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The Denial of Racism: Remembering the Woman Who Set Herself Alight | Clutch Magazine
"In the absence of “factual references” and “citations” to back up our experiences of racism, they are seemingly without merit. Western societies have been (mis)educated to believe that racism is strictly overt behavior, with manifestations that should be quite evident. In this era of “take our country back,” the denial of racism is ever more embedded in commonsense notions (aka: prove it beyond all doubt, or quit whining). The racism that we experience, “day after day,” as Delvaux-Mufu put it, is not about extreme incidents. Indeed, it often concerns mundane practices that are difficult to pinpoint.
...As such, experiences of racism never make the standard of unequivocal fact, and as a consequence, our racialized realities are repeatedly downplayed or simply dismissed."
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