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A Viral Sex Crime Saga of Perverts, Pranksters, and Prosecutors - The Daily Beast
"The Suspect’s co-host had been giving interviews, making inflammatory comments, saying I was “clinging to his fame,” and generally egging everyone on. The Suspect would himself upload a video, saying, “If you thought some lying hysterical hag would make us stop, you’re wrong!”"  andrea_noel  mexico  social_media  assault  crime  bureaucracy  police  cctv  surveillance  2016  2010s  2017  investigation  legal  mexico_city  misogyny  violence  underwear  spanish  camera  video  rape  threat  troll  roberto_rock  lie  telehit  andoni_echave  cd  computer  octavio_paz  alberto_escorcia  politician  corruption  injustice  machismo  MiPrimerAcoso  femicide  march 
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The Devastating Story of Washington's Peeping-Tom Rabbi | Washingtonian
"'Converts are the most vulnerable creatures of all,' says Wieseltier. 'They have left what they had, but they have not quite reached where they are going. They are in limbo. The only support they have is from the converting rabbi.'”
"And still the conversion process dragged on. Freundel never told her when she might be ready for the final steps: an audience before three rabbis who composed a conversion court plus a ritual purification bath in the mikvah.

"Months passed. Murphy waited. At a friend’s wedding, Freundel even taunted her: 'This could be you, but it’s not. I control that.'”
barry_freundel  rabbi  judaism  kesher  dc  scandal  crime  voyeurism  mikvah  bath  ritual  religion  camera  spying  power  corruption  conversion  2009  2000s  2010s  orthodox  rule  control  harassment  2010  2011  harry_jaffe  2016  trial 
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The Revolution Will Be Streamed - The Morning News
"Tim went up to another one. 'Do you think we could chitchat?' he proposed.

"The cop shook his head.

"Tim tried two more police officers. Each time, he used the absurd word 'chitchat.' I began to feel love for Tim."
themorningnews  sparrow  writing  occupywallstreet  liberty_square_park  nyc  demonstration  police  streaming  feed  tv  protest  revolution  camera  communism  cooperation  1970s  2010s  2011  21st_century  20th_century 
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