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Visiting the Whitney Plantation/Slavery Museum – A Whole Lotta Nothing
"It’s fascinating to think how all of this history could be so easily forgotten, due to how little records were kept. The Whitney plantation has records on their slaves due to a variety of unusual circumstances. There was a lawsuit between two descendants of the family fighting over their fortune in the 1800s that introduced all their slave record keeping as evidence in the case. The children who died were recorded in church documents for their parish. The WPA did first person interviews in the 1930s with former slaves (who were all in their 80s and 90s) and recorded their stories of being children at the Whitney Plantation. Without any of these, details are forgotten and 200 years does a lot to soften memories. It’s abhorrent that we don’t have museums dedicated to this subject all over the country. Or that the first one in America opened in 2014."
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Voting paradox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the prob w/ 3-party ish depending on this conditional spread: "the voting paradox of cyclical societal preferences implies that the election has no Condorcet winner: no candidate who can win a one-on-one election against each other candidate."
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Benjamin Franklin
temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, cleanliness, tranquility, humility

ok fine franklin. I like your little chart system  benjamin_franklin  1726  18th_century  1785  1720s  1780s  plan  guide  life  virtue  list  book  chart  notebook  autobiography  behavior  temperance  moderation  silence  order  resolution  frugality  waste  industry  work  sincerity  deceit  justice  cleanliness  chastity  tranquility  humility  jesus_christ  socrates 
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How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life -
Benjamin Rush: "'It would seem strange that ignominy should ever have been adopted as a milder punishment than death, did we not know that the human mind seldom arrives at truth upon any subject till it has first reached the extremity of error.'"

Author: "I found no evidence that punitive shaming fell out of fashion as a result of newfound anonymity. But I did find plenty of people from centuries past bemoaning the outsize cruelty of the practice, warning that well-meaning people, in a crowd, often take the punishment too far."
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Ben Franklin effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"A person who has done or completed a favor for someone is more likely to do another favor for that person than they would be if they had received a favor from that person. Similarly, one who harms another is more willing to harm them again than the victim is to retaliate."
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Weltschmerz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"the kind of feeling experienced by someone who understands that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind."
See also: Acedia, Angst, Dukkha, Lacrimae rerum, Mal du siècle, Mean world syndrome, Melancholia, Mono no aware, Nihilism, Pathos, Saudade, Sehnsucht, Social alienation, Sturm und Drang, Suffering, Theory of mind, World view
Weltschmerz  german  deutsch  wikipedia  wiki  definition  phrase  jean_paul  world-weary  pain  anxiety  feeling  emotion  romanticism  lord_byron  giacomo_leopardi  françois-rené_de_chateaubriand  alfred_de_musset  nikolaus_lenau  hermann_hesse  heinrich_heine  psychology  sad  weakness  world  depression  escapism  mental_health  alienation  anomie  émile_durkheim  john_steinbeck  welshrats  ralph_ellison  kurt_vonnegut  melancholia  suffering  angst  POV  18th_century  19th_century 
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Ashkenazi names: The etymology of the most common Jewish surnames.
patronymics, matronymics, place names, occupational names, personal traits, insulting names, animal names (Einhorn: unicorn!), Hebrew names, Hebrew acronyms, other Hebrew- and Yiddish-derived names, invented "fancy shmancy" names.... and a separate correction article.
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