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you come like a dream of spring
"Shizun, tell me you want me," Luo Binghe whispered behind her, parting Shen Qingqiu's hair to reveal her pale nape, so often hidden by her robes. Dressed in her thin night clothes, Shen Qingqiu lacked the heavy layers to refute Luo Binghe’s advances, leaving her vulnerable to Luo Binghe’s hungry touches.


Luo Binghe’s bedroom stats had leveled up considerably in the past months. The protagonist halo truly was a frightening weapon.

The only downside was Shen Qingqiu’s growing inability to refuse her.  2019  canon.AU  *luobinghe/shenqingqiu  femslash  porn  gender.changes  author:dearly_anonymous  wc:1-5k  =scum.villain 
5 weeks ago by claudine
A Taxonomy of Water
Five stolen moments, plus one that was freely theirs, finally
*hideko/sookhee  femslash  canon  author:AliceinKinkland  post-canon  porn  2017  wc:1-5k  =the.handmaiden 
february 2019 by claudine
hold your breath and count to ten
The next day when Luo Binghe goes to the meeting hall to attend to the matters of Huan Hua Palace and surrounding areas, she takes Shen Qingqiu with her. She seats herself high above, with Shen Qingqiu kneeling at her feet, not even a pillow to support her knees.

Shen Qingqiu bears it with as much dignity as she can.


everyone is a lady and things are resolved in a different way
porn  author:Nerdanel  femslash  wc:1-5k  canon.AU  2018  =scum.villain  *luobinghe/shenqingqiu  gender.changes 
december 2018 by claudine
i have named you queen (listen) by Anonymous
Grandmother ruled Gir Niajra, and always had.

Jummai felt certain this was so, mostly because it was impossible to imagine otherwise: anyone, anyone at all, seated so comfortably on that great golden throne except Grandmother? Anyone who could look or speak with such authority, to whom so many great and worthy people bowed down? No—only Grandmother. It had always been Grandmother, and it always would be.

Then Grandmother died; and there was a war.

(Or: Jummai is a princess without a throne—but she has no intention of leaving to others what is rightfully hers. She needs a wife with an army, and gets one; but her wife seems impervious to her tactical charm, she keeps making mistakes, and her cousin still wants her dead.)
=original.fiction  =unread  femslash  via:peyton 
may 2017 by claudine
Intrusive Thoughts
Yuuri, Ouse, and a bathtub. A request from a friend.
author:AdmiralGodunov  =fatal.frame  post-canon  wc:1-5k  *ouse/yuuri  porn  2017  femslash 
march 2017 by claudine
A Private Performance
Sybil comes backstage after the show to find Red standing in front of the dressing room mirror, unpinning her hair. As it tumbles down her back in a fiery cascade, she smiles at Sybil and says, “Help me off with my dress, won’t you?”
author:xenoglossy  *red/sybil  =transistor  2017  #chocolatebox  wc:lessthan1k  canon.AU  fuck.buddies/FWBs  pining  femslash 
february 2017 by claudine
“I’m surprised. Greedy little поросенок like you, I would expect more,” whispers Viktor, and kisses her.

In which Yuuri gets caught doing what she's been doing for years.
author:frangiblefealty  2017  porn  *yuuri/viktor  femslash  wc:1-5k  AU  gender.changes 
january 2017 by claudine
Trained to Heel (with love)

“Are you sure?” she asks finally.

“Yes,” Grantaire says, fondly exasperated. “I like to lick your boots and being made to suffer just for you, Enjolras. No matter what you'd plan to do with your dog - fetching and eating from bowls or whatever - it’s probably going to end up actually less intense than any other stuff we’ve tried and enjoyed. ”
author:RavenXavier  humiliation  =les.mis  modern.AU  porn  *enjolras/grantaire  2014  kink.exploration  gender.changes  femslash  D/s  wc:5-10k 
september 2016 by claudine
effeuiller la marguerite
Enjolras was an ice-maiden. Enjolras was a Valkyrie who rode through grey skies and never looked at the ground. She ran Les ABC with an iron fist, but as far as Grantaire knew, she lived like a nun; in a small circle full of incestuous hook-ups and girlfriend-swapping, she was an island without bridges, an ivory tower without a door.

((I just want to read more of this))
2013  homophobia  author:arriviste  pining  gender.changes  *enjolras/grantaire  activism(fandom.tag)  modern.AU  =les.mis  femslash  wc:20k 
august 2016 by claudine
bird in the hand
This whole conversation had started in the midst of foreplay, both of them down to boxers and bikini briefs. Grantaire had been teasing Enjolras, trying to get her to talk dirty – it’d be a useless cause, except that Enjolras’s dry, slightly quizzical delivery does it for Grantaire every time. She’s pathetically gone on this girl. Also, every now and then, something extraordinarily hot slips out. Hot, or hilarious, or confusing, or an insane mix of all of the above.

Like, ‘I want your hand in me.’

((authentic F/F, A++ dialogue))
FEELSplosion  kink.exploration  =les.mis  gender.changes  *enjolras/grantaire  author:novembersmith  femslash  fisting  wc:10-15k  modern.AU  2015  established.relationship  porn 
august 2016 by claudine
Never Be Satisfied
Enjolras clears her throat. “Sorry. I’m being ridiculous. It’s just that I thought it might work this time. I thought I might actually get to - ”

Come, Grantaire supplies for her after a pause where she tries to fill that gap with any other possibility. She can’t find one. Enjolras has never come.
=les.mis  *enjolras/grantaire  2015  femslash  first.time  D/s  university  spanking  author:torakowalski  kink.exploration  wc:15-20k  gender.changes  modern.AU  pining 
august 2016 by claudine
essential and invisible to the eye
For this kinkmeme prompt ("Someone (male Ami) walks in on Enjolras going down on Grantaire, but neither of the girls notice, and the someone keeps watching, because he'd never thought of this, or thought to think this was a thing that could happen... Basically, confused outside POV of canon-era lesbians").
porn  canon.AU  gender.changes  outsider.POV  *enjolras/grantaire  2014  wc:1-5k  author:arriviste  =les.mis  femslash 
june 2016 by claudine
we're on fire now
Arthur Pendragon is exactly Merlin's type - blonde, tall and bright blue eyed.

