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存在するものは、変化のためにのみ存在する事を忘れるな。"Don't forget that entities exist only for a change."
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Visiting the Whitney Plantation/Slavery Museum – A Whole Lotta Nothing
"It’s fascinating to think how all of this history could be so easily forgotten, due to how little records were kept. The Whitney plantation has records on their slaves due to a variety of unusual circumstances. There was a lawsuit between two descendants of the family fighting over their fortune in the 1800s that introduced all their slave record keeping as evidence in the case. The children who died were recorded in church documents for their parish. The WPA did first person interviews in the 1930s with former slaves (who were all in their 80s and 90s) and recorded their stories of being children at the Whitney Plantation. Without any of these, details are forgotten and 200 years does a lot to soften memories. It’s abhorrent that we don’t have museums dedicated to this subject all over the country. Or that the first one in America opened in 2014."
matt_haughey  mathowie  2018  2010s  19th_century  18th_century  slavery  plantation  history  america  louisiana  whitney  museum  photo  trip  horror  racism  society  2014 
november 2018 by cluebucket
sad pictures for children by Ono One (deleted) — Kickstarter
"I am making the loudest sound I know how to make. I know that some people will be personally offended that I am doing this, but I am doing this in large part because our culture has developed in such a way that some of the intelligent, empathetic people who follow me will believe they feel more psychological pain because of books being burnt, their money and my attitude about them than because of the destruction of the natural world, the continuation of classist, racist, abusive patterns of behavior and representation, etc."
john_campbell  kickstarter  manifesto  writing  capitalism  money  sad_pictures_for_children  pictures_for_sad_children  comic  artist  fight  resist  privilege  herman_melville  texas  paypal  book  writer  q&a  church  calvinism  hell  fire  value  joke  change  life  social_media  internet  2000s  2010s  income  2014  breakdown 
january 2018 by cluebucket
GRID: Times of Crisis - John Berger and Noam Chomsky (4/22/14) - YouTube
Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth

JB: "ignore. ignore the jailers' talk. of course there are bad jailers who are less bad, and in certain conditions it's useful to note the difference. but what they say -- including the less evil ones -- is bullshit. their hymns, their shibboleths, their incanted words like 'security' 'democracy' 'identity' 'civilization' 'flexibility' 'productivity' 'human rights' 'integration' 'terrorism' 'freedom' -- they are repeated and repeated in order to confuse, divide, distract, and sedate all fellow prisoners. from this side of the walls, words spoken by the jailers are meaningless, and are no longer useful... they cut through nothing. so. reject them. even when thinking silently to yourself."
JB: "for the mass prison population, the aim is not to activate them, but to keep them in a state of passive uncertainty, and to remind them, remind them remorselessly, that there is nothing in life but risk, and that the earth is an unsafe place. this is done with carefully selected information, with misinformation, commentaries, rumors, fictions. and insofar as this operation succeeds, it proposes and maintains a hallucinating paradox, for it tricks a prison population into believing that the priority, for each one of them, is to make arrangements for their own personal protection, and to acquire somehow (even though incarcerated) their own particular exemption from the common fate. and this image of mankind has transmitted through a view of the world is truly without precedent. mankind is presented as a card: only winners are brave; and in addition, there are no gifts -- there are only prizes.
"but prisoners have always found ways of communicating with one another. and in today's global prison, cyberspace can be used against the interests of those who first installed it. think about it. like this, prisoners inform themselves about what the world does each day; and they follow suppressed stories from the past; and so stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the dead.
"and in doing so, they rediscover little gifts, examples of courage: a single rose in a kitchen where there's not enough to eat; indelible pains; the indefatigability of mothers; laughter; mutual aid; silence; ever-widening resistance; willing sacrifice; more laughter."
JB: "the fact that the world's tyrants are ex-territorial explains the extent of their overseeing power, but it also indicates a coming weakness. they operate in cyberspace , and they lodge in guarded condominiums, but they have no knowledge of the surrounding earth.
"furthermore, they dismiss such knowledge as superficial, not profound, because for them only extracted resources count. they can't listen to the earth. on the ground, they are blind, and in the local, they are lost.
"for fellow prisoners, the opposite is true, because cells have walls that touch each other across the world. effective acts of sustained resistance will be embedded in the local, near and far. out back resistance. listening to the earth. liberty is slowly being found not outside, but in the depths of the prison."

