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Being Beguine | Sisters of the Valley
"If no-one objects to the rather bizarre notion that nuns wear their wedding dresses daily, to re-live their marriage to God, then certainly people can wrap their heads around the concept of a Sisterhood of women who work with cannabis plants, make home-made tonics and tinctures, and support themselves through their own labors and without need of alms?
"They object because there are no men in charge here. They object because there is no male-founded, male-run, male dominated church here. There are men here, of course, but they don’t run the show. Furthermore, our order is ‘self-formed’ and, as ‘weed-nuns’, we are self-declared, which makes us empowered, and the old grey-haired white dudes running the central valley of California find that to be frightening.
"In case you hadn’t heard, we are leaving a two-hundred-thousand-year-old period of male energies ruling the planet and are entering the age of feminine energies ruling the planet. We are leaving our ‘conquer all’ mentality that formed our civilizations and we are entering an age of preservation, nurturing, nesting. Of course, female energies must now rule, if we want to keep our people inhabiting this planet. (Never mind Trump, Brexit, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, and the others of their ilk, they represent the last gasp of a dying paradigm. You didn’t think the conquerors would go down without a fight, did you? But worry not — hate is not a sustainable political platform.)"  catholicism  christianity  nun  sister  beguine  religion  cannabis  california  agriculture  marriage  sisterhood  weed  women  feminism  power  tradition  land  ceremony  energy  politics  service  activism  spirituality  bible  latin  tincture  salve  product  history  persecution 
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The sins of the Argentinian church | Hugh O'Shaughnessy | Comment is free |
"The extent of the church's complicity in the dark deeds was excellently set out by Horacio Verbitsky, one of Argentina's most notable journalists, in his book El Silencio (Silence). He recounts how the Argentinian navy with the connivance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now the Jesuit archbishop of Buenos Aires, hid from a visiting delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission the dictatorship's political prisoners. Bergoglio was hiding them in nothing less than his holiday home in an island called El Silencio in the River Plate. The most shaming thing for the church is that in such circumstances Bergoglio's name was allowed to go forward in the ballot to chose the successor of John Paul II. What scandal would not have ensued if the first pope ever to be elected from the continent of America had been revealed as an accessory to murder and false imprisonment"

and now he actually IS pope! oop!
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