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"when I'm not with her, I keep looking at this photo Rachael took of Rumi" <3 TH  twitter  twitpic  image  photo  family  baby  rumiko  2019  2010s  from twitter_favs
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Fiona Apple Is Still Calling Bullshit
still love her ha

Q. What adjective would you use to describe the world now?
A. The world is many, many, many, many things. I never said the world was bullshit, I just said this world was bullshit. Referring to the room that I was in and the whole music scene, which — it’s not bullshit anymore. It’s the bull who ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and now it’s that bullshit. [Laughs loudly.]
fiona_apple  interview  rachel_handler  musician  funny  politics  refugee  2019  2010s  music  1990s 
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Virginia removes requirement to declare race on marriage forms - BBC News
in 2019.
"Virginia is one of eight states in the US with the legal requirement to identify race prior to marriage."
"Some options on forms included Aryan, Moor, Octoroon and Mulatto."
america  virginia  law  legal  race  racism  marriage  2019  2010s 
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Purple Mountains AMA - indieheads
wow this is so bittersweet to read.

reddit  ama  indieheads  music  musician  interview  q&a  dc_berman  silver_jews  purple_mountains  writer  2019  2010s  death 
august 2019 by cluebucket
The Best of Linkedin (@BestofLinkedin) / Twitter
"Hey Frank

You lowballed him

He said fuck off

Zero “lesson” here"
linkedin  twitter  screengrab  satire  response  social_media  takedown  2010s 
august 2019 by cluebucket
Suicide's Dream Baby Dream – the unlikely anthem of 2016 | Music | The Guardian
Where Curtis drew on the song’s darkness, Bruce Springsteen found hope. His cover version, which he recorded in 2014 after performing it live for nearly a decade, shaves off some of the original’s eeriness – with its purposely flat, unresolved melodies – and sneaks in a little more sentimentality. Where Vega mumbles the line, “I see that smile on your face now baby, yeah you got the idea now”, Springsteen sings, “I just wanna see you smile / Now I just wanna see you smile”. He adds new lyrics too: “Come on and open up your hearts … come on darling and dry your eyes.” Suicide’s refrain is a vague suggestion, of which even they don’t seem entirely convinced. Springsteen’s is a command: “Dream, baby, dream.”

“A lot of bands have done my stuff, Suicide stuff, and they basically try and copy and do it the way that you do it,” Vega said of Springsteen’s cover back in 2005. “Thank God – finally somebody did their version of it. He did it his way, and such a great way, that I’m going to have to sing it that way, or not sing it at all any more.”
2016  2010s  suicide  alan_vega  martin_rev  song  music  cover  bruce_springsteen  soundtrack  adam_curtis  hypernormalisation  dream  1979  1970s  punk 
june 2019 by cluebucket
via Tbeck. j-stitchups and experiments totally up his alley
存在するものは、変化のためにのみ存在する事を忘れるな。"Don't forget that entities exist only for a change."
japan  japanese  pugment  fashion  diy  fabric  tokyo  design  pattern  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2010s  2019 
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Twitter @dream_froth3
RT : we're having a full term party in Prospect Park this weekend if you want to come, and I don't have your email
2019  瑠美タン  tbeck  me  prospect_park  brooklyn  pregnancy  party  friends  2010s  from twitter_favs
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Catapult | What It’s Like to Travel When You Have a “Bad” Passport | Anne Moraa
"I am a Kenyan, an African, someone from the ‘global south.’ It is my job to prove I deserve to travel. It doesn’t matter how talented or smart or wealthy I or others like me are; we need a good passport."
anne_moraa  writing  essay  kenya  passport  immigration  visa  travel  slovenia  discrimination  country  2019  2010s 
may 2019 by cluebucket
2015 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team - YouTube
via Kenji... this is so creepy but also so funny and there are also so many videos in the backlog.
2015  2010s  minnesota  high_school  youtube  creepy  video  review  hair  salad  classic  style  teenage 
april 2019 by cluebucket
Protestors attack judicial system after incestuous rapist walks free:The Asahi Shimbun

