One of the greatest musical dancers I've seen and helped shape pop significantly
17 hours ago
meta: May eventually be put under person.artist or https://schema.org/MusicGroup. This wiki entry is most relevant I could find
type  parent:person 
17 hours ago
Short segment of a musical composition
type  parent:clip  from notes
17 hours ago
"dialect cluster spoken by the Duala and Mungo peoples of Cameroon. Douala belongs to the Bantu language family, in a subgroup called Sawabantu"
language  cameroon 
17 hours ago
"The language of the content or performance or used in an action"
18 hours ago
"Natural languages such as Spanish, Tamil, Hindi, English, etc. Formal language code tags expressed in BCP 47 can be used via the alternateName property"
type  parent:intangible 
19 hours ago
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018)
Realistic portrayal of committing crimes to pay the bills. Heartfelt and at times funny. Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant had great chemistry. Great to see Melissa nailing a dramatic role so well
done-at: 02-17-2019
rating: 6
movie  drama  true-story 
2 days ago
Based on a true story. Not quite non-fiction
genre  from notes
2 days ago
"The production company or studio responsible for the item e.g. series, video game, episode etc."
4 days ago
"The location depicted or described in the content. For example, the location in a photograph or painting"
4 days ago
"The place where the Organization was founded"
4 days ago
While this can be fairly generic, initially using this for meetups
type  parent:event 
4 days ago
"An event happening at a certain time and location, such as a concert, lecture, or festival. Ticketing information may be added via the offers property. Repeated events may be structured as separate Event objects"
type  parent:thing 
4 days ago
Solid World
Monthly remote friendly meeting. First meeting had an interesting presentation
solid  event-series 
4 days ago
Professor of Semantic Web technology who seems active in solid community and other interesting semweb tech
computer-scientist  semweb 
4 days ago
Whimsical - The Visual Workspace
Impressive looking features for flowcharts and wireframing. Recommended by a couple twitter acq.
web-app  diagram  clojurescript 
4 days ago
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018)
A Terry Gilliam flick many years in the making. A recursive Don Quixote plot sounds awesome. Would love to see it
movie  sometime  don-quixote 
4 days ago
Facebook: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Paints a sad picture of internet access where most of Myanmar gets their news from facebook. Quiet sad to see the outright, uncensored hate against Muslims and how shitty of a job facebook has done there. Oliver is awesome calling out Zuck for saying stupid obvious stuff and showing a training vid for censored material. Facebook ad at 17m05s is awesome
tv-episode  myanmar  about:facebook  last-week-tonight 
4 days ago
Great open source. Horrible ethics
4 days ago
"A TV episode which can be part of a series or season."
type  parent:episode 
4 days ago
John Oliver does a kickass job of hilariously educating people on one main issue per episode
tv-series  comedy 
4 days ago
also known as burma
4 days ago
Father of psychoanalysis. Defined theories around id, ego and libido and some other crazier ideas. Surprised to see he was a doctor of neuropathology given how strange some of his ideas are
4 days ago
Father of public relations and nephew of Freud. Known for a campaign which was the inflection point in popularizing women to smoke. Also known for helping CIA overthrow Guatemalan govt. Used psychoanalysis techniques to teach coporations how to spread corporate propaganda. Seems like a person with little moral compass
4 days ago
A state-funded corporation and world's oldest national broadcasting org. Has put out amazing content over the years
corporation  united-kingdom 
4 days ago
The Century of the Self (2002)
Interesting 4-part series that postulates Freud's ideas have been used to control the hoi polloi in democracies. Found the first and last episodes to be the most interesting as they had the most novel and engaging facts. While the historical facts were well explained, there were some persuasive elements and attribution of intent that would require further research to believe. Some interesting things I learned:
- Bernays and the influence he had on American culture
- How pragmatic Americans were when it came to purchasing through WW 1
- Instant bake recipes with nothing to add failed b/c it was too easy and made housewives feel guilty. So an egg was given to lessen the guilt and allow cooks to give a symbolic contribution
- How much the Clinton campaign catered to swing state voters using psychoanalysis techniques (feelings about issues). And then Blair copied the same plan
meta: May be useful to put under mini-tv-series later. Could be useful to tag this is watchable online
rating: 7
done-at: 02-08-2019
tv-series  documentary  about:sigmund-freud  about:edward-bernays  bbc 
4 days ago
We all know episodes 4-6 is where it's at. The rest who cares
movie-series  scifi 
4 days ago
"A series of movies. Included movies can be indicated with the hasPart property"
type  parent:creative-work-series 
4 days ago
Ever After The Musical
Better than expected as I expected it to be cheesy but it was pretty funny with the dialogue, the prince and the Bohemians. Sierra Boggess has an amazing voice and made all her numbers seem effortless. Rapid scene changes were impressive and better than most Broadway plays I've seen. Based on a movie by the same name
done-at: 02-13-2019
rating: 7
comedy  musical 
6 days ago
meta: Surprised schema.org doesn't have play to subclass from
type  parent:creative-work 
6 days ago
"A date value in ISO 8601 date format."
