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The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems
social entrepreneurship abroad / reductive "solutions"

"Some delopment workers even have an acronym that they use to describe these initiatives: SWEDOW (stuff we don't want)."

"don't go because you've fallen in love with solvability. Go because you've fallen in love with complexity."  courtney_martin  health  activism  essay  problem  social_change  privilege  poverty  kickstarter  failure  world  risk  development  manufacturing  aidwatch  altruism  government  zambia  industry  delusion  uganda  nonprofit  david_bornstein  2000s  energy  product  question  tinder  c.z._nnaemeka  glamour  neglect  america  molly_melching  senegal  technology  culture 
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A ONE-MAN MARKET | More Intelligent Life
via Dad. "Many of the fashionable artists in the world emerged from beneath Andy’s fright wig."

“[W]hat value would those works sustain if and when the market sees some sort of correction?”
moreintelligentlife  writing  art  andy_warhol  industry  auction  price  artist  america  1960s  influence  bryan_appleyard  art_dealer  market  finance  frederic_jameson  abstract_expressionism  1950s  20th_century 
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