"he was found not guilty on March 12 because the court recognized circumstances that could have misled him into believing that the woman had given her consent. The ruling said that although she was too drunk to resist him, she was able to utter words and gave no clear rejection of his actions at the time."  japan  crime  protest  jail  rape  abuse  injustice  2019  2010s  nagoya  tokyo  fukuoka  appeal  court  criminal  father  consent  violence 
april 2019 by cluebucket
CARIÑO - Canción De Pop De Amor [Official] - YouTube
Voy a contarle hasta a mis padres
Que me gustas un montón
music  pop  spanish  cariño  spain  madrid  elefant  2018  2010s 
april 2019 by cluebucket
Scott Walker - Funeral Tango - YouTube
The good Scott Walker died before the bad one :-/ RIP. Time for Funeral Tango
2019  2010s  youtube  scott_walker  obituary  musician  jacques_brel  scott_3  audio  music  1969  1960s  funeral  death  lyrics  from twitter
march 2019 by cluebucket
Veracity - Rise - YouTube
I was kinda into this as Tsubasa's hockey theme song on Terrace House, and apparently they're a xtian group, and... still feel the need to bookmark it
veracity  rise  youtube  music  audio  pop  rock  terrace_house  2016  2010s 
january 2019 by cluebucket
EWG Tap Water Database | New York City System
Chromium (hexavalent)
Dichloroacetic acid
Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)
Trichloroacetic acid

eeeverythiiiiiiing gives you cancer
nyc  water  health  safety  chemical  2017  2010s  epa  cancer  contamination  environment  reference 
january 2019 by cluebucket
Visiting the Whitney Plantation/Slavery Museum – A Whole Lotta Nothing
"It’s fascinating to think how all of this history could be so easily forgotten, due to how little records were kept. The Whitney plantation has records on their slaves due to a variety of unusual circumstances. There was a lawsuit between two descendants of the family fighting over their fortune in the 1800s that introduced all their slave record keeping as evidence in the case. The children who died were recorded in church documents for their parish. The WPA did first person interviews in the 1930s with former slaves (who were all in their 80s and 90s) and recorded their stories of being children at the Whitney Plantation. Without any of these, details are forgotten and 200 years does a lot to soften memories. It’s abhorrent that we don’t have museums dedicated to this subject all over the country. Or that the first one in America opened in 2014."
matt_haughey  mathowie  2018  2010s  19th_century  18th_century  slavery  plantation  history  america  louisiana  whitney  museum  photo  trip  horror  racism  society  2014 
november 2018 by cluebucket
柯文哲 feat. 春艷【Do Things Right】Official Music Video - YouTube
"[T]he 59-year-old trauma surgeon-turned-mayor of Taipei, Taiwan, is dropping his first (and possibly not his last) music video, Do Things Right." guaiguaide
柯文哲  taiwan  春艷  politician  music  pv  rap  youtube  taipei  trap  hiphop  ko_wen-je  chunyan  chinese  2018  2010s  behavior 
november 2018 by cluebucket
Bezos In Context (@BezosInContext) | Twitter
"It took Bezos 41 minutes and 43 seconds to earn $5 million."

in bio:
"We don't want your charity. Pay your taxes."
2018  2010s  wealth  bot  BezosInContext  jeff_bezos  amazon  money  tweet  time  value  takedown 
october 2018 by cluebucket
Twitter @DaftLimmy
"Both die of brain damage. I do a funny video where I run into their funerals dressed as Rocky training, running up any steps I see and jumping in celebration at the top. Then a heartfelt apology video. Then a documentary of my learning "
limmy  tweet  satire  cycle  news  comedian  2018  2010s 
august 2018 by cluebucket
Annoyed by Restaurant Playlists, a Master Musician Made His Own - The New York Times
“Who chose this? Whose decision of mixing this terrible roundup? Let me do it. Because your food is as good as the beauty of Katsura Rikyu.” (He meant the thousand-year-old palatial villa in Kyoto, built to some degree on the aesthetic principles of imperfections and natural circumstances known as wabi-sabi.) “But the music in your restaurant is like Trump Tower.”
ryuichi_sakamoto  nytimes  restaurant  music  musician  composer  nyc  japanese  ippodo  kokage  kajitsu  soundtrack  2018  2010s 
july 2018 by cluebucket
Eurydice Dixon and the sexism of the system – Solidarity Online
"'Starting a conversation' about domestic violence, as Turnbull claimed he wanted to in 2015, is a much cheaper option than doing anything to stop it. Unlike funding the social services women need to secure their independence outside relationships or marriage, 'starting a conversation' is free."
eurydice_dixon  australia  murder  rape  sexism  2010s  2018  amy_thomas  malcolm_turnbull  essay  violence  society 
june 2018 by cluebucket
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