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Twitter @eric_marth
how delighted was I to log into Twitter after ### days away and see ol buddy posting about waste management guidelines of Osaka, Japan?
trash  garbage  waste  guide  illustration  image  japanese  chart  how_to  recycling  osaka  twitpic  poster  from twitter_favs
september 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @w__h_
"Happy to have the chance to share the latest update to the vertical metrics standard schematic conventions to supersede the above"
infographic  chart  process  image  wei  2016  2017  2010s  korea  korean  beauty  face  skin  product  from twitter_favs
may 2017 by cluebucket
Twitter @jerrysaltz
"An early kimono color combination chart for layered clothing."
1800s  image  archive  kimono  color  pattern  chart  clothing  japan  from twitter_favs
december 2016 by cluebucket
pro-life-belief-chart.png (575×1330)
Is this policy consistent with the belief that women should face consequences for having sex?
image  chart  policy  law  png  abortion  health  morality  logic  government  belief  fallacy  punishment  women  sex  breakdown  takedown 
november 2016 by cluebucket
Chinese sexagenary cycle - Wikipedia
reckoning time...
"Each term in the sexagenary cycle consists of two Chinese characters, the first being one of the ten Heavenly Stems of the Shang-era week and the second being one of the twelve Earthly Branches representing the years of Jupiter's duodecennial orbital cycle."

i'm yang wood rat yall
reference  calendar  chinese  japanese  korean  vietnamese  mandarin  cantonese  time  measurement  history  birthday  sexagenary  chart  year  wiki  wikipedia  element 
november 2016 by cluebucket
Benjamin Franklin
temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, cleanliness, tranquility, humility

ok fine franklin. I like your little chart system  benjamin_franklin  1726  18th_century  1785  1720s  1780s  plan  guide  life  virtue  list  book  chart  notebook  autobiography  behavior  temperance  moderation  silence  order  resolution  frugality  waste  industry  work  sincerity  deceit  justice  cleanliness  chastity  tranquility  humility  jesus_christ  socrates 
december 2015 by cluebucket
Why trying to help poor countries might actually hurt them - The Washington Post
"The United States gave aid to Ethiopia for decades under then-President Meles Zenawi Asres, because he opposed Islamic fundamentalism and Ethiopia was so poor. Never mind that Asres was 'one of the most repressive and autocratic dictators in Africa'"
angus_deaton  nobel_prize  economics  aid  charity  poverty  development  princeton  study  professor  government  corruption  health  colonialism  controversy  skepticism  criticism  ana_swanson  2015  2010s  1980s  1970s  africa  zaire  rwanda  ethiopia  somalia  biafra  khmer_rouge  cambodia  thailand  asia  war  humanitarian  the_great_escape  wealth  inequality  dictatorship  power  data  chart  growth 
october 2015 by cluebucket
25 Fascinating Charts Of Negotiation Styles Around The World | Business Insider
"Scandinavians often have entrenched opinions that they have formulated “in the long dark nights,” though they are reasonable conversationalists. Swedes often have the most wide-ranging discussions, Finns tend to value concision, and most Norwegians fall somewhere in between."
businessinsider  communication  infographic  chart  culture  country  language  linguistics  style  speech  conversation  richard_d_lewis  linguist  america  canada  england  france  italy  germany  english  china  hong_kong  israel  india  switzerland  singapore  indonesia  hungary  finland  bulgaria  norway  denmark  turkey  poland  spain  sweden  netherlands  stereotype  2010s  research 
april 2014 by cluebucket
Hear, All Ye People; Hearken, O Earth (Part One) -
"Since the advent of typewriters (from John J. Pratt’s pterotype in the 1860s to word processors in the 1980s), few people write by hand anymore, and we now have a vast array of typefaces available to us. It is an easy matter to change an entire document from Bembo to Garamond to Caslon to Palatino. We forget that written manuscripts, letters and journals were once unique objects often containing clues about the writer and the context of when and how they were written.

"Can we separate the form of the writing from its content?"
nytimes  opinionator  blog  design  font  essay  writing  handwriting  typeface  typewriter  psychology  history  comic_sans_ms  georgia  test  quiz  david_deutsch  helvetica  marc_hauser  phil_renaud  internet  benjamin_berman  david_dunning  comment  michael_mcgahan  war  1850s  marin_balaic  scientist  nadine_chahine  patrick_kingsley  lisa_randall  fabiola_gianotti  cern  2012  2010s  higgs_boson  baskerville  bar_graph  graph  chart  agreement  disagreement  experiment  21st_century 
august 2012 by cluebucket

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