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The Art Story: Works Progress Administration (WPA)
"In all, nearly 200,000 artworks were created under the Federal Art Project, yet many of those works have since become lost or were destroyed after the WPA auctioned off thousands of paintings in 1943, when all federally-funded art programs were dissolved."
art  government  wpa  1930s  1940s  america  holger_cahill  politics  artist  history 
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What “Things Going Wrong” Can Look Like – Medium
"I'm reading this as '1933 playbook continues on schedule, pace slightly higher than last time: something between maybe 1.2x and 2x, but without the possibility of a major land war to show up on the horizon.'" (apart from climate-related disaster movements?)  yonatan_zunger  prediction  2017  2010s  donald_trump  steve_bannon  government  society  censorship  discrimination  crime  hate  future  1930s  islam  latinx  immigration  blm  black  america  jewish  organization 
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Twitter @Felonius_munk
- powerful and continuing nationalism
- disdain for human rights
- identification of enemies as a unifying cause
- supremacy of the military
- rampant sexism
- controlled mass media
- obsession with national security
- religion and government intertwined
- corporate power protected
- labor power suppressed
- disdain for intellectuals & the arts
- obsession with crime & punishment
- rampant cronyism & corruption
- fraudulent elections
holocaust  museum  list  fascism  government  ra'sclat_al_ghul  image  photo  rights  warning  military  sexism  media  security  religion  power  corporation  labor  corruption  election  2010s  1930s  from twitter_favs
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The Third Rail
"'History furnishes ... no record of a successful intermingling between the great divisions of mankind,' warned the Baltimore Sun, the organ of city establishment, in 1865. Two decades later, the Sun suggested the best course might be just to 'let the colored people dissipate away.'"

"That was Baltimore mass rail, two decades after the system was proposed: two lines that did not connect, far short of what one needed for the network effect of a true system. Inevitably, the inadequacies of public rail left many Baltimoreans ever more reliant upon the buses — a bewildering scattering of lines that typically followed the old streetcar routes, comprehensible only to those with no alternative but to rely on them."

and Larry Hogan being awful, and more...
baltimore  city  racism  transportation  alec_macgillis  bus  street  train  subway  suburban  maryland  20th_century  19th_century  2015  2016  2010s  riot  corruption  white_flight  population  streetcar  1885  1880s  culture  industry  migration  baltimore_sun  black  factory  neighborhood  prejudice  real_estate  housing  conflict  manners  bigotry  liberal  1911  1930s  1910s  ghetto  1940s  george_mcmechen  photo  image  highway  chiaki_kawajiri  mortgage  law  government  kurt_schmoke  1980s  1960s  history  jim_crow  transit  politics  barbara_mikulski  larry_hogan  martin_o'malley  freddie_gray  politician  republican  poverty  segregation  discrimination  cynicism  infrastructure  development  lawsuit  naacp  aclu  amazon 
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The Sensualist - The New Yorker
"Seducing another man’s wife could be forgiven; a bad poem, clumsy handwriting, or the wrong perfume could not."

"In Chapter 4, titled 'Yugao,' Genji comes across a run-down house, the abode of a young woman he is about to seduce.

Waley describes the entrance like this: 'There was a wattled fence over which some ivy-like creeper spread its cool green leaves, and among the leaves were white flowers with petals half-unfolded like the lips of people smiling at their own thoughts.'

Seidensticker: 'A pleasantly green vine was climbing a board wall. The white flowers, he thought, had a rather self-satisfied look about them.'

Tyler: 'A bright green vine, its white flowers smiling to themselves, was clambering merrily over what looked like a board fence.'

Washburn: 'A pleasant-looking green vine was creeping luxuriantly up a horizontal trellis, which resembled a board fence. White flowers were blooming on the vine, looking extremely self-satisfied and apparently without a care in the world.'”
ian_buruma  newyorker  tale_of_genji  genji  2015  2010s  review  literature  book  11th_century  translation  murasaki_shikibu  novel  seduction  sex  poetry  dennis_washburn  heian  平安  adultery  源氏物語  junichiro_tanizaki  ivan_morris  buddhism  style  privilege  royalty  sei_shonagon  pillow_book  gender  men  women  royall_tyler  13th_century  history  japanese  1930s  arthur_waley  1976  1970s  edward_seidensticker  prose  moral  utagawa_kunisada  hishikawa_moronobu  polygamy  culture 
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The List - The New Yorker
“High school was bliss for me,” DuBuc said recently. “I tried not to dwell on the stuff that wasn’t good.” But, as she was about to start her freshman year at Western Michigan University, she got a call from a close childhood friend, Victoria, who asked, “Did you know you’re on the public sex-offender registry?”


The [Texas sex offender treatment] plan also included a monthly polygraph ($150) and a computerized test that measured how long his eyes lingered on deviant imagery ($325). He would also have to submit to a “penile plethysmograph,” or PPG. ... Metts would be billed around $200 per test.


The prosecutor pushed for two years in prison... Metts’s attorney urged alternatives that would be less costly for taxpayers. None of Metts’s violations, he noted, had any connection to the original charges of sexual assault of a child. A typical mistake was failing to charge his ankle bracelet’s battery. The judge took some time to think it over. The next morning, she sentenced Metts to ten years in prison.
sarah_stillman  newyorker  problem  2016  2010s  crime  abuse  database  assault  violence  children  childhood  punishment  2000s  high_school  sex  michigan  texas  virginia  north_carolina  montana  minnesota  illinois  sexting  policy  legal  1930s  1990s  jacob_wetterling  adam_walsh  treatment  elizabeth_letourneau  consent  teenage  government  morality  shame  injustice  money  criminal  therapy  vigilantism  threat  outcast  society  south_carolina  new_york  georgia  depression  suicide  parenting  prison  rehab  oregon  reform  nicole_pittman 
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Letters of Note: I can't look you in the voice
2011  2010s  dorothy_parker  poet  lettersofnote  letter  telegram  quote  writers_block  writing  pascal_covici  nyc  1945  1940s  1930s  1920s 
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Google Answers: Citation for unintentional abuse of European census data by Nazis
"Around the turn of the century in Holland, the Dutch government
started collecting mass census data about its citizens. It began
collecting religion in order to give people a proper burial. The
intentions were solely good. In 1939, that data was captured in a
matter of 3 days and (some reasonably high) percentage of the Jews
were executed in a matter of weeks."

