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RT : A /EDN browser for the terminal.
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HAL - Hypertext Application Language
HAL is a simple format that gives a consistent and easy way to hyperlink between resources in your API.

Adopting HAL will make your API explorable, and its documentation easily disocverable from within the API itself. In short, it will make your API easier to work with and therefore more attractive to client developers.

APIs that adopt HAL can be easily served and consumed using open source libraries available for most major programming languages. It's also simple enough that you can just deal with it as you would any other JSON.
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november 2013 by clonezone
jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor.

jq is like sed for JSON data - you can use it to slice and filter and map and transform structured data with the same ease that sed, awk, grep and friends let you play with text.

jq is written in portable C, and it has zero runtime dependencies. You can download a single binary, scp it to a far away machine, and expect it to work.

jq can mangle the data format that you have into the one that you want with very little effort, and the program to do so is often shorter and simpler than you’d expect.
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november 2012 by clonezone

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