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Alone Together
Derek has lost his pack. Stiles has lost his pod. They find each other on the high seas.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:asocialfauxpas  au:scifi-fantasy-historical 
january 2016 by clarkoholic
The Socioeconomic Repercussions of Mutually Assured Destruction
"The trouble with having the kind of brain that likes to write essays on male circumcision for an Economics class, is that it also likes to turn PowerPoint presentations for Biology into odes on the perfection of notorious bad boy Derek Hale’s backside."
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:alocalband  au:high-school  au:human  rating:excellent 
january 2016 by clarkoholic
'Til It Hurts or Bleeds or Fades
“For the peace and happiness of our friends, and that of Beacon Hills at large, can you please give us a warning if you two are ever headed for a nuclear fallout?”

Stiles scoffs. “What are you talking about?”

“The tension between you two rises with each passing year. For awhile there, it seemed to be turning into the sexy kind, but now it feels more like the murder kind.”
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:wearethecyclones  au:human  type:break-up  rating:excellent 
october 2015 by clarkoholic
Waiting By His Phone
It’s the first party of the first week of college. It’s a brand new world. It’s…. déjà vu. Black lights, glowing paint, loud music and dancing, a pretty girl he just saw kissing another pretty girl not too long ago kissing him, slipping her tongue into his mouth…

“I thought you liked girls,” he says like he knows the script, totally at the will of this recycled conversation.

“I do,” she answers, a slight deviation. She leans even closer and Stiles can feel her body heat and smell her shampoo. Her hand lands on his chest. “Do you?”

“Absolutely…” His breath catches in his throat when she kisses his neck. “So uh, you also like guys, I guess.”

“Yeah. Do you?” She pulls away to smirk up at him, lips shining and the fluorescent pink hearts rising on her cheeks as she grins.

fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:wearethecyclones  type:future 
october 2015 by clarkoholic
Not Quite Lost (Not Quite Found)
A year after the nogitsune is defeated, Derek is living a quiet life in the mountains above a small town in Colorado.

Then Stiles shows up.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:alocalband  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!!  type:hurt-comfort  type:fluff 
september 2015 by clarkoholic
A Bunch of Meddling Kids
hey’ve got it down to a science now, after stumbling their way into the supernatural as naïve fourteen-year-olds.

(or, the one where Stiles, Allison and Lydia are a trio of upstart supernatural hunters whose newest mystery involves whatever's about to go down at the old Hale place)
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:alocalband  au:canon-divergence 
september 2015 by clarkoholic
"There's two of us now!" In which a spell to double Derek's power ends up being a little more literal than anyone expected.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:devildoll  kink:threesome+  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!!  rating:hottt 
june 2015 by clarkoholic
What It Means To Stay
Derek's kid thinks that this Stiles person at daycare is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Derek eventually has to concede that his daughter may have a point.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:alocalband  au:human  type:fluff  type:kidfic 
january 2015 by clarkoholic
The Only Exception
Derek sighs, frustrated, not yet willing to resign himself to his fate of an arranged relationship even though it’s seeming more and more inevitable.

He forces the whole ordeal out of his mind and stares hard at his laptop, re-reading the same sentence over and over again, trying to stare it into submission, when a familiar scent distracts him, jolts him out of his pitiful attempt to focus.

Through the heavy haze of rich coffee and warm cookies that fills the café he can smell that weed-tinged spice and fresh citrus, cool rain water and the slight hint of another werewolf. Vivid memories flash and fill his senses: the way that scent sweetened with mouth-watering arousal, the solid, steady thrum of a wildly quickened pulse, running his tongue over intricate tattoos, throaty mewls of pleasure punctuated with muttered curses and pleas not to stop, a firm, tight ass bouncing against his thighs.

Stiles Stilinski.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:alisvolatpropiis  au:canon-divergence  au:university  kink:drugs  kink:knotting  rating:hottt 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
Sell Your Body to the Night
"No," he repeated impatiently. "I'm not a cop. I'm someone who wants to exchange my money for your sexual services. I was told you were in that line of work."

