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Old Crow Medicine Show - I Hear Them All [Official Music Video] - YouTube
hear destructive power prevailing, I hear fools falsely hailing
to the crooked wits of tyrants when they call
old_crow_medicine_show  youtube  song  music  country  2007  2000s 
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isbn:0198237901 - Google Search
Epistemic Injustice: Power and the Ethics of Knowing, by Miranda Fricker
*to_read  book  epistemic_injustice  miranda_fricker  2007  injustice 
january 2019 by cluebucket
Low - Hatchet (Optimimi Version) (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
let's bury the hatchet like the beatles and the stones

drums & guns
low  youtube  music  pv  animation  song  groove  subpop  2007  2000s 
october 2017 by cluebucket
On Finland, the United States, and the freedom of information and of the press - The Washington Post
"Precisely because Finland is worthy of kudos for its protection of free expression over the years, it is all the more interesting what it does not protect."
excerpt from The Soul of the First Amendment
floyd_abrams  washingtonpost  reporting  journalism  freedom  protection  rights  information  finland  america  switzerland  2010s  2017  2016  slovakia  punishment  sweden  1776  1770s  privacy  susan_ruusunen  matti_vanhanen  2000s  2007  jussi_kristian_halla-aho  2012  hate  blog  bill_clinton  donald_trump  speech  legal  op-ed  excerpt 
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Can This Marriage Be Saved? - The New York Times
"('Sitting here for six hours you just know what it’s like to be married to him,' Coché muttered to me once, out of earshot of the offending spouse)"
"Gradually, with industrialization and the movement of jobs outside the home, love replaced communal economic imperatives as the glue between husbands and wives, striking two blows to the institution. First, romantic love isn’t known for its long-lasting adhesive properties; and second, no one is as deeply invested in a marriage as the two people in it.

"The group is something of an answer to the latter problem, Coché says — the modern equivalent perhaps of the village that Michael Vincent Miller ... depicts ...: What would it be like, he writes, 'if as in the Puritan villages of old, representatives from the larger community were to step in, calm the two down, stress the larger social importance of their well-being and offer support and help by redirecting the couple’s energies away from mutilating each other toward something more cooperative.'"
"'Causing the right amount of trouble is an art form.'”
judith_coché  laurie_abraham  nytimes  marriage  support  therapy  therapist  2007  2000s  intimacy  relationship  community  philadelphia  profile  communication 
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Samantha Pleet
size S / zero type shit but dang, love that ragamuffin alice print  samantha_pleet  nyc  brooklyn  design  fashion  clothing  print  pattern  2007  2000s  2010s  scallop  2015  pastel 
december 2015 by cluebucket
The Official Guide to Legitimate Rape
"If you're unfamiliar with the exciting concept that your uterus can pick and choose between various kinds of rape, don't fret. We have just the guide for you:
Non-Pregnancy Rape
Bad Weather Rape
Politico Rape
Forcible Rape and/or Assault Rape
Marriage Rape, aka "JK LOL Doesn't Happen!" Rape
"Rape" Rape
Gray Rape
Date Rape
katie_j.m._baker  jezebel  guide  rape  legitimacy  2012  2010s  quote  politician  todd_akin  pregnancy  mistake  misinformation  1980s  stephen_freind  1988  1995  henry_aldridge  1999  john_c._willke  abortion  anti  choice  rights  law  trauma  stupid  clayton_williams  1990  1990s  james_leon_holmes  1997  dave_catanese  science  paul_ryan  chuck_winder  2011  marriage  whoopi_goldberg  roman_polanski  laura_session_stepp  cosmopolitan  linda_fairstein  katie_roiphe  mary_p._koss  1985  2007  1994  1996  definition  21st_century  20th_century 
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Annotations - Triple Canopy
AP: "I would like to think that by mimicking that act we’re imbuing with meaning something that was constructed almost explicitly to deny or obscure the relation between word and thing—an empty shell people can feel OK about throwing money at, and one with infinitely greater aesthetic value than 'Dyncorp.'"
alexander_provan  colby_chamberlain  sam_frank  triplecanopy  canopycanopycanopy  magazine  name  staff  e-mail  discussion  debate  politics  blackwater  contractor  will_hubbard  emily_witt  2007  bridget_donahue  new_hungarian_quarterly  harris_feinsod  2012  2010s  21st_century 
march 2012 by cluebucket
Adventures van Amsterdam
hahah, I went to school with this guy. extremely entertaining
liciousvanamsterdam  amsterdam  blog  blogspot  freddy_gonzalez  travel  europe  sex  bitch  2007  2000s  21st_century 
october 2011 by cluebucket
The Worst Addiction of Them All | The Nation
KV: "If Western Civilization were a person, we would be directing it to the nearest meeting of War-Preparers Anonymous. We would be telling it to stand up before the meeting and say, 'My name is Western Civilization. I am a compulsive war- preparer. I have lost everything I ever cared about. I should have come here long ago. I first hit bottom in World War I.' Western Civilization cannot be represented by a single person, of course, but a single explanation for the catastrophic course it has followed during this bloody century is possible. We the people, because of our ignorance of the disease, have again and again entrusted power to people we did not know were sickies."
thenation  writing  article  kurt_vonnegut  addiction  alcoholism  alcoholics_anonymous  president  addict  op-ed  war  anti-war  2007  criticism  essay  21st_century 
october 2011 by cluebucket
YouTube - Ruben Studdard - Sorry For 2004
haahhh "sorry 2004" is a ballad for the ages. EVERY YEAR. how can you ignore the kids wearing "i'm sorry" t-shirts?
go stud.
youtube  video  pv  music  2004  2007  sorry  apology  funny  r&b  ruben_studdard  duderock48  2000s  21st_century 
october 2011 by cluebucket killing me won't bring back your goddamned honey!
"If the internet ended right here, I would consider it a high note."

some good first-reaction commentary on a """viral video""" that otherwise defies words
todd_levin  writing  video  funny  tremble  pretty_ricky  late_night_special  youtube  trend  viral  pipelaya  2007  21st_century 
october 2011 by cluebucket
Self-Reliant Film » Blog Archive » The Pornography of the Real
Jill Godmilow: The “pornography of the real” involves the highly suspect, psychic pleasure of viewing “the moving picture real” … a powerful pornographic interest in real people, real death, real destruction and real suffering, especially of “others”, commodities in film. These “pleasures” are not brought to our attention...

P. Harrill: "I think of storytelling as a kind of citizenship, so I don’t blame people for wanting to know the stories unfolding in Blacksburg, nor do I blame journalists for telling those stories. Still, how one gathers the facts, why you gather them, and the way you tell them can’t be separated from the story you’re telling."
self-reliant_film  paul_harrill  virginia_tech  massacre  reality  disaster  writing  essay  2007  jill_godmilow  film  journalism  decency  victim  witness  tv  blacksburg  virginia  21st_century 
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