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A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings, Part III | The Hairpin
FEELING: The kick-drum thud when someone you've been bumping shoulders and knees with for weeks, close enough to an accident that it could have been an accident after all, finally touches you on purpose for the first time.
HOW TO EAT IT: Are you crazy? Don't move. Eat only what you can reach.
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'Radish Cheese Cake,' according to Sammy's online delivery menu
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The Land of the Binge -
"It was once held up as an indisputable virtue, virtually synonymous with prudence. Don’t get too carried away with any one thing. Don’t become too set in your ways. That was the message from parents and teachers. That was the cue the culture gave.

"But America these days is an immoderate land of fixed opinions and outsize fixations. More and more we wallow: in our established political philosophy; in our preferred interest group; in our pastime of choice; in whichever health routine we’ve turned into a health religion."

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