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Sailing By - Wikipedia
This is "Sailing By" composed by Ronald Binge in 1963, and performed by the Alan Perry/William Gardner Orchestra, and is the version used by the BBC for its late night shipping forecast:
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Leila de Lima: The woman who dares to defy Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte - BBC News
"Already known for being an outspoken advocate of 'justice without fear or favour,' she launched an investigation into allegations that then mayor Rodrigo Duterte was running death squads in Davao in his popular anti-crime campaign.
"She continues to campaign against the reintroduction of the death penalty. This month she was honoured by the US publication Foreign Policy as one of its top Global Thinkers of 2016, for her willingness to 'stand up to an extremist leader'."
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Islamic art inspires stretchy, switchable materials - BBC News
"'In conventional materials, when you pull in one direction it will contract in other directions,' said Dr Ahmad Rafsanjani, from McGill University in Montreal.
"'But with "auxetic" materials, due to their internal architecture, when you pull in one direction they expand in the lateral direction.' ... Dr Rafsanjani's search for new designs to create such 'auxeticity' found inspiration in the stonework of two 1,000-year-old tomb towers in Iran."
islam  art  bbc  pattern  rubber  canada  iran  geometry  technology  construction 
march 2016 by cluebucket
BBC News - Ukraine or the Ukraine: Why do some country names have 'the'?
"'The Ukraine' is incorrect both grammatically and politically, says Oksana Kyzyma of the Embassy of Ukraine in London.
"'Ukraine is both the conventional short and long name of the country,' she says. 'This name is stated in the Ukrainian Declaration of Independence and Constitution.'
"The use of the article relates to the time before independence in 1991, when Ukraine was a republic of the Soviet Union known as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, she says. Since then, it should be merely Ukraine."
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Life After Long-Term Unemployment - The Morning News
"When meeting new colleagues, smile. Practice now. No, not a grimace. Don’t show lower teeth. Look less like you just lost a baby in a shopping mall. Look less like the baby."
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