8 days ago
Was ambitious and perhaps ahead of its time. Tons of interesting research went into this. Would love to dig into this even though development has stopped
plang  ibdknox 
8 days ago
"The tangible thing generated by the service, e.g. a passport, permit, etc."
10 days ago
Summary of a creative work. Usually it's plot. Purposely not put in description in case there are major spoilers
property  from notes
10 days ago
Specifies the type of all elements for an itemList
property  data-type:type  from notes
10 days ago
"For itemListElement values, you can use simple strings (e.g. "Peter", "Paul", "Mary"), existing entities, or use ListItem"
10 days ago
When a thing, usually a creative works, finished. Some things may have a corresponding started-at
property  data-type:date  from notes
12 days ago
When a thing, usually creative work, was done/experienced. Used mostly for things that can be experienced in a day
property  data-type:date  from notes
12 days ago
When a thing, usually a creative-work, was started. Usually used for things with an unclear or far away finish date
property  data-type:date  from notes
12 days ago
Using it as a property on properties. May be used differently than on schema.org. Valid values for this property are currently listed as: boolean, date, date-time, number, text and time. If a property doesn't have a data-type, assume it's a text. date-time validity is also extended to handle fuzzy dates including a year or a month-year
meta: Model this differently than schema.org which doesn't put this under intangible or thing
type  parent:intangible  additionalType:property 
12 days ago
Usually a shortcut for creative-work.review.reviewRating or possibly creative-work.aggregateRating.ratingValue
meta: Not to be confused with https://schema.org/Rating
property  data-type:number  from notes
12 days ago
Linking Between Tables
I can see why airtable has become popular with ux like this. Makes joins b/n tables fairly intuitive
doc-page  ux  airtable  join 
12 days ago
Web page who's purpose is primarily documentation. Unlike articles and blog posts, this is likely to be kept up to date
type  parent:page  from notes
12 days ago
A join in a relational db
12 days ago
user experience design
13 days ago
Creator of cljx, c2, finda and a bunch of other interesting projects. Does interesting things in design land
programmer  clojurescript 
13 days ago
Does three things really well (from the video): searching (any field as you type), joining (click through joins, however many levels deep) and custom views (click on fields to no longer see them). Could see this being useful for one-off data tasks, internal eng demos and onboarding new engineers
database-client  osx  jamii  lynaghk 
13 days ago
Excellent stewardship, sane defaults, practical set of features. Recommended
database  open-source 
13 days ago
A Modern PostgreSQL Client for the Mac
Have used this for work. Has useful features like spreadsheet-like editing with staged changes, scratch pad for executing queries and one level click through joins
database-client  osx  postgresql 
13 days ago
Database clients I'm interested in as a software engineer
about:database  type  parent:app  from notes
13 days ago
Would consider using this for personal use if there was an api for creating tables. Some impressive features for this spreadsheet-like db:
- grid, calendar, kanban, gallery views
- data entry via form
- easy table linking
- mobile
- api for crud on a table/base
- # of 3rd party integrations
- prebuilt visualizations via blocks
- universe of existing tables to explore and copy
14 days ago
Reltron notes
Nicely explains how some features like joins and column hiding evolved with user feedback and spikes
article  reltron  ux  join 
15 days ago
The Cake Server | Joseph's Most Complex Machine Ever
Pretty damn impressive machine. Makes ones you see in movie look like child's play. Having a kid involved, something almost hit your head and unexpected looking falls is straight style
15 days ago