NC: "...the tory government is trying to turn first-class universities into third-class commercial institutions. it's happening to a lesser extent here, as well. the mentality of the administrative -- state legislators, and trustees -- increasingly is one of improving the bottom line... so, for example, if you can save money by employing ... people who are easily exploitable, who are part of the 'precariat' ... you save money. of course there's a cost, but the cost is to individuals. the cost is to the students, and the faculty. but in the moral calculus of contemporary economics and socioeconomics, that doesn't matter."
"costs to persons just don't count -- they're not calculated. and the cost to persons is enormous. every person is subjected to this. it's the same throughout society. ... that's a certain kind of, if you like, moral calculus, built into some of the professions like economics, and a large part of the business world. people just don't count. what counts is the cost to institutions... and one of the victims will, of course, be the humanities: our cultural wealth, the reasons for living, the reasons for having a rich, creative life, a life that contributes to yourself and to society and future generations. sure, why should that exist, if it costs -- if you can't sell it on the market tomorrow?

"this, incidentally, is happening in the sciences too. very striking, what's happening... in the united states, the proportion of the national income, national wealth, devoted to research and development has declined by 25% in the last decade. that's mainly under the attack of the republican right wing, which doesn't believe in science, and the willingness of democrats to go along. it's part of the neoliberal assault...

"that's also the basis for the future economy. so, they're perfectly willing to cut out, destroy the future economy, if you can make more money tomorrow. that's the same thing as not caring about destroying the environment, if in fact we can make a little more money tomorrow, by fracking, let's say. well, that's -- it's a way of looking at the world, it's destructive, it'll lead us to destruction. and what you describe about what's happening to the humanities and the arts is just one part of it -- one part of the whole large system which is part of sociopathic society."
2014  2010s  noam_chomsky  john_berger  lecture  discussion  video  youtube  college  crisis  capitalism  society  prison  labor  death  resist  writer  audio  philosophy  thought  dartmouth  safety  fear  nature  power  humanity  environment  q&a  activism  economics  greed  climate_change  quote  education  university  republican  america  canada  england  neoliberal  exploitation 
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men as feminist allies | MetaFilter #5618445
"Folks, there are no motherfucking gnomes."

forgot I had already faved this
metafilter  MonkeyToes  comment  work  service  household  feminism  family  comfort  ally  men  2014  2010s  emotional_labor 
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Over 700 people file suits over Japan’s new security laws | The Japan Times
"The legislation, allowing Japan to use force to defend the United States and other allies if they came under attack, even if Japan itself is not attacked, followed the Abe Cabinet’s reinterpretation of the Constitution in July 2014 as allowing the country to exercise the right to collective self-defense.

"Several individuals have brought legal action against the government, seeking that the laws be scrapped or declared unconstitutional, but have seen their cases dismissed before reaching deliberation.
"Article 9 states Japan forever renounces war and will not maintain armed forces as a means of settling international disputes.

"The group is also seeking monetary damages for the infringement of the plaintiffs’ right to live in peace, claiming that the potential for SDF deployments to lead to civilians being caught up in war or terror attacks is causing them to live in fear."  japan  lawsuit  security  law  legal  news  tokyo  fukushima  JSDF  2014  2010s  2016  military  constitution  self-defense  wwII  war  peace  fear  siberia  citizen  shinzō_abe  安倍晋三 
may 2016 by cluebucket
Mineful Response and the Rise of Corporatist Spirituality « Speculative Non-Buddhism
"The Mindful-One on the couch says something with a chuckle. I can only make out the first and last parts: 'maybe we should…so they don’t rush the stage.' It gets a big, nervous laugh. Then, he gets serious. So should you.

"'This is sort of an important moment,' he proclaims. Is he about to tell us that 'Corporations have historically had a giant footprint on public infrastructure, communities and the environment without paying for it, and Google is no different. They’ll avoid paying for privatizing our bus stops like they avoid paying $11 billion in federal taxes. When a company’s chairman publicly says, 'We’re proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this,' you know Don’t Be Evil was just a sick joke of the Googlezillionaires.'

"No, he isn’t about to tell us that. Of course not."


"In under three minutes, the clip validates Slavoj Žižek’s claims that western x-buddhism, of which mindfulness has become a dominant variety, is the perfect partner for or 'supplement' to our hyper-consumerist techno-capitalist corporations."  2014  2010s  protest  video  google  silicon_valley  mindfulness  apathy  capitalism  consumerism  conflict  glenn_wallis  corporation  san_francisco  housing  wealth  slavoj_žižek  society  change  denial  richard_payne  employment  strategy  evil  rant  takedown 
february 2016 by cluebucket
President Obama breaks own 'Politics 101' rule, wears tiara at Tulsa girls' request - Tulsa World: Local
“It was fun to see a grown man put on a tiara,” Miriam said.
But that was about it. She doesn’t remember carrying on about it after their meeting.
“I wasn’t talking about it a ton,” she said.
Amy Schaffer, Miriam’s mother, said the girls were “kind of done” with it after it happened.
“They were very nonchalant about the whole thing, as 8-year-olds are,” she said.

