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astorfi/TensorFlow-World-Resources: Organized & Useful Resources about Deep Learning with TensorFlow
TensorFlow-World-Resources - :satellite: Organized & Useful Resources about Deep Learning with TensorFlow
tensorflow  resources  machine-learning 
january 2018 by clehene
Essential Cheat Sheets for Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineers
Learning machine learning and deep learning is difficult for newbies. As well as deep learning libraries are difficult to understand. I am creating a repository on Github(cheatsheets-ai) with cheat…
cheatsheet  machine-learning 
june 2017 by clehene
Making a Simple Neural Network – Keno Leon – Medium
What are we making ? We’ll try making a simple & minimal Neural Network which we will explain and train to identify something, there will be little to no history or math (tons of that stuff out there…
ai  neural-network  tutorial  education  machine-learning  ml 
april 2017 by clehene
Machine Learning is Fun! Part 4: Modern Face Recognition with Deep Learning — Medium
Have you noticed that Facebook has developed an uncanny ability to recognize your friends in your photographs? In the old days, Facebook…
mc  face  recognition  deeplearning  machine-learning  ml 
august 2016 by clehene

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