Interesting looking db as query is inspired by sparql and keeps track of data in quads with time being 4th data point. Comes with commandline tool, query lang and http server. Described as "temporal graph store loosely modeled after the concepts introduced by the Resource Description Framework (RDF)"
google  database 
15 days ago
Semantically tagged bookmaarks with dbpedia concepts. Ahead of its time but now gone. Created by Vuk Miličić --- meta: linked to blog since its more interesting than http://www.faviki.com/
bookmarker  relatedTo:dbpedia 
15 days ago
DBpedia Spotlight - Shedding light on the web of documents
Annotate or extract dbpedia entities for given text or uri. Service is via an api, bookmarklet or web service. Web service seems flaky and didn't seem to work for schema.org only entities
service  dbpedia 
15 days ago
Lod version of wikipedia. "Extracts factual information from Wikipedia pages, allowing users to find answers to questions where the information is spread across multiple Wikipedia articles"
knowledge-graph  rdf  sometime 
15 days ago
Ahead of its time in terms of structured data available and allowing for user editability of it. I remember programming related data was up to date. Bought up by google and eventually shut down. 1.9 billion triples are available for download
knowledge-graph  rdf 
15 days ago
Meta description field which usually discusses organizing thing instead of thing itself. May also use it as an alternative description field
property  from notes
15 days ago
Knowledge Graph Search API
Only exposes search which is still powerful and useful. Lame that schema type results are usually too general to be useful
api  knowledge-graph-google  schema 
15 days ago
"An application programming interface accessible over Web/Internet technologies"
type  parent:service 
15 days ago
Powers the infobox next to search results as well as goog assistant. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the largest knowledge graph given google's resources. Based on the remains of freebase
google  knowledge-graph 
15 days ago
KBpedia - Background Story
Would be interesting to read more of the back story
sometime  doc-site 
15 days ago
Based on Wikipedia, Wikidata, schema.org, DBpedia, GeoNames, OpenCyc, and UMBEL. Data is downloadable and available as owl 2. Handles inferencing. Sells itself as computable, configurable for ML tasks and that can support "creating word embedding models, fine-grained entity recognition and tagging, relation and sentiment extractors, and categorization"
knowledge-graph  open-source  owl2 
15 days ago
"The OWL 2 Web Ontology Language, informally OWL 2, is an ontology language for the Semantic Web with formally defined meaning. OWL 2 ontologies provide classes, properties, individuals, and data values and are stored as Semantic Web documents. OWL 2 ontologies can be used along with information written in RDF, and OWL 2 ontologies themselves are primarily exchanged as RDF documents."
standard  semweb 
15 days ago
From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontology_(information_science), "a collection of interlinked descriptions of entities" or "any knowledge base that is represented as a graph"
meta: Purposely didn't use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knowledge_base as the term seems dated and more specific to older computer systems
parent:computer-concept  type  from notes
15 days ago
Comparison of enterprise bookmarking platforms
Enterprise apps I wasn't aware of that did focus on more structured tagging. Jumper looks to be the most promising of these though most of these look abandoned noW
bookmarker  group 
15 days ago
Papers With Code : the latest in machine learning
Papers With Code highlights trending ML research and the code to implement it.
service  about:paper 
16 days ago
semweb standard that has proven cumbersome
standard  semweb 
16 days ago
Seq2RDF: An end-to-end application for deriving Triples from Natural Language Text
Generate rdf triple from basic free form sentence using recurrent neural networks. Don't appreciate technical significance of this but first time I've seen a demo of this. Has code and demo video
paper  rdf 
16 days ago
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