I die. too cute.  tulsa  oklahoma  girl_scouts  girl  nour_habib  barack_obama  president  tiara  crown  cute  2015  2010s  white_house  photo  image  2014 
february 2016 by cluebucket
Transgender People Can Explain Why Women Don't Advance at Work | New Republic
"He was more carefully listened to and his authority less frequently questioned. He stopped being interrupted in meetings. At one conference, another scientist said, 'Ben gave a great seminar today—but then his work is so much better than his sister's.' (The scientist didn't know Ben and Barbara were the same person.) 'This is why women are not breaking into academic jobs at any appreciable rate,' he wrote in response to Larry Summers’s famous gaffe implying women were less innately capable at the hard sciences. 'Not childcare. Not family responsibilities,' he says. 'I have had the thought a million times: I am taken more seriously.'”
science  career  society  trans  gender  bias  gender_roles  perception  work  office  skill  perspective  jessica_nordell  2014  2010s  ben_barres  stanford  transition  joan_roughgarden  discrimination  patriarchy  personality 
december 2015 by cluebucket
The Couple That Pays Each Other to Put Kids to Bed - NBC News
via the emotional labor spinoff discussions: "their objective is total fairness and zero resentment, using cold hard cash."

gotta admit, I kinda like this workaround idea  nbc  relationship  parenting  children  work  labor  value  money  finance  bid  offer  system  payment  bethany_soule  daniel_reeves  game  game_theory  behavior  economics  portland  beeminder  ben_popken  2014  2010s  strategy  argument 
december 2015 by cluebucket
Women's Abortion Rights Trump Fetuses' Rights | New Republic
"...abortions are not about fetuses or embryos. Nor are they about babies, except insofar as they enable women to make sound decisions about if or when to have them. They’re about women: their choices, health, and their own moral value. It might sound far-fetched to suggest that the public debate about reproduction could ever sound this sensible."  rebecca_traister  2014  abortion  rights  2010s  pregnancy  katha_pollitt  women  health  surgery  birth_control  morality  politics 
november 2015 by cluebucket
It Happened To Me: I Read An Essay About A White Woman’s Yoga Class/Black Woman Crisis And I Cannot
"By the way, I swore up and down I wouldn’t write about Macklemore, but as I read your piece he kept coming to mind."

thank god Pia Glenn wrote this
xojane  pia_glenn  response  takedown  ihtm  yoga  racism  writing  op-ed  essay  race  white  black  jen_caron  2014  2010s  imagination 
october 2015 by cluebucket
Tamir Rice family attorney says expert reports have 'tainted grand jury process' | US news | The Guardian
RT : New: Expert who wrote Tamir Rice report publicly suggested officer was justified before he was asked to review case

"On Monday Chandra, the Rice family attorney, accused McGinty of 'making no effort to secure justice' for Tamir and said that the boy’s mother, Samaria, thought the prosecutor should step aside to allow outside authorities to take charge of the case.

“'Ms Rice has always been wary of the prosecutor but gave him the benefit of the doubt,' he said. 'But she now believes that because he has tainted the process, a special prosecutor would be best.'"
guardian  tamir_rice  police  bias  trial  corruption  attorney  news  2015  2014  2010s  cleveland  ohio  shooting  death  killing  jon_swaine  oliver_laughland  timothy_loehmann  subodh_chandra  timothy_mcginty  prosecutor  s_lamar_sims  kimberly_crawford  1990s  sniper  randy_weaver  reason  argument  justice  injustice  fbi  from twitter
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A “No to” Poem — The Message — Medium
The No Manifesto for Poetry Readings and LISTSERVs and Magazine and ‘Open Versatile Spaces Where Cultural Production Flourishes’.
paul_ford  poem  poetry  anonymous  feminism  no  anne_boyer  group  rejection  pdf  2014  2015  2010s  chicago  publishing  melville_house  rape  assault 
june 2015 by cluebucket
How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life -
Benjamin Rush: "'It would seem strange that ignominy should ever have been adopted as a milder punishment than death, did we not know that the human mind seldom arrives at truth upon any subject till it has first reached the extremity of error.'"

