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PEBKAC - Wiktionary
purportedly deployed in a kind way by metafilter mod
pebkac  wiktionary  definition  acronym  phrase  problem  keyboard  computer  insult  funny 
april 2018 by cluebucket
How To Add A Security Key To Your Gmail (Tech Solidarity)
"Plug the key into any USB port, with the gold disk facing upwards. If you're on a newer mac, you may have to use a USB adapter, like an animal:"  technology  security  gmail  how_to  guide  privacy  google  computer  password  chrome  email 
may 2017 by cluebucket
A Viral Sex Crime Saga of Perverts, Pranksters, and Prosecutors - The Daily Beast
"The Suspect’s co-host had been giving interviews, making inflammatory comments, saying I was “clinging to his fame,” and generally egging everyone on. The Suspect would himself upload a video, saying, “If you thought some lying hysterical hag would make us stop, you’re wrong!”"  andrea_noel  mexico  social_media  assault  crime  bureaucracy  police  cctv  surveillance  2016  2010s  2017  investigation  legal  mexico_city  misogyny  violence  underwear  spanish  camera  video  rape  threat  troll  roberto_rock  lie  telehit  andoni_echave  cd  computer  octavio_paz  alberto_escorcia  politician  corruption  injustice  machismo  MiPrimerAcoso  femicide  march 
april 2017 by cluebucket
How to Fix Everything | Motherboard
"The Electronics Reuse Conference was full of people who reject the idea that manufacturers should have control over consumer devices. ... 'We're competing with the garbage dump.'"
apple  samsung  sony  america  computer  technology  secret  ifixit  motherboard  vice  electronic  pentalobe  tool  rights  dmca  2010  2011  2010s  2015  kyle_wiens  manufacturing  repair  reuse  conference  environment  fix  legal  problem  kenya  egypt  india  ghana  waste  control  government  cbp  copyright  john_deere  tip  guide  manual  consumerism  diy  jason_koebler  company  hacking  transparency 
november 2015 by cluebucket
How a Computer Predicts Schizophrenia and Psychosis - The Atlantic
“'In our study, we found that minimal semantic coherence—the flow of meaning from one sentence to the next—was characteristic of those young people at risk who later developed psychosis ... It was not the average. What this means is that over 45 minutes of interviewing, these young people had at least one occasion of a jarring disruption in meaning from one sentence to the next. As an interviewer, if my mind wandered briefly, I might miss it. But a computer would pick it up.'"
adrienne_lafrance  theatlantic  computer  health  speech  schizophrenia  mental_health  2015  2010s  psychosis  psychology  brain  prediction  algorithm  cognition  semantics  guillermo_cecchi  language  cheryl_corcoran  gillinder_bedi  study  science 
september 2015 by cluebucket
(っ•̀ω•́)っ✎⁾⁾ Learn Japanese each time you open a new tab  mainichi  japanese  learn  日本語  vocabulary  tab  chrome  browser  internet  computer  flashcard  memory  study  単語  語彙  漢字  kanji  tool  from twitter_favs
january 2015 by cluebucket
Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is | Whatever
"You can lose playing on the lowest difficulty setting. The lowest difficulty setting is still the easiest setting to win on."
john_scalzi  writing  metaphor  racism  sexism  discrimination  privilege  gaming  gender  computer  analogy  life  difficulty  2012  2010s 
july 2013 by cluebucket
"Everyone is a cyborg, but they don't realize it."
artist  scientist  computer  art  code  programming  homepage  cyborg  painting  algorithm 
november 2012 by cluebucket
How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking | Gadget Lab |
"...what happened to me exposes vital security flaws in several customer service systems, most notably Apple’s and Amazon’s. Apple tech support gave the hackers access to my iCloud account. Amazon tech support gave them the ability to see a piece of information — a partial credit card number — that Apple used to release information. In short, the very four digits that Amazon considers unimportant enough to display in the clear on the web are precisely the same ones that Apple considers secure enough to perform identity verification. The disconnect exposes flaws in data management policies endemic to the entire technology industry, and points to a looming nightmare as we enter the era of cloud computing and connected devices."
"He said the hack was simply a grab for my three-character Twitter handle. That’s all they wanted. They just wanted to take it, and fuck shit up, and watch it burn. It wasn’t personal. “I honestly didn’t have any heat towards you before this. i just liked your username like I said before” he told me via Twitter Direct Message."
mat_honan  hacking  google  twitter  apple  amazon  security  flaw  internet  data  wired  2012  2010s  writing  essay  technology  iCloud  disconnect  computer  cloud  windows  password  applecare  ruin  takedown  fraud  crime  breach  e-mail  exploit  steal  identity  troll  phobia  mac  gardgetlab  itunes  21st_century 
august 2012 by cluebucket
Eye Health: Easy Ways to Improve Your Vision | Reader's Digest
"The most common diseases — age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye disease — are all preventable to some extent."
readers_digest  eye  health  improvement  tip  blueberry  bilberry  spinach  onion  food  car  computer  multivitamin  exercise  walk  fish  sweet_potato  heat  moisture  humidity  omega3  omega6  sunglasses  hat  vision  collards  kale  lutein  beet  salt  spice  herb  scent  reading  fatigue  blood_pressure  diabetes  makeup  mascara  carpentry  goggles  towel  degeneration  cataracts  glaucoma  how_to 
november 2011 by cluebucket

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