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Learn D3: Introduction / D3 / Observable
Learn D3: Introduction This series of notebooks will guide you through your first steps with D3.js. D3’s logo is drawn with circles and perpendicular lines. Before we embark, it’s worth briefly considering: Why bother learning D3? And why learn here in Observable? For one, D3 is popular (80M downloads and 90K stars), so you’re in good company. There are plenty of community-developed resources, including tutorials, videos, classes, and books. And the D3 team has published hundreds of ...
d3  learning  visualization 
10 days ago by clehene
pushcx/hpffp-resources: Haskell Programming From First Principles - Follow-up Resources
Haskell Programming From First Principles - Follow-up Resources - pushcx/hpffp-resources
functional  haskell  learning  programming 
11 weeks ago by clehene
Spaced Repetition -
Efficient memorization using the spacing effect: literature review of widespread applicability, tips on use & what it's good for.
memory  psychology  learning 
may 2019 by clehene
People Who Have “Too Many Interests” Are More Likely To Be Successful According To Research
Adilyn Malcolm mastered dubstep dancing by just using YouTube as her teacher. The 12 year old used the internet to stop, rewind, and watch videos of the best dubstep music dancers in the world like Marquese Scott (, something she admits a traditional dance class wouldn't allow her to do.
learning  polymath 
april 2018 by clehene
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
education  learning  systems  programming 
march 2018 by clehene
The Secret PhD Productivity Strategy: Do Deep Work In Less Hours
The worst PhD productivity advice is to work 24/7. Learn how to do deep work to boost your PhD productivity while working less hours.
research  learning  productivity  procrastination 
august 2017 by clehene
The Debugging Mindset - ACM Queue
Individuals with an entity theory of intelligence are more likely to be motivated by appearance than performance, are more likely to engage in maladaptive behaviors (such as giving up or cheating) in the face of problems, and are less likely to collaborate with others. In the software development field, these behaviors manifest through maladaptive strategies including hero worship, impostor syndrome, "cargo culting," and lackadaisical work ethic.
programming  productivity  psychology  learning  debugging  intelligence 
march 2017 by clehene
Frontiers | Valproate reopens critical-period learning of absolute pitch | Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience
Absolute pitch, the ability to identify or produce the pitch of a sound without a reference point, has a critical period, i.e. it can only be acquired early in life. However, research has shown that histone-deacetylase inhibitors (HDAC inhibitors) enable adult mice to establish perceptual preferences that are otherwise impossible to acquire after youth. In humans, we found that adult men who took valproate (a HDAC inhibitor) learned to identify pitch significantly better than those t...
vpa  valporate  learning  research 
october 2016 by clehene
jwasham/google-interview-university: A complete daily plan for studying to become a Google software engineer.
google-interview-university - A complete daily plan for studying to become a Google software engineer.
google  computer  science  education  course  learning 
october 2016 by clehene
Contribute to awesome-deep-learning-papers development by creating an account on GitHub.
deep  learning  machine 
june 2016 by clehene

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