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You Farted During "Boyhood" - mw4m
via A.Leland

"There we were, just enjoying a nice quiet Saturday night at the movies. A slow mover, Linklater's 'Boyhood.' Some popcorn. A few sodas. Nothing really happens in the film, we found. For about 90 minutes or so we stare listlessly at the screen. It's a thinking man's film, I say. Beautifully shot. It's about life, and death and relationships and things of that nature. Just then, at a brief, carefully-timed cinematic pause in dialogue, an enormous fart from somewhere in the back pierces an otherwise silent movie theatre. It had the impact of a baseball bat hitting a leather couch, or George Foreman working the heavy bag. Whack. Loud, deep and masculine.The seat cushion heroically absorbed most of the blow, but not enough that each and every person in the movie theatre instantly burst into nervous laughter. The laughter continued for what felt like a good 5 minutes, until tears streamed down our faces. Even well after the blast, we quietly chuckled to ourselves with a 'remember the time that guy farted in the movie theatre' gleam in our eyes. And just like that, with a soft chuckle and a deep breath, we were back into the film. Things happened, people drove around Texas, relationships came and went, there was crying, there was hope. It was as if we had all forgotten about the fart that had brought us together that night. As the sun began to set on screen, the teenage boy, no longer a boy, transitions into an adult, before our very eyes, and looks, intently, lustfully into a young girls eyes, as if to lean in for a kiss, and braaaaaaap. Another fart from the back row, like two giant hands clapping together, and the screen goes dark, roll credits. We decided, after laughing our way out of the theatre, and all the way home, that this was the best movie that we had ever seen. I imagine the lone fartist sauntering off into the sunset. His work here done.
If only I could say thank you, kind sir. You are truly a master of your craft."
craigslist  boyhood  richard_linklated  missed_connection  los_angeles  pasadena  cinema  movie  film  audience  fart  funny  writing  review  fartist  anonymous  2014  2010s 
august 2014 by cluebucket
Django, the N-Word, and How We Talk About Race in 2013 - Hollywood Prospectus Blog - Grantland
"While ideas of a 'post-racial' society are but a single cute step below thinking the world was going to end on December 21 on the 'awwww, that's cute' scale, what we are in 2013 is post-'race and things typically associated with a single race existing only within that racial silo.' Finally."

Jackson: "It wasn't a great question if you can't say the word."
rembert_browne  grantland  writing  film  django_unchained  2013  2012  2010s  race  racism  language  nigger  culture  samuel_l_jackson  interview  chief_keef  rgIII  parker  blackness  quentin_tarantino  spike_lee  audience  public 
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Maria Bamford's 'Special Special Special!' Online |
"Ms. Bamford takes a moment to imagine what’s it like to believe in God, spinning out a carefully wrought metaphor: 'You know when you are in a third-world shantytown at midnight, and you’re terrified, but then off in the distance you see the glowing logo of an international conglomerate, and you just feel like: Everything’s going to be O.K.' Then she added: 'Maybe it’s time I seek the Exxon within.'

"It’s a funny, well-written joke delivered with the solemn tone of a woman thrilled to find solace. Her parents didn’t laugh. That silence is fascinating."
maria_bamford  jason_zinoman  nytimes  2012  2010s  comedian  video  review  writing  criticism  audience  comedy  stand-up  parenting  mental_health  family  faith  joke  metaphor  quote  corporation  funny  silence 
december 2012 by cluebucket
Having A Website vs. A Web Presence · daily
"The difference between having a presence on a site vs having a site is sort of like the difference between having a favorite restaurant and owning a farm. In the end, both may allow you to eat food, but the level of involvement and work involved is very different."
trenchant  adam_mathes  website  social_media  technology  service  blogging  presence  ownership  participation  audience  writing  medium  vllm  ev_williams  2012  2010s  speculation 
november 2012 by cluebucket
Flagpole head lady on South Park: | awesome | 30fps
South Park tonight compared to Obamas speech last night. Look at the people in the background.
image  tv  south_park  election  2012  audience  accuracy  barack_obama  art  animation  2010s  flag  from twitter_favs
november 2012 by cluebucket
In Which Pedro Almodóvar Is Both Violator And Violated - Home - This Recording
"Therapeutic capture is familiar territory for Almodóvar, who more than any filmmaker parses the paradoxes of violence."
2011  2010s  thisrecording  karina_wolf  pedro_almodóvar  movie  film  review  writing  violation  audience  behavior  plot  skin_i_live_in  louise_bourgeois  artist  21st_century 
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