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Latin America’s Schindler: a forgotten hero of the 20th century | Ewen MacAskill | World news | The Guardian
"'He would come to the hot and stuffy third floor to inspect the files. We were all sweating and he's in a jacket and tie, cold as a fish. He told us that the files must be carefully taken care of, that they were not files, they were human lives, worthy of respect.'"

"'While Roberto was having a party for the military officials in his house, there would be refugees and political prisoners hiding in the attic,' Infante recalled. 'He was always playing with fire.'"
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Foreign policy of the United States - Wikipedia
1949 Syrian coup d'état
1949–1953 Albania
1951–56 Tibet
1953 Iranian coup d'état
1954 Guatemalan coup d'état
1956–57 Syria crisis
1960 Congo coup d'état
1961 Cuba, Bay of Pigs Invasion
1961 Dominican Republic
1963 South Vietnamese coup
1964 Bolivian coup d'état
1964 Brazilian coup d'état
1966 Ghana coup d'état
1971 Bolivian coup d'état
1973 Chilean coup d'état
1980 Turkish coup d'état
1979–89 Afghanistan, Operation Cyclone
1981–87 Nicaragua, Contras
2001 Afghanistan
2011 Libyan civil war
2011–present Syria
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COLUMN-Commentary: The high cost of Turkey's crackdown | Reuters
"Erdoan himself has initiated some 1,900 defamation lawsuits, often solely on the basis of ironic, mocking, or even obnoxious social media posts."  david_kaye  turkey  necmye_alpay  prison  tayyip_erdoan  criticism  rights  translation  writer  government  propaganda  coup  terror  censorship  social_media  repression  united_nations  2016  2010s 
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