Author: "I found no evidence that punitive shaming fell out of fashion as a result of newfound anonymity. But I did find plenty of people from centuries past bemoaning the outsize cruelty of the practice, warning that well-meaning people, in a crowd, often take the punishment too far."
jon_ronson  justine_sacco  JustineSacco  HasJustineLandedYet  tweet  twitter  shame  judgment  2015  2010s  2014  punishment  history  18th_century  boston  flamewar  south_africa  a.a._gill  2013  regret  pillory  19th_century  20th_century  crowd  mob  society  destruction  nytimes  sam_biddle  apology  tarnish 
february 2015 by cluebucket
Ask Polly: How Do I Deal With My Crazy Family? -- The Cut
"I know it hurts. And plenty of people would tell you to never visit an emotionally abusive mother. Plenty of people would say you should be authentic and tell your family how you feel. I guess it depends on how many experiments in fear and self-loathing you can tolerate. For me, accepting that I won't get all of my needs met works a lot better.

"I need to know, going in, that I will feel sad and disappointed at some point. There are just too many unspoken emotions in the mix for that not to happen. And I am going to eat some shit, no matter what. I always do!

"That's just the way it is. Families are not perfect little democratic societies. Families are complicated and many family members are patently nuts."
nymag  ask_polly  2014  2010s  family  relationship  advice  dysfunction  emotion  holiday  writing 
january 2015 by cluebucket
Reconciling being creative and having a dayjob -
"[O]nce, I showed her an article I had written in the Chicago Tribune about female scientists (which was my boss's line of work) and she mused, 'I wonder how you have time to write when you work here, too.' I got the message. I rarely mentioned my freelance life after that. No one in the office shared my interests or, even my temperament (the place was full of socially awkward scientists). I felt like the person I was at work was not the person I was everywhere else. I told myself that working the dayjob was just rent I had to pay for the literal and psychological space to write for myself, when I had time. When people asked me what I did for a living, I found myself saying, 'Well, I work for a medical journal but really I'm a writer.'

"I probably could have just said, 'I'm a writer' but, under those circumstances, it didn't feel true to me."

1. We need those good benefits.
2. Look hard, and you can likely find a dayjob that uses your creative skills.
3. Having a dayjob gets me out of the house.
4. When you're not counting on them to pay your bills, you can be choosy in your creative endeavors.
5. There's no shame in wanting to be comfortable.

"I'll own it: I'm a part-time artist. But if the only true cost of that choice is occasional self-doubt and fantasies of what might-have-been, I'd still say it's not such a bad gig."
claire_zulkey  2015  2014  2010s  writing  job  work  office  benefit  structure  discipline  creativity  privilege  security  comfort  finance  advice  list  essay  artist  writer 
january 2015 by cluebucket
Ask Andrew W.K.: Prayer Is Stupid, Right? | Village Voice
"Prayer is a type of thought. It's a lot like meditation — a type of very concentrated mental focus with passionate emotion directed towards a concept or situation, or the lack thereof. But there's a special X-factor ingredient that makes 'prayer' different than meditation or other types of thought. That X-factor is humility."
"To know that you don't know is the definition of a spiritual awakening. And keeping that realization at the front of our mind and in the core of our being informs the rest of our existence. It takes a deeper type of strength to admit to ourselves that we don't have it all figured out than to run around keeping all our plates spinning."
2014  2010s  andrew_wk  advice  cancer  prayer  meditation  thought  religion  life  existence  humility  weakness  awareness  mindfulness  power  spirituality  paradox  emotion  fear 
january 2015 by cluebucket
The Grantland Staff’s Songs of the Year «
holy crap I've never been one to necessarily bat for Ryan Adams (all I can attest to is his energy/longevity onstage) but "Feels Like Fire".... perfect late 80s rockpop!

"we made it"
"all under one roof raving"
"down it goes"
"all about that bass"
"u guessed it"
"war on the east coast"
"feels like fire"
"it's all over my face / tower of meaning"
"hard (out on numbers"
"an introduction to the album"
"digital witness"
"seasons (waiting on you)"
"girls chase boys"
"every breaking wave"
"blank space"
"i don't mind"
"i can't live without my mother's love"
"no flex zone"
drake  jamie_xx  white_lung  rich_gang  meghan_trainor  og_maco  new_pornographers  ryan_adams  blood_orange  sophie  the_hotelier  st_vincent  future_islands  sia  ingrid_michaelson  U2  taylor_swift  usher  sun_kil_moon  romeo_santos  juicy_j  rae_sremmurd  2014  2010s  pop  rock  rap  hiphop  jazz  dance  rembert_browne  andy_greenwald  jason_concepcion  alex_pappademas  molly_lambert  sean_fennessey  ben_lindbergh  chris_ryan  kirk_goldsberry  dev_hynes  arthur_russell  danny_chau  matt_borcas  bill_barnwell  mark_lisanti  jason_bailey  katie_baker  josh_wimmer  amos_barshad  juliet_litman  steven_hyden  ryan_o'hanlon  shea_serrano  best_of  list  year_end  single  music  song  indie  culture  zeitgeist 
january 2015 by cluebucket
Facts about life in a small town? - smalltownlife | Ask MetaFilter
where you get it from? I got it from the town!
so how you gettin down when the town get down?

