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Why Your Brand Should Piss Someone Off | Fast Company
Let’s say that you’re a so-called "mass marketer." You’re probably reading this and thinking “what a bunch of BS,” or “this doesn’t apply to me,” or both. If you sell a product that every single person in the world buys and have a 100% market share, then pissing someone off does indeed mean a lost sale. If you’re a little shy of world domination, it would behoove you to define your audience and why they should love you--secure in the knowledge that some will feel left out.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the narrower you target, the broader you may catch. This is because brands that target narrow generally stand for something, while brands that target too broadly generally don’t.

Polarization is good. Traveling the middle road, as broad and tempting as it may be, is always and unequivocally bad. Like people, brands are defined by the company they keep. But they’re also defined by the company they don’t keep.
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