White | MetaFilter
haven't read the linked article yet. but yes to semi-thoughtful discussions
metafilter  racism  asian-american  white  minority  race  meritocracy  society  culture  ethnicity  discussion  2014  2010s  power 
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Interviews: Robert Wyatt | Features | Pitchfork
'Culture is pudding. It’s lovely and I’ll always eat one,' he says in the biography, talking about his take on the worlds of art and politics. 'But on its own, it’s not a full life’s diet for the brain. And the politics, to me, is indeed the protein.'
'There's the folky thing of: "Poor me, I'm a sensitive person in a cruel world." Or the pop thing of: "Hey, look at me, I'm sexy." I did that myself for a while... [b]ut then I thought, “I'd never sing ‘hey baby’ to my girlfriend, because she'd just laugh at me and think I was a complete idiot. I've got to start again and try to be honest with this.”'
'It may be an English thing, in a way, laughing it off at a distance and using that as self-protection. I mean, I don't want to be a professional cripple. And I don't see the suicide stuff as tragic. Basically, at that age, I looked at what adults were doing and how they wanted to earn money, and I really didn't want to do that. I wanted to go away. I have my moods like that a lot. I'm not a fighter in that sense at all.

'I don't think losing things—in my case, the use of my legs—really damages or hurts you. What hurts people a lot is taking humiliation. A lot of the wars going on right now in the Middle East aren't about poverty and exploitation. They’re about humiliation. For a long time, certainly the British and French have been humiliating and dismissing the people of the Middle East, and encouraging people like Israel to do the same. Israel started out as a socialist state, but we always encouraged them to become rather racist and look down on the local inhabitants, which they now do. It's sad that's happened.'
'I just don't think I write the kind of music that I can see crowds of people singing in football stadiums. Some of us are simply witnesses, and I hope there's a value in that.'
'America reinvented how to be a group, a people, that hasn't got a race, but nevertheless has a national identity. Potentially, America is really the greatest, but it's not yet, I don't think. It's still too much like an old-fashioned empire, waving the stick and dropping too many bombs on too many people.'
robert_wyatt  interview  ryan_dombal  2014  2010s  musician  communism  politics  artist  biography  art  1980s  england  u.k.  sadness  suicide  accident  war  humiliation  empire  1960s  1970s  counterculture  police  violence  culture  capitalism  america  russia  ukraine  nyc  vladimir_putin  china  napoleon_bonaparte  relationship  aging  alcohol 
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Interviews: Jarvis Cocker | Features | Pitchfork
"When I went to art college, I would read books about famous artists of years gone by and think, 'Oh, well, if I went and lived in Marrakech and ate only oatmeal and bananas for a year, I'd become really artistic,' as if there's some kind of recipe. But instead of looking off into the distance, try and concentrate on your immediate surroundings and you will find that you already have a unique take on the world. It's just that you might not recognize it. The key to locating it is by being specific and writing about the details of situations, because a detail proves that you were actually there and lends authenticity to what you're writing. And the weird thing is that, by being more specific, it opens things up and makes it universal."  pitchfork  jarvis_cocker  musician  pulp  band  interview  2014  2010s  life_death_and_supermarkets  documentary  ryan_dombal  rough_trade  london  u.k.  florian_habicht  sheffield  pop  fan  1980s  1990s  2000s  2002  2011  video  film  shyness  work  class  common_people  creativity  internet  life  culture  subconscious 
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Face it, black people. Michael Brown let you down. — Culture Club — Medium
"A man was born under magical circumstances, lived among the poor and sick, and performed miracles. He was sentenced to a brutal and unjust death, which he accepted, because it was for the good of his neighbors — even those that hated him. He was, literally, perfect.

"Maybe that’s why the recent revelation that Jesus may have had a wife is so controversial. People are angry about this, but they shouldn’t be. After all, what’s the matter with having a wife? If you believe, it doesn’t change anything, at all. He still performed miracles. He still died. He still came back. He’s still God’s son. You can still pray to him.

"But maybe the issue is that as a (formerly) Puritan society, we need our saviors to be spotless, to be clean. Perhaps that’s what all the fuss is about."
dex_digital  dexdigi  culture  society  america  michael_brown  dexter_thomas  writing  ferguson  2014  2010s  trayvon_martin  oscar_grant  jesus_christ  iftheygunnedmedown  perfection  morality  religion  human  race  racism  death  christianity  killing  punishment  media 
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I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me | Gadget Lab | WIRED
"By the end of day one, I noticed that on mobile, my feed was almost completely devoid of human content."

"As day one rolled into day two, I began dreading going to Facebook."

"This is a problem much bigger than Facebook. It reminded me of what can go wrong in society, and why we now often talk _at_ each other instead of _to_ each other. We set up our political and social filter bubbles and they reinforce themselves—the things we read and watch have become hyper-niche and cater to our specific interests. We go down rabbit holes of special interests until we're lost in the queen's garden, cursing everyone above ground."
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