The only problem is she always has a sports bra, a manicure, and a 97.5% of being straight.
Or the one where they're both girls, but it doesn't stop Merlin from being socially incompetent and Arthur being hopelessly gorgeous.
2014  wc:1-5k  *arthur/merlin  femslash  modern.AU  gender.changes  girl!Arthur  girl!Merlin  author:ariadne_odair 
june 2014 by claudine
Shut Up Honey
It's just a little frustrating, that Patricia can be so good at their sport, and then still look the way she does.
author:aohatsu  wc:10-15k  *kane/toews  =hockey.RPF  hockey.AU  gender.changes  2013  femslash 
may 2014 by claudine
girl i've never loved one like you
Pat has the hotel room to herself, and she decides it’s not at all unreasonable to make good use of her alone time to have some, ahem, alone time.

And then Toews walks in.

(In which Kane and Toews face orgasms and feelings. They do alright.)
femslash  wc:1-5k  =hockey.RPF  *kane/toews  2014  hockey.AU  gender.changes  author:brandonsaad 
april 2014 by claudine
Strings Definitely Attached
“It’d be convenient, and it makes sense,” Pat says when she brings it up, her shoulders curving in a shrug as she slides her way into Janie’s space and lets her fingers brush Janie’s wrist in a touch that’s innocent, a sly, winsome smile on her face that is anything but.
author:grim_lupine  2012  wc:1-5k  *kane/toews  =hockey.RPF  hockey.AU  femslash  gender.changes 
april 2014 by claudine
Pass Me Through Your Fingertips
Five Times Jonny Noticed Kaner and One Time Kaner Noticed Her Back

“I mean it, Tazer baby. We’re gonna show those boys how it’s done.”

And Jonny looked her up and down one more time, before reaching out to tug a few curls into place, flicking her on the nose once for good measure.

“We always do,” she said, and her gaze was locked on Kaner’s and Kaner felt like she could take over the entire world.

((I would read so much more femslash if it was this all the time *__* holy crap A++))
author:queeniegalore  2013  *kane/toews  =hockey.RPF  hockey.AU  wc:5-10k  femslash  gender.changes 
march 2014 by claudine
Gwen/Morgana fic rec
is there such a thing as gwen/morgana fanfiction that is about, you know

gwen and morgana

and not merlin and arthur?
*gwen/morgana  femslash 
january 2014 by claudine
Fail. Fandom. Anon. - Recs - Morgana/Gwen
Are there any big fandom classics featuring Morgana/Gwen as the main pairing of the story
*gwen/morgana  fail-fandomanon  canon  fail-recs  femslash 
january 2014 by claudine
A Lonely Impulse of Delight
Spitfire AU. I've been reading about the female pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary, and it seemed like the perfect wartime job for Gwen and Morgana.
author:rosemaryandrue  2009  wc:1-5k  *gwen/morgana  =unread  historical.AU  femslash 
january 2014 by claudine
A Green Knight in Prince Arthur's Court
In which the Green Knight proposes a beheading game, all the men in Camelot go bonkers, and it is, at long last, Gwen and Morgana’s turn to save the day.
*arthur/merlin  *gwen/morgana  2011  wc:5-10k  author:dollsome  canon  =unread  myths.and.legends  femslash 
december 2013 by claudine
This is What You Will Wear to the End of the World
Gwen is still adjusting to her new role as the ruling queen of Camelot, Morgana is only intermittently sorry and even less frequently sane, but life goes on, even after destiny has chewed you up and spat you out.
author:netgirl_y2k  *gen  *gwen/morgana  2013  wc:15-20k  canon  post-5.13  =unread  femslash 
november 2013 by claudine
Angels for the Snow Queen
Some days, even the Crown Princess and her very own princess of the people need nothing more than a tumble in the snow.
*gwen/morgana  wc:1-5k  =unread  canon  2011  author:emei  femslash 
april 2013 by claudine
The Nature of Love (Spells)
“This is sorcery,” Gwen said, more to convince herself than anything else.
“No,” Morgana countered, her voice soft. “I think this is love.”
It couldn’t be true. Love was what she felt for Arthur. Love was that ache in her heart. Any love she’d felt for Morgana had died long ago. This was a memory, an echo, nothing more.
*gwen/morgana  =unread  canon  wc:15-20k  author:zoicite  2011  femslash 
april 2013 by claudine
After Crossing Swords
"I like you in your armor.” Merlin moved around to stand behind Arthur, her thin fingers tugging at the leather fastenings holding it together. “But better out of it.”
author:riventhorn  *arthur/merlin  girl!Arthur  girl!Merlin  canon.AU  porn  2013  wc:1-5k  femslash  gender.changes 
march 2013 by claudine
A Week Of Diplomacy
Morgana considers marrying for political reasons. Gwen is not amused.
*gwen/morgana  author:zauberer_sirin  2009  canon  wc:1-5k  femslash 
february 2013 by claudine
Medieval Fangirls Gone Wild
The one where they read slash fic until they're so horny they burst.
author:meri_sefket  2011  *gwen/morgana  canon  wc:1-5k  femslash 
february 2013 by claudine

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