"I, uh, yeah, sorry," Stiles said. He glanced around again and then up--the full moon was almost directly overhead. Just one of those nights, maybe. "Yeah, I am. I do that."
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:dsudis  au:canon-divergence  kink:first-time  kink:hooker-stripper  kink:bdsm  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!!  rating:hottt  type:angst 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
All's Fair in Orgasms and War
The one in which (almost) everyone is a porn star, and Derek just wants to curl up with his fluffy blanket and watch the Hallmark channel, but work and falling in love gets in the way.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:bleep0bleep  au:canon-divergence  au:workplace  kink:knotting  kink:hooker-stripper 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
Spark, Flame, Burn
In a deeply segregated city of the very rich and the very poor, a traumatized mutant turns up in Stiles' dark alley, and turns his world upside down. While a terrorist known as the Mutant Maker attacks and turns unsuspecting citizens, Stiles and his strange new friend must help each other stay alive and one step ahead of the Hunters who would take them down.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:zjofierose  type:angst  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  kink:whump  rating:excellent  type:historical 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
Agent Halewinkle and the Stilinski Cheer Initiative
He’s a senior Agent of Cheer, decorated numerous times by the Candy Cane Council for his work in bringing joy to the many jovially-challenged families during the jolly season. His attention to detail has been heralded as ‘heartwarming’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘hella swell’ by several respected trade publications.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:WhoNatural  type:fluff  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  au:workplace  type:historical 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
Occam's Razor
When Stiles goes to sleep, he’s a junior in high school. He wakes up in a world where he’s twenty-four and married to Derek Hale. Stiles just can’t seem to catch a break.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:MissAnnThropic  type:amnesia 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
Melt Me Slowly Down
The last thing Stiles expects when he walks into Lydia’s exclusive S&M club is to rescue a sub who’s obviously been mistreated for a long time. His name is Derek, and when he awkwardly reaches out, asking Stiles to be his Dom, the urge to shield Derek from more pain is too strong for Stiles to resist. But Derek is still recovering from his past and learning how to set boundaries, so they have to take things slow.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:the-deep-magic  artist:maichan  kink:bdsm  kink:aftercare 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
Bad Cop/Cute Cop
Derek's first grade class is on a routine field trip to the Sheriff's station. It turns out to be anything but routine. In Stiles' own words, "We need to liven this thang up."

No. They really don't.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:Stoney 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile
"Stiles shouldn't accept rides from werewolves he meets behind abandoned convenience stores." In which the zombie apocalypse is just one of their worries.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:devildoll  au:omega-verse  type:apocalypse  kink:first-time  kink:fuck-or-die  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!! 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
it's free (and always will be)
Or, the one where Derek has to marry a human to save Clawbook and it turns out to be Stiles. He's completely doomed.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:kellifer_fic  artist:maichan  au:workplace  au:canon-divergence  type:fake-relationship 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
Hope you enjoy your present, the text from Erica says. Payment’s taken care of. You can thank me tomorrow.

“So you’re a werewolf, huh,” the guy says when Derek looks up at him again. His gaze drifts down from Derek’s face to the rest of his body, slowly, shamelessly. When it’s traveled back up and their eyes meet again, the corner of the guy’s mouth twitches up into a cocky little half-smile. “I fucking love working with werewolves.” AU in which businessman Derek falls in love with escort Stiles.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:coffeeinallcaps  kink:hooker-stripper 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
With Warmest Regards (Affectionately Yours)
House Hale and House Stilinski form an alliance through the betrothal of Prince Derek and Prince Stiles. Having only met once before, they write letters to get to know one another.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:asocialfauxpas  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  type:angst  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!!  type:historical 
december 2014 by clarkoholic
How Derek Met His Smallest Fan
Derek comes back to Beacon Hills after years of being gone and meets Stiles and his kid at the supermarket.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:purpleduvet  type:kidfic  type:future 
november 2014 by clarkoholic
How We're Going To Be Okay
I should go home, he thinks to himself, and finds himself taking a step forward. I should not touch that rock, he thinks, but it’s sleek and glossy like white marble, a smooth pillar with a slight curve in the middle and so he moves forward, reaches out and strokes it.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  kink:mpreg  kink:knotting  kink:lactation 
november 2014 by clarkoholic
has time re-written every line
No, dad. Listen to what I'm saying. Yesterday, I was eighteen. I'm not speaking metaphorically, or about the way I feel or whatever. I was eighteen, we lived in the house on Maple, the last conversation we had was about how fries didn't count as a vegetable and I, uh, wasn't married.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:kellifer_fic  type:future  type:break-up  type:amnesia 
november 2014 by clarkoholic
A Desperate Arrangement
After seven years of lengthy negotiations, the treaty between the Hales and the Argents has fallen apart and the two countries fell into war.

Months later, there's an uneasy truce, thanks to the intervention of King Scott McCall, but it won't last. In a desperate attempt to maintain the peace, the Hales sign a treaty with the McCalls to marry Prince Derek to Prince Stiles Stilinski, King Scott's brother.

