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I'd have to turn of de-dupe to get the most out of it.
bash  shell  zsh  alias  ruby  gem  utility  from delicious
september 2012 by claytron
The Text Triumvirate
Almost exactly how I have things set up, well written article.
vim  tmux  zsh  text  editor  terminal  shell  from delicious
september 2012 by claytron
The vipe tool is well worth the price of admission.
unix  tools  linux  shell  bash  utils  sysadmin  scripting  opensource  from delicious
october 2011 by claytron
If you are forced to use cmd on Windows, this will make your life easier.
windows  console  shell  opensource  terminal  group:sixfeetup  from delicious
february 2011 by claytron
Here Documents
cat <<OHHAI
bash  shell  programming  heredocument 
october 2009 by claytron
twerth's dotfiles at master - GitHub
some good vim config from the previous link
vim  vi  dotfiles  shell 
september 2009 by claytron
zsh: 14. Expansion (Glob Qualifiers)
I can never remember what these were called, now to memorize them all :)
zsh  globbing  shell  expansion  commandline 
july 2009 by claytron
zsh: The last shell you’ll ever need! « Fried CPU
nice overview, could be sent to fence sitters to really convince them :)
zsh  shell  commandline 
june 2009 by claytron
My zsh startup files for OS X
Nice set of start scripts and environment variables. Inlcudes a set of scripts too.
osx  shell  zsh  unix 
april 2009 by claytron
Python Package Index : virtualenvwrapper
awesome wrapper for virtualenv that keeps everything nice and tidy
utility  python  shell  virtualenv 
february 2009 by claytron
Gentoo Linux Documentation -- zsh Configuration and Installation Guide
nice little write up for using zsh on gentoo. i even learned a couple things.
zsh  linux  gentoo  reference  shell 
february 2008 by claytron
Tortoise and Achilles: Improve your Interactive Programming using the vi mode in Python, Ruby irb, bash, gdb, mzscheme, ghci, tcsh....
I've been using vi as my editing mode in zsh and all my readline progs for quite a while now. There are a few quirks here and there but nothing beats it! Death to ^[b^[b^[b!!
vi  shell  readline  howto  group:sixfeetup 
february 2008 by claytron
zsh: Expansion
probably my favorite little piece of zsh right now :)
zsh  shell  manual  docs  history  expansion 
october 2007 by claytron
a bunch of tips for using zsh
zsh  shell  reference 
february 2007 by claytron
Phil!'s ZSH Prompt
One crazy ass ZSH prompt. I use a modified version of this on my command line.
zsh  shell  unix  geek  sysadmin 
december 2005 by claytron

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