nonseq: just quoting (MC) Hammer c. 2006 for no real good reason
ask.metafilter  rural  town  idea  fiction  america  life  BlahLaLa  hometown  childhood  nostalgia  community  farm  2014  2010s 
december 2014 by cluebucket
Creative ideas for turning time into money - income | Ask MetaFilter
- dog walking, DogVacay, cat sitting, house sitting
- childcare, babysitting, Nextdoor
- housecleaning
- mystery shopping
- pizza delivery, food delivery, Caviar, Postmates
- SAT prep / uni tutoring, academic editing / proofreading, CrowdSource,
- TESL tutoring
- church front desk
- DSP notetaking
- taskrabbit, mechanical turk, HITs Worth Turking For, Thumbtack
- selling textbooks on Amazon Marketplace (browse secondhand bookshops)
- writing & selling erotic short stories
- campus clinical studies
- Craigslist handyman
- helping people move
- part time work at a food place
- catering, bartending
- online poker, virtual currency mining, buying/reselling niche apparel & collector's items
- showing homes: show rental properties, do data entry
student  list  work  tip  job  income  zeri  ask.metafilter  2014  2010s  independence  business  money  task  gig  part-time  employment  freelance 
december 2014 by cluebucket
Tonight will be the longest night in the history of Earth - Vox
talkin'bou' tidal acceleration here.

they updated it later to say Whoops the longest night was actually in 1912. but still
joseph_stromberg  colin_schultz  winter  solstice  earth  gravity  rotation  planet  space  night  dark  science  moon  tide  ocean  orbit  northern_hemisphere  season  2014  december 
december 2014 by cluebucket
Working: Stephen Colbert by SlateRadio
"We harvest the corn, which is reading the news."
"I embody the bullshit."
soundcloud  slateradio  slate  stephen_colbert  comedian  process  news  tv  audio  radio  interview  working  work  internet  comedy  podcast  colbert_report  2014  2010s 
december 2014 by cluebucket
北原みのり氏と「ろくでなし子」氏を逮捕 わいせつ物陳列の容疑
huffingtonpost  japanese  日本語  japan  rokudenashiko  minori_kitahara  minori_watanabe  crime  criminal  suspect  injustice  obscenity  artist  writer  sex  censorship  arrest  2014  2010s  北原みのり  ろくでなし子  わいせつ  逮捕  犯罪  裁判  容疑者 
december 2014 by cluebucket DARK HORIZON おとなになったら使うかも知れない基礎英語 (TWJ BOOKS): ブライアン・レイス: 本
apparently this has tons of English typos, like dreaded you're=your and no possessive apostrophes, but those are the dark English times we live in ;-P
amazon  dark_horizon  book  textbook  english  japanese  日本語  英語  スラング  slang  expression  language  ESL  2014  2010s  adult  TWJ_books  education  humor 
december 2014 by cluebucket
Doubting UVA’s Gang-Rape Victim Is a Trap -- The Cut
"At this point, the benefits of believing Jackie if she is telling the truth (forcing reform at UVA, encouraging other women to come forward) outweigh the risks of believing Jackie if she is lying (unnecessary wariness about Phi Kappa Psi). ... [T]he preemptive backlash makes it feel like presumed innocence is a privilege reserved for purported rapists and not their purported victims."
kat_stoeffel  nymag  uva  virginia  university  rape  fraternity  rolling_stone  sabrina_rubin_erdely  anonymous  doubt  journalism  journalist  feminism  shock  bias  2014  2010s  stephen_glass  writing  backlash  assault  the_cut 
december 2014 by cluebucket
The Cost of Becoming White | MetaFilter
haven't read the linked article yet. but yes to semi-thoughtful discussions
metafilter  racism  asian-american  white  minority  race  meritocracy  society  culture  ethnicity  discussion  2014  2010s  power 
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