"'.. These registration systems and the related identity cards played
an important role in the apprehension of Dutch Jews and Gypsies prior
to their eventual deportation to the death camps. Dutch Jews had the
highest death rate (73 percent) of Jews residing in any occupied
western European country--far higher than the death rate among the
Jewish population of Belgium (40 percent) and France (25 percent), for
google  google_answers  abuse  nazi  history  europe  census  data  2004  2000s  holland  citizen  religion  intent  1939  1930s  wwii  privacy  jewish  judaism  human_rights  genocide  william_seltzer  margo_anderson  gypsy  roma  death  identity  population  concentration_camp  1940s 
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Baby Name Popularity: See History of Names From 1890 to Today
it's just me n Alianna, Nakia, Darci, Rina, Muriel, Zelma, Signe, Doretta, Oretha, Venice, Leonie, Vita, and Florina in the 712th-ers club  generator  tool  name  population  history  1890s  1900s  1910s  1920s  1930s  1940s  1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2000s  2010s  comparison 
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The Strange Story Of The Man Behind 'Strange Fruit' : NPR
"There is something else about Abel Meeropol that seems to connect the man who wrote 'Strange Fruit' to the man who created a loving family out of a national scandal. ...
"'I was the official lawnmower,' Robert says, 'and I was going to mow over them, and he said, "Oh, no, you can't kill the seedlings!" I said, "What are you going to do with them, Dad? There are dozens of them."

"'Well, he dug them up and put them in coffee cans and lined them up along the side of the house. And there were hundreds of them. But he couldn't bring himself to just kill them. It was just something he couldn't do.'"
2012  elizabeth_blair  npr  morning_edition  billie_holiday  song  lyric  writing  strange_fruit  protest  racism  lynching  abel_meeropol  songwriter  nyc  bronx  teacher  poet  dewitt_clinton  1930s  2010s  classic  herbie_hancock  marcus_miller  1990s  jewish  1940  1940s  communism  history  america  communist  civil_rights  lewis_allan  pseudonym  rosenbergs  ethel_rosenberg  julius_rosenberg  1950s  1953  adoption  parenting  mccarthyism  w.e.b._du_bois  1986  1980s  life  compassion  plant  seed  biography  profile 
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Suicide and the Economy - Elizabeth MacBride - The Atlantic
"My family had not only refused to speak of Roy, they rewrote the story of his death. Within hours, they closed ranks. A second cousin, a local policeman, told the newspaper Roy was subject to fainting spells. His mother said he died of a heart attack in a parking garage; according to another family story, he’d fallen in front of a train. Eventually, the lie became the truth. I flipped through the journals his mother wrote in 1950s. She mentioned Roy once, when a passerby reminded her of him. Then she went back later and whited out his name."
suicide  theatlantic  depression  economy  1920s  1930s  america  family  2013  2010s  death  memory  mental_health  crisis  psychology  employment  failure  life  library  news  roy_humphrey  nyc  new_jersey  elizabeth_macbride  stigma  society  survival  denial  guilt  shame  emotion 
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The Invention of Political Consulting : The New Yorker
American Chronicles | The Lie Factory | How politics became a business: how people made the unreal so dizguztin'ly real. totally worth reading.

also: "They began by locking themselves in a room for three days with everything he had ever written. “Upton was beaten,” Whitaker later said, “because he had written books.”"
jill_lepore  history  upton_sinclair  politics  politician  candidate  advertising  lie  1930s  2012  2010s  california  governor  clem_whitaker  leone_baxter  campaign  campaigns_inc.  article  writing  consulting  monopoly  business  author  novel  quote  1910s  1940s  1950s  democrat  republican  internment_camp  earl_warren  brainwash  carey_mcwilliams  conservative  liberal  healthcare  insurance  harry_s._truman  20th_century 
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Far Outliers: How Koreans Chose Japanese Names
"Japanese public (at least journalistic and diplomatic) practice has changed over the past decade or two with regard to rendering Sinographic names in Japanese. It used to be that Chinese characters in foreign names were just pronounced in their Sino-Japanese readings, so that Mao Zedong was Mou Takutou, and Chiang Kaishek (= Jiang Jieshi) was Shou Kaiseki.

"But the practice now is to render such names into katakana approximations of their sound values in standard Chinese or Korean. I believe this change was driven partly by some activist Korean Residents in Japan who wanted to de-Japanize their names, but probably also by both the DPRK and ROK governments, which are both generally anti-hanja, pro-hangul (although the ROK Ministry of Education seems to have reversed its hanja-teaching policies many times during the past three decades). So now Korean Kims who Japanized their names to Kane-something can revert to Kimu, and Kim Ilsong can be rendered in katakana as Kimu IrusoN instead of in Sino-Japanese as Kin Nichisei."
onomastics  surname  name  faroutliers  korean  japanese  chinese  asia  colonialism  katakana  kanji  homonym  symbol  hildi_kang  1910s  1920s  1930s  1940s  21st_century  20th_century 
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