In the history of the world, there have been many better ideas.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:mikkimouse  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  type:angst  type:historical 
november 2014 by clarkoholic
Some Legends Are Told
The delightful thing is that the peerage truly believes them dumb enough to be caught after a night of ecstasy by the archbishop himself.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  pairing:stiles-derek-lydia  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!!  kink:whump  kink:threesome+  type:historical 
november 2014 by clarkoholic
Hunger For Your Touch
“I got you, my dad, a gorgeous home... a freaking cat... Guess I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

It does.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:WhoNatural  au:human  type:ghosts  type:angst  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!! 
november 2014 by clarkoholic
Play Crack the Sky
Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014
“Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.”

Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” – Feb. 2015
“Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale."
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:wearethecyclones  au:human  au:workplace  type:angst  type:hurt-comfort  kink:drugs  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!!  rating:hottt  rating:epic  type:break-up 
october 2014 by clarkoholic
Jocks v. Nerds
At the table, Derek’s ill-fitting tan windbreaker rustled as he moved. All State Math Champs it said on the back. It was tight in the shoulders. Stiles didn’t get why anyone would wear something like that, just let people know right away that you were a freak, that you didn’t even care who knew.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:Helenish  au:university 
october 2014 by clarkoholic
Trust Fall
Stiles is fairly certain that a case could be made for every bad thing in his life coming back to Peter Hale. This time it's pissing off a powerful witch, who retaliated by swapping Stiles and Derek a la Freaky Friday, because sure. That makes sense. Um, there are GPAs on the line, not to mention the whole thing where his dad wants to shoot Derek on sight. Except who he sees as Derek is actually Stiles, and Stiles did not sign up for filicide.

Great. Wait...does this mean he's the Alpha until they figure this out? Holy. Shit.

Derek had stood in front of the bathroom mirror for a few minutes trying to control the panic as he saw himself as Stiles. As the loud mouthed human friend of the pack. He was going to kill Peter. He was going to kill the witch, then he was going to kill Peter. Maybe even resurrect him again just to kill him all over.

They were going to have to play this cool. They would have to stay calm and focused. Which is of course why the universe threw him into this situation with someone who physically couldn't be calm and focused.

Of course.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:Stoney  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!!  rating:epic  type:angst  type:hurt-comfort  kink:whump  kink:first-time  type:bodyswap  type:werewolf!stiles 
september 2014 by clarkoholic
Stunt Butt
The whole thing starts with Stiles' naked body, which is, apparently, "perfect."
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:otter  kink:xeno 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
The Unicorn's Keeper
Stiles didn't choose to give his life to the unicorns, not really; they were the ones who chose him. He didn't understand, then, what it was they were taking from him.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:otter  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  type:historical 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
Turn Left
There’s no door to dramatically slam open, so Laura just stomps up to the three ancient women hunched over the tapestry and says, “Nope.”
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:the-deep-magic  au:canon-divergence 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
an exultation of larks
All Derek wants is to get through the lambing season with his body and spirit intact. He had thought that the blizzards would be the main danger, not a highborn omega with beautiful eyes and a stubborn streak.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:llassah  type:angst  type:hurt-comfort  au:omega-verse  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  type:soulbond-mate  type:historical 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
The Importance of Vaccinating Your Lycanthrope
In which possibly temporary human!Derek believes himself to be cursed, but nah, that's just a pox, brah. No it isn't the same thing.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:Stoney  type:hurt-comfort 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
To Fall Down At Your Door - elisera - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He watches Derek pad over into their open kitchen and pull stuff out from the fridge. Derek’s in a tank top and low-slung shorts, barefoot, his hair unstyled and Stiles’ has no idea when he last shaved. Stiles has never loved anyone more and--

He gets up, and goes to Derek, leans against his back and wraps his arms around his waist, watches him cut up a tomato. “Hey, Derek.”


Stiles kisses him behind his ear, rubs his stomach. “Marry me.”

(model!actor!stiles, make-up-artist!derek)
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:elisera  au:human  au:workplace  rating:excellent  type:angst 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
Big Iron On His Hip
It was a good life. Steady. Quiet. No surprises. Not a one. Not in over six years. Nada, as some of the cowboys said. No sirree, Beacon Hills didn't have a lick of drama or intrigue happening within its county lines. Not one little bit. Day in and day out, not a single surprise to cause a lick of worry. Stiles sighed and folded his towel carefully. Bored. He was bored. It was boring living in Beacon Hills.

