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Should I press charges against my student? - education highschool theft | Ask MetaFilter #4440660
"Here's what 'pressing charges' would mean where I live: ...
"If they found him on a Saturday he'd be held for two days before he got to court. Then a total stranger (this is my job) would meet him in a holding cell where he be separated from everyone else by bulletproof glass. Still in the shackles. That person would tell him that she's his lawyer. His first question 95% of the time would be, is my mom here? And his lawyer doesn't know the answer to that question. The second question, again the overwhelming majority of the time, would be, when am I going to get to go home? And again his lawyer doesn't know the answer to that question."

incredibly detailed and sad-illuminating perspective on juvenile detention system
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march 2017 by cluebucket
2013 headline via Twitter from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
。☆ 。☆。☆
Nearly 100 arrested at Dave Matthews concert
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北原みのり氏と「ろくでなし子」氏を逮捕 わいせつ物陳列の容疑
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Twitter Ordered to Release OWS Protester's Data or Be Fined for Contempt | Threat Level |
"The court ordered Twitter to release the data or hand over its confidential earnings statements from the last two quarters so the court can determine how much of a fine to levy against the company.
"Twitter wrote that Harris’ tweets are protected by the Fourth Amendment “because the government admits that it cannot publicly access them, thus establishing that Defendant maintains a reasonable expectation of privacy in his communications.” The Twitter accounts in question have been closed and are no longer publicly available.

"But even if Harris’ tweets were publicly available, Twitter points out that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that “public information which would allow law enforcement to draw mere inferences about a citizen’s thoughts and associations are entitled to Constitutional protection, thus establishing that a citizen’s substantive communications are certainly entitled to the same protection.”"
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Gene Weingarten: Farewell to the acerbic poet of the police report - The Washington Post
via my aunt, continued from the link from Harry...

"A citizen called police regarding an individual who had been lying in his front yard for a period of time. Investigation revealed that the homeowner had tripped in a hole and was taking his time getting up."
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