m2m mirror mirror official music video - YouTube
"Who's Watching This On 2019? :3"
have had the speak-sing refrain in my head for... more'n a decade
M2M  pop  2000s  norway  2000  song  pv  music  video  youtube 
8 days ago
WFMU - Year End 2019
Tbeck donated to the Hellraiser Fundraiser to celebrate Rumi's first Halloween :-)
wfmu  wfmu.org  radio  donation  from twitter_favs
18 days ago
Twitter @dream_froth3
"when I'm not with her, I keep looking at this photo Rachael took of Rumi" <3 TH
twitter.com  twitter  twitpic  image  photo  family  baby  rumiko  2019  2010s  from twitter_favs
20 days ago
Chewable Blossom Pendant Necklace — Stimming Jewelry - Stimtastic
"Recommended for light chewers due to the small size and layered construction."
I really like the color reference photos page on this site too
stimtastic.co  necklace  silicone  jewelry  flower  chew  mouth  pendant  color  stimming 
6 weeks ago
Your New Astrology Sign is
"Both Capricorn and Rat want to achieve success. Rat wants power. Capricorn wants sway over others. Together the covetous Rat and the solitary mountain goat that is Capricorn will go far (many times to the detriment of anything from reputation to family or even health). The Capricorn born Rat, like the Tiger only more so, is in constant, grievous danger. Why? Because this person is a Rat and so is ambitious for power. Moreover, he's a slow-moving solitary Capricorn whose unshod hooves climb the mountain cautiously but with unflagging determination. The weak spot in this picture in his or her sensitivity to criticism. Capricorn/Rats lay their lives (and their earthshaking projects) on the line. Other people get jealous and try to chuck them off the mountain. In love the Capricorn/Rat is as steady, but far from romantic. Hold the candles and flowers please and let's just get on with the sex. In bed, there is little or nothing that can rein in this world beater. He or she is a treasure trove of sensual imagination who knows how to take his time..."

I like Primal Zodiac better
suzannewhite.com  astrology  horoscope  chinese  zodiac  animal 
6 weeks ago
Fiona Apple Is Still Calling Bullshit
still love her ha

Q. What adjective would you use to describe the world now?
A. The world is many, many, many, many things. I never said the world was bullshit, I just said this world was bullshit. Referring to the room that I was in and the whole music scene, which — it’s not bullshit anymore. It’s the bull who ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and now it’s that bullshit. [Laughs loudly.]
fiona_apple  interview  rachel_handler  vulture.com  musician  funny  politics  refugee  2019  2010s  music  1990s 
7 weeks ago
Old Crow Medicine Show - I Hear Them All [Official Music Video] - YouTube
hear destructive power prevailing, I hear fools falsely hailing
to the crooked wits of tyrants when they call
old_crow_medicine_show  youtube  song  music  country  2007  2000s 
7 weeks ago
Debra Danielsen - Wikipedia
hilariously specific and detailed wikipedia about the MOM of MTV's 'Teen Mom' OG mess Farrah Abraham... definitely longer than the wikis about other Teen Moms
wikipedia  wiki  mtv  narcissism  mother  parenting  salt_lake_city  weird 
8 weeks ago
Virginia removes requirement to declare race on marriage forms - BBC News
in 2019.
"Virginia is one of eight states in the US with the legal requirement to identify race prior to marriage."
"Some options on forms included Aryan, Moor, Octoroon and Mulatto."
america  virginia  law  legal  race  racism  marriage  2019  2010s 
9 weeks ago
Thread by @marcowenjones: "[Thread] As promised, today I want to tell you of how I became friends with a Twitter troll called Angus Gallagher. Angus recently had a sex […]" #StopTheCoup #MAGA #KAG #BUILDTHEWALL
mild unnecessary 'sex change' joke poke at beginning but overall a good thread illustrating troll workings

"Why this Middle-aged white man with a lilac shirt would have such strong opinions on the region was unclear."
marcowenjones  twitter  troll  misinformation  politics  social_media  fraud  threadreaderapp.com  saudi_arabia  donald_trump 
10 weeks ago
Photographer removes smartphones to show dystopic, lonely world — Quartz
"US photographer Eric Pickersgill has created 'Removed,' a series of photos to remind us of how strange that [increasingly normal hunched pose of the phone-absorbed] pose actually is"
eric_pickersgill  quartz  qz.com  photography  photo  smartphone  technology  society  culture  image  b&w  mobile 
11 weeks ago
Purple Mountains AMA - indieheads
wow this is so bittersweet to read.

reddit  ama  indieheads  music  musician  interview  q&a  dc_berman  silver_jews  purple_mountains  writer  2019  2010s  death 
august 2019
Passionate, tender, heartbreaking … letters reveal Leonard Bernstein’s 10-year secret affair | Music | The Guardian
kyot... some 350 letters over 10ish years