...maybe just a little something interesting happening could be nice for a change, though.

Stiles would soon learn what the phrase “eat your own words” meant.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:Stoney  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  type:historical 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
For Science!
From his textbooks, Stiles had gotten the impression that vampires had a weird, stretched out look to them — slightly too-long limbs and pale skin. This guy, though, he looked human, broad-shouldered and clearly muscular even under a loose sweatshirt. He wasn’t pale at all, his skin lightly tanned, hair dark, eyes pale. They narrowed at Stiles and Stiles froze as the man looked him up and down, clearly judging him. He must have passed the test, though, because the man kind of shrugged and said, “Take off your clothes.”
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:grimm  artist:tsuminoaru  au:university  kink:knotting  type:soulbond-mate  rating:hottt  type:angst 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
Still Frames In Your Mind
Stiles meets Derek in Prague the morning of his seventeenth birthday. He’s hungover as fuck, and looking like it, too.
(model!actor!stiles, make-up-artist!derek)
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:elisera  type:fluff  au:workplace  au:human 
august 2014 by clarkoholic
Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex In Public, and One Time They Did It In A Bed
"Did you say--" Stiles starts.

"What?" Derek growls.

"We're not a couple!" they both retort in unison.

"We're not together," Stiles insists.

Lydia coughs pointedly. "An incident report filed by 87th Precinct Captain Erica Reyes. March twenty-fifth, eight p.m. Came back to the precinct to grab my coat, only to hear Stilinski banging his new boyfriend in the holding cell."
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:bleep0bleep  au:human  au:workplace  type:fluff  kink:hate-sex 
july 2014 by clarkoholic
Scent Left Unsaid
In a society where werewolves are second class, Deucslist is an alternative werewolf network (similar to Craigslist) where humans and werewolves offer (mostly sexual) services. Derek is a long-term client of an anonymous human omega whose scent is just perfect. He never expects to meet him, until it happens.

Derek has slept with that faded red hooded sweatshirt every night since he got it in the mail. It’s calming, that scent; it’s everything to him.
So it’s strange now that Derek is smelling it wafting from the end of the subway car as it careens towards the L line, lights flickering on the passing platforms.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:bleep0bleep  type:deucslist  au:omega-verse 
july 2014 by clarkoholic
Waiting Games
Being an only child and heir to the throne, Stiles had always known he may not have the luxury of marrying for love. When he’d realized he was an omega to boot, things had taken an even more uncomfortable turn for him.

Omegas are rare. An omega as the heir apparent is almost unheard of.

Which is why there is no wiggle room when it comes to the tournament.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:jerakeen  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  au:omega-verse  kink:knotting  kink:first-time  rating:excellent  type:pining  type:historical 
july 2014 by clarkoholic
What I Did On My Summer Vacation
There's something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can't quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There's something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:grimm  au:canon-divergence  type:angst  type:hurt-comfort  rating:excellent 
july 2014 by clarkoholic
But Then What...
Senior year is almost over, and all Stiles needs to do is keep his head down to survive. A teacher calls in a favor, leaving him stuck tutoring Derek Hale, one of the most popular jocks in school and a member of a group of douchecanoes who have bullied Stiles for years. He's someone Stiles totally hates. Totally. Like, doesn't like him even a little bit. DEFINITELY isn't attracted to him.

Except that is a total lie. Fuck his life, seriously.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:Stoney  au:high-school  au:human  rating:excellent  type:fluff  kink:first-time 
july 2014 by clarkoholic
The Best Part of Camping
When Derek's injuries mean he and Stiles can't get away for the weekend, Stiles takes matters into his own hands.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:sheafrotherdon  type:fluff  type:hurt-comfort 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
How Derek Got His Groove Back
Cora kicks him under the table. “Do you have the hots for the baby lawyer?” she hisses urgently, and Derek blinks at her, feeling his face heat.

“Don’t be ridiculous. He’s young enough to be my--”

“Younger brother,” she cuts in, and shakes her head. “Age difference excuses do not fly with me. Are you gonna ask him out? Derek, you need to do something about that.”

“About what?” he says, frowning, watching as Stiles sits down at a table with a group of older, lawyer-types.

“The fact that you’re both about one drink away from sex in some janitor’s closet.”
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:WhoNatural  au:human  au:workplace  kink:age-difference 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
Wheatgrass and Froot Loops
"You’re falling for him," she says, and it’s not a question. Stiles looks up, blinks, and shakes his head.

