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How Did Susan Miller Become the Go-To Astrologer for the New York Fashion Set? - The Cut
Much of Miller’s childhood was spent bedridden with a disorder for which “there really isn’t any name,” she says, but which involves the veins in her left leg turning “to tissue paper under any change in my excitement level.” Miller abhors seeing doctors who don’t understand the problem, which is most doctors. “When I was a baby,” she says, “I’d drag the leg behind me, soulfully crying. I’d wake up in the morning, and it would feel like chocolate syrup had fallen in my knee.” For about seven weeks each year, Miller was incapacitated with pain. It was during one of these spells — one summer when she was 9 or 10 — that Miller, flushed with frustration, told her mother that she wished her bad leg had been given to someone else. “Don’t you know you were chosen for this?” Miller’s mother replied. “What if I said that your pain is taking away someone else’s pain in the world?”

love this:
Atypically for Miller, the TV is off. “I always keep the TV on because I need company,” she says, explaining that she watches both ABC and CBS news broadcasts each night, DVR-ing one in order to compare it with the other.
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