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BYT Interviews The Clientele (2014) - BrightestYoungThings - DC
what a night <3

AM: "We looked at these bands like Blur and Oasis, and we thought, 'We could be the next one of them, but we could do it better. We would correct all of the crassness and stupidity of their music, and we could just being an elegance to it – a kind of elegant surrealism to that kind of sound.'

That was always the plan, you see. There was a chance – a very, very small window that closed very fast – for us to get rich. Because we spent so long working out how exactly to put our first record out – which, obviously, in our eyes had to be this sort of classic record and couldn’t be hurried – we missed that window, and by the time we put our first record out, that kind of 60s-influenced music was completely out of fashion, and it was very hard to sell it either to a label or to fans or to the radio or anybody."
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