"No," he lies. "We work out, have really intense sex, and then eat cereal marketed for children. We have a system, okay? Why upset the arrangement?"
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:WhoNatural  au:human  type:fluff 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
This is what most of his days look like, after:
Stiles wakes up. He counts his fingers, tries to catch his breath as he waits for his heartbeat to slow down and the sweat on his skin to cool. He showers. Some mornings he eats with his dad; some mornings Scott comes over for breakfast. Some days he goes to school and some days he doesn’t.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:coffeeinallcaps  type:angst 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
(Not an) Egg Baby
"Changelings are an old myth," Deaton says, tinny through Stiles' phone. Derek can hear him over the-- the not-a-baby's squalling, just barely. "They take the place of human babies to drink their mothers' milk."

"We're kind of short on mothers right now," Derek snaps.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:the_ragnarok  type:kidfic  kink:first-time  kink:lactation 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
Carve My Name into Your Arm
Stiles cannot love, because it isn’t something he can touch. The closest he’s ever felt, by his recollection, has been when he held someone else’s life in his hands. With one last gasping breath, their blood covering his hands, Stiles believed that what he felt deep within him was, in fact, love. It was adoration, in a way. A connection that could not be undone, could never be severed. Ending a life brought a rush unlike anything Stiles had ever felt, or would feel, of that he was certain.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:secondstar  type:podfic  au:human  type:dark  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!!  rating:hottt 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
Black Out Days
There's an accident. All Stiles can remember is how the handsome guy sitting next to his hospital bed makes him feel. And that the accident happened at a wedding. Which means...
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:Stoney  type:amnesia  type:fake-relationship 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:vendelin  type:angst  type:hurt-comfort  au:human  type:injury  kink:first-time  rating:excellent 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
best case scenario
The fourth time Stiles breaks the fridge, Dad is less sympathetic. “Stiles,” he says as Stiles holds the door steady for him to screw it back onto the chassis—there's new hardware involved this time, and not a little duct tape— “I thought this werewolf thing was going to help.”

“Yeah, with the dementia,” Stiles says.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:verity  type:werewolf!stiles  rating:excellent 
june 2014 by clarkoholic
here at the end of all things
Chris carries the kid in on a rainy afternoon.
“Found him just outside the perimeter,” he says as he lowers the limp body onto one of the mattresses. “I’m not sure he’ll make it.”
Derek takes a look at the kid’s deathly pale skin, the black edges of his blunt fingernails, the long ragged gash running down his side, caked with dried blood and dirt, and for some reason he thinks, he’ll make it, all right.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:coffeeinallcaps  type:apocalypse  type:hurt-comfort  kink:whump 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
Murder, He Wrote
And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:mklutz  au:human  rating:excellent 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
No Rest for the Wicked
Stiles is an IT genius, Derek is a PR rep, and they’ve been happily married for five years. Except none of that is actually true. (Mr & Mrs Smith au)
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:the-deep-magic  au:workplace  type:crossover-fusion 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
Binomial Coefficients
In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:devildoll  type:fluff  au:high-school  rating:excellent 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
The One With The Scottish Wolf Lord
I just... okay, there was a ridiculous bodice ripper cover with "SCOTTISH WOLF LORD" and I went from there. Hale family is alive and a royal family in Scotland, Stiles is the waif sent to work in the kitchens and is elevated to personal attendant/servant to the young Lord Hale. Who happens to be a wolf. (And so much more!)
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:Stoney  au:scifi-fantasy-historical  kink:knotting  type:historical 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
Now Until the End
AU from 1x04, "Magic Bullet."

  "Why the hell did you do that?" Derek demanded. "Why would you bond with me? You were going to leave me for dead, you didn't want anything to do with helping me."

  "Okay, first of all, that was like two hours ago and I've grown a lot as a person since then," Stiles said.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:dsudis  type:soulbond-mate  type:hurt-comfort  kink:whump  kink:first-time  rating:excellent 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
Fake It (till you make a mess of it)
Oh, I will fake relationship the crap out of you, Stiles had said when Scott asked them to do this and Derek had rolled his eyes, thinking of all the over-the-top lovey-dovey crap that was undoubtedly coming his way.

He’d had no frickin’ clue.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:jerakeen  type:fluff 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
An Accident (Waiting to Happen)
“You’re just jealous of our friendship,” Stiles says cattily, butting the top of his head more firmly into Derek’s armpit.

