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Neil Gaiman - Paul Magrs
"‘I still keep the mask, of course. This is it, now. Look.’"
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december 2017 by cluebucket
The Near-Sighted Monkey, Part One “On Beyond Literature” by Lynda Barry
my brother ripped this out of the WaPo LoC Natl Book Festival special edition for me three years ago... I stored it badly through three moves and it tore and I have to pitch it... digital copy
reading  lynda_barry  literature  growing_up  childhood  nostalgia  book  drawing  comic  illustration  2013  2010s 
january 2017 by cluebucket
The List - The New Yorker
“High school was bliss for me,” DuBuc said recently. “I tried not to dwell on the stuff that wasn’t good.” But, as she was about to start her freshman year at Western Michigan University, she got a call from a close childhood friend, Victoria, who asked, “Did you know you’re on the public sex-offender registry?”


The [Texas sex offender treatment] plan also included a monthly polygraph ($150) and a computerized test that measured how long his eyes lingered on deviant imagery ($325). He would also have to submit to a “penile plethysmograph,” or PPG. ... Metts would be billed around $200 per test.


The prosecutor pushed for two years in prison... Metts’s attorney urged alternatives that would be less costly for taxpayers. None of Metts’s violations, he noted, had any connection to the original charges of sexual assault of a child. A typical mistake was failing to charge his ankle bracelet’s battery. The judge took some time to think it over. The next morning, she sentenced Metts to ten years in prison.
sarah_stillman  newyorker  problem  2016  2010s  crime  abuse  database  assault  violence  children  childhood  punishment  2000s  high_school  sex  michigan  texas  virginia  north_carolina  montana  minnesota  illinois  sexting  policy  legal  1930s  1990s  jacob_wetterling  adam_walsh  treatment  elizabeth_letourneau  consent  teenage  government  morality  shame  injustice  money  criminal  therapy  vigilantism  threat  outcast  society  south_carolina  new_york  georgia  depression  suicide  parenting  prison  rehab  oregon  reform  nicole_pittman 
march 2016 by cluebucket
Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence | The Belle Jar
"Even when a man makes a choice to threaten a small child it is still, somehow, a woman’s fault." ...  2015  2010s  childhood  violence  canada  memoir  writing  sexism  homicide  harassment  abuse  teenage  threat  internet  feminism  shooting  abortion  anne_thériault 
december 2015 by cluebucket
The Bouletcorp » Our Toyota was Fantastic.
lots of memories like this due to father who always insisted on starting trips at 3am
boulet  webcomic  gif  comic  animation  car  childhood  nostalgia  2013  2010s  toyota  trip  memory 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Growing Up Poor With Three Parents — Medium
"I'm very lucky: my parents are remarkable people who care deeply for me and did an admirable job of raising. But, it certainly didn't hurt that there were three of them."
raindrift  ian_baker  class  privilege  poverty  society  polyamory  monogamy  economics  family  relationship  benefit  childhood  support  2015  2010s  1980s  parenting 
september 2015 by cluebucket
Facts about life in a small town? - smalltownlife | Ask MetaFilter
where you get it from? I got it from the town!
so how you gettin down when the town get down?

nonseq: just quoting (MC) Hammer c. 2006 for no real good reason
ask.metafilter  rural  town  idea  fiction  america  life  BlahLaLa  hometown  childhood  nostalgia  community  farm  2014  2010s 
december 2014 by cluebucket
Mel Brooks and His Wonderful Rejection of Subtlety | Splitsider
"...Brooks’ films have the elements that make it the perfect comedy film “gateway drug,” and should be essential viewing for any kid with an interest in comedy." truedat!  mel_brooks  comedian  film  director  comedy  joke  1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s  joy  writing  review  brad_becker-parton  history_of_the_world_part_I  blazing_saddles  movie  influence  childhood  youtube  video  clip  2013  2010s 
december 2013 by cluebucket
Biz Markie - Just A Friend (Official Video) - YouTube
おしゃれでかわいくてせつない Biz Markie - Just A Friend (Official Video):
biz_markie  youtube  video  music  childhood  nostalgia  from twitter_favs
may 2013 by cluebucket
The River | The Hairpin
"I don’t remember if I wrote that I had a boyfriend, or if I said my dad was rich, or what other lies I may have told. I do remember loving how I controlled the story of my life. My pen pals had no way of knowing that all of my pants were too short and my glasses too thick and I liked to stay indoors at recess and just read, because if I went outside the other kids threw kickballs at my head. They only knew what I told them: I ate bacon for breakfast, my favorite color was green, I got a Paula Abdul tape for Easter. I just told a few good details and left the rest unsaid, the way you reply when you’ve been on a disappointing vacation but don’t want to seem ungrateful when someone asks you about it."
ann_friedman  iowa  america  river  penpal  mail  correspondence  letter  thehairpin  2012  2010s  writing  childhood  internet  21st_century 
september 2012 by cluebucket

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