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'Airmail' and 'Here and Now' Reviewed by Alice Gregory | New Republic
"Writing well, after all—with expressive honesty and inventive humor—to people you are not romantically pursuing is one of the most undervalued methods of improving daily life."
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The River | The Hairpin
"I don’t remember if I wrote that I had a boyfriend, or if I said my dad was rich, or what other lies I may have told. I do remember loving how I controlled the story of my life. My pen pals had no way of knowing that all of my pants were too short and my glasses too thick and I liked to stay indoors at recess and just read, because if I went outside the other kids threw kickballs at my head. They only knew what I told them: I ate bacon for breakfast, my favorite color was green, I got a Paula Abdul tape for Easter. I just told a few good details and left the rest unsaid, the way you reply when you’ve been on a disappointing vacation but don’t want to seem ungrateful when someone asks you about it."
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Wise Letters: How to Go On With a Letter
"Charles Dodgson—AKA Lewis Carroll—gives us advice about writing letters that may be satirical but also might not be."
dear old timer,
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