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ざまあみろ - 日本語俗語辞書
zamaamiro~ explanation.
see also 様をみろ、ざまあみやがれ…
= 失敗した醜いさまを自分で見てみろ。
"serves you right" / "see what happens" / "you suck too" kinda scoff etc  俗語  日本語  japanese  language  dictionary  slang  idiom  expression  phrase  scoff  criticism    見る  command  江戸時代  edo  meaning  word  retort  comeback 
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The Tyranny of 'She's Just Jealous' - Jezebel
"It's the Fox News Defense, a great way for people who can't see beyond a woman's femininity and into her ideas to defend women they've decided they support, since treating all lady dissent with the "she's just jealous" panacea assumes that the rest of the public is similarly incapable of separating breasts from brains."
jezebel  erin_gloria_ryan  2012  2010s  argument  criticism  jealousy  envy  mitt_romney  politics  shutdown  politician  writing  essay  petty  sarah_palin  bristol_palin  defense  retort  comeback  women  21st_century 
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