“Right,” Scott says, putting his jacket on. “I’m jealous that I don’t get to snuggle on the couch with the two of you.”

“Obviously,” Stiles agrees.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:jerakeen  type:fluff  rating:excellent 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
To Be A Good Person
Wherein Derek and Beacon Hills' newest deputy have a history.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:WhoNatural  type:angst 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
the devil makes work
Stiles has been hit by a jerking off curse. He might not make it through May unscathed.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:llassah  genre:porn 
may 2014 by clarkoholic
but songs about sex were way better in the nineties (twenty three positions in a one night stand)
The sequel to romantic songs about adventurous fucking. In which there's increasingly dirty pregnancy sex, an accidental relationship, a hint of plot, elasticated jeans, aggressive grape eating and childbirth. Nearly in that order.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:llassah  series:knocked-up-alpha  kink:mpreg 
april 2014 by clarkoholic
“We could…we could be something, couldn’t we?” Stiles murmurs, eyes slipping shut. Derek looks at the IV line in his arm, the bandages covering his chest, his leg. His hand, pale against the hospital sheets, palm up. Derek waits until he’s sure Stiles is asleep before he responds.

It takes Stiles eight years to ask the question again. It's okay. Derek can wait.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:llassah  type:pining  rating:asldkjf!!!!!!! 
april 2014 by clarkoholic
I Ask of You
Stiles sighs, presses into the touch of Derek’s hands and thinks. He’s scared, is the thing. Of something big and hurtful he doesn’t want to put a name on, but he’s got practice in doing scary things. Maybe it’s time to take his chances.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:elisera  series:steadfast  kink:bdsm  kink:aftercare  rating:excellent 
april 2014 by clarkoholic
Let Me
Derek’s stomach twists, guilt spreading through him like a sickness and he ruthlessly shuts it down and keeps his mouth shut. He wasn’t even talking about sex but the need to apologize anyway makes his chest feel tight. It unmoors something in Derek whenever Stiles tells him outright no even though he knows Stiles isn’t just humoring him when they’re scening. It’s just an emotional reaction he can’t control, can’t unlearn.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:elisera  series:steadfast 
april 2014 by clarkoholic
At the End of Me
He keeps wondering how much of him is the real Stiles, the Stiles before the nogitsune took over. If it only created this body but left his mind alone. Or if it touched both. If the nogitsune changed his self, too.

The fucked up thing is that he can’t tell. He wonders if the others can.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:elisera  type:angst  rating:excellent 
april 2014 by clarkoholic
My First Kiss Went A Little Like This (And Twist)
It is, unfortunately, the single greatest kiss of Derek’s life. And it’s entirely Laura’s fault.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:thatdamneddame  au:human  type:fluff 
april 2014 by clarkoholic
Where My Reckless Soul Takes Me
Derek chooses not to look too hard at the reasons why his subconscious chooses to shove him in a room with Stiles every time he finds himself in a dire situation.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:lissa_bear 
april 2014 by clarkoholic
In Desperate Times
Stiles gets magic wish-granting powers, but only when he's in danger. He begins to teleport to Derek in increasingly awkward moments.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:nokomis  type:fluff 
april 2014 by clarkoholic
No Homo
Stiles' sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads "str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic".
Derek is the fool who replies.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:remainnameless  genre:porn  type:angst  au:human  au:university  rating:excellent 
march 2014 by clarkoholic
From the Cradle to the Grave
It’s not that the sheriff doesn’t like Derek. It’s just that he thinks Stiles could do better.

 But Stiles has been an adult for over two years now, so he can make his own choices. Even if they are terrible.

 Also, the sheriff doesn’t like Derek.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:jezziejay  character:sheriff-stilinski 
march 2014 by clarkoholic
For Love is Not Ours to Command
Where Derek's skills at thinking on his feet mean that he and Stiles have to act. For the sake of Stiles' dad, of course, for the sake of the pack. No personal interest interference at all, whatsoever. Right.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:weathervaanes  type:fake-relationship 
march 2014 by clarkoholic
So Shed Your Skin and Lets Get Started
He's sixteen and in the woods on the wrong side of the town-line and he's so fucking fucked.

He knows he's not supposed to run, they teach that to you in preschool (don't run from a Were, back away slowly and walk with care), but they never told you how it would feel, standing alone in the dark with your heart beating in your throat as those glowing eyes tracked you from the shadows.
fandom:teen-wolf  pairing:stiles-derek  author:halfhardtorock  type:soulbond-mate 
march 2014 by clarkoholic
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