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sinistrail sentinel by Autechre
Listen to a new track by Autechre now via the Adult Swim Singles program.
autechre  music  adult  swim  sinistrail  sentinel  idm 
5 days ago by cla
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Beyond The Iron Gates: How Nazi-Satanists Infiltrated the UK Underground
A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures
ona  o9a  satanism  nazi  politics  rightwing  fascism  right  wing  music 
13 days ago by cla
The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Why We're Investigating Extreme Politics in Underground Music
A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures
fascism  death  in  june  deathinjune  burzum  rightwing  right  wing  politics  music  industrial  extreme 
21 days ago by cla
interview with Autechre
interview  autechre  music  idm  japanese  electronic 
september 2018 by cla
Autechre on Their Epic NTS Sessions, David Lynch, and Where Code Meets Music
Getting in the middle of the mind-meld between Sean Booth and Rob Brown, as the IDM masters’ four-part radio sessions see a proper release
music  idm  interview  autechre  david  lynch 
august 2018 by cla
The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | If I Did It All Again I'd Keep The Heroin: Sylvain Sylvain Interviewed
A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures
music  interview  newyorkdolls  new  york  dolls  punk  glam  sylvain  rock 
august 2018 by cla
Autechre: NTS Sessions 1-4
Autechre’s eight-hour NTS Sessions adds another level of the British duo’s legacy of monumental digital music. Though it’s created by a computer, it will bring you to another plane of human existence if you let it.
autechre  music  nts  sessions  review  idm 
may 2018 by cla
Rei Kuromiya quits Ladybaby - the real story? - Rei Kuromiya News
On November 17th it was announced that Rei Kuromiya was leaving Ladybaby. All upcoming gigs and tour dates were cancelled. Rie Kaneko is...
jpop  rei  kuromiya  ladybaby  japan  music 
january 2018 by cla
The Worst Is Yet To Come: an Interview With Peter Andersson of Deutsch Nepal - Heathen Harvest
Along with Roger Karmanik (Brighter Death Now), Deutsch Nepal is one of the co-founders of the genre-defining Cold Meat Industry (CMI) label operating out of Sweden. CMI paved the way for many influential artists within the genres of Gothic/ Industrial/Power Electronics/Ambient music. In addition to Brighter Death Now and Deutsch Nepal, other respected pioneers of …
deutsch  nepal  cmi  cold  meat  industry  industrial  music  interview  lina  baby  doll  sweden 
january 2018 by cla
Dee Snider talks about Twisted Sister's legacy
In an interview with iconic frontman Dee Snider about the legacy of Twisted Sister present, past and future.
sister  snider  dee  twisted  music  interview  metal 
august 2017 by cla
Aphex Twin gave us a peek inside a 90s classic. Here's what we