"Yoshihara found that the Japanese man’s name appears only briefly in the most comprehensive Bernstein biography – as a business representative."
theguardian.com  2019  leonard_bernstein  composer  musician  relationship  love  japanese  secret  letter  kunihiro_hashimoto  mari_yoshihara  1980s  dalya_alberge 
august 2019
The Best of Linkedin (@BestofLinkedin) / Twitter
"Hey Frank

You lowballed him

He said fuck off

Zero “lesson” here"
linkedin  twitter.com  twitter  screengrab  satire  response  social_media  takedown  2010s 
august 2019
I'm Bruce Willis on Vimeo
Travis busted this out and remembered every part
kevin_bewersdorf  bruce_willis  vimeo.com  vimeo  video  song  music  pop  actor  carl_winslow 
august 2019
kulfi rugs (which i'll never afford)
tantuvistudio.com  tantuvi  rug  textile  color  pattern  home 
july 2019
bigotP1 | You never can win with a bigot, P1 | lizard_sf | Flickr
RIP Mad magazine... I spent so much time as a kid with old issues from used bookshops, Al Jaffee / Sergio Aragones paperbacks, etc... taught me a lot
flickr.com  photo  image  scan  magazine  art  comic  mad  mad_magazine  paul_coker_jr  frank_jacobs  racism  bigotry  society 
july 2019
ABBA - Slipping Through My Fingers - YouTube
I watch her go with a surge of that well-known sadness
And I have to sit down for a while
abba  song  music  audio  photo  family  parenting  youtube  daughter  linda_ulvaeus  1981  1980s  the_visitors 
july 2019
The Pudding
"a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays"
pudding.cool  the_pudding  design  data  magazine  essay  culture  visualization  *to_read 
july 2019
not sure if this is a good one or not... bookmarking for later
app  shopping  grocery  food  organization  list  recipe  download 
july 2019
Home - Don't Take Life Sitting Down
wow didn't know this existed. piss assistance
go-girl.com  tool  bathroom  women  stand-up  travel 
july 2019
Baby Games Calendar | Development Games by Week | Pathways.org
"Find activities, milestones, and over 300 games based on baby’s date of birth"
reference  baby  child  development  growing_up  skill  game  how_to  muscle  exercise  cognition  pathways.org  guide  tip  infant 
july 2019
Radish (band) - Wikipedia
woke up from a newborn-sleep-dep nap thinking of downloading Radish "Little Pink Stars" on Napster
band  wiki  wikipedia  radish  texas  ben_kweller  nostalgia  1990s 
july 2019
Suicide's Dream Baby Dream – the unlikely anthem of 2016 | Music | The Guardian
Where Curtis drew on the song’s darkness, Bruce Springsteen found hope. His cover version, which he recorded in 2014 after performing it live for nearly a decade, shaves off some of the original’s eeriness – with its purposely flat, unresolved melodies – and sneaks in a little more sentimentality. Where Vega mumbles the line, “I see that smile on your face now baby, yeah you got the idea now”, Springsteen sings, “I just wanna see you smile / Now I just wanna see you smile”. He adds new lyrics too: “Come on and open up your hearts … come on darling and dry your eyes.” Suicide’s refrain is a vague suggestion, of which even they don’t seem entirely convinced. Springsteen’s is a command: “Dream, baby, dream.”

“A lot of bands have done my stuff, Suicide stuff, and they basically try and copy and do it the way that you do it,” Vega said of Springsteen’s cover back in 2005. “Thank God – finally somebody did their version of it. He did it his way, and such a great way, that I’m going to have to sing it that way, or not sing it at all any more.”
2016  2010s  suicide  alan_vega  martin_rev  song  music  cover  theguardian.com  bruce_springsteen  soundtrack  adam_curtis  hypernormalisation  dream  1979  1970s  punk 
june 2019
Pretty Ballerina
yamaha music soft version ... $3.99
yamaha  yamahamusicsoft.com  midi  song  music  cover  left_banke  1960s  audio 
june 2019
Paper sons - Wikipedia
"Only in the 1960s did new legislation broaden immigration from Asia and gave paper sons a chance to tell the truth about who they were and restore their real names in 'confessional' programs. But many chose to stick with their adopted names for fear of retribution and took their true names to their graves."
immigration  history  wikipedia  wiki  paper  bureaucracy  mystery  chinese  china  america  1882  1880s  1900s  1960s 
june 2019
via Tbeck. j-stitchups and experiments totally up his alley
存在するものは、変化のためにのみ存在する事を忘れるな。"Don't forget that entities exist only for a change."
japan  japanese  pugment  fashion  diy  fabric  tokyo  design  pattern  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2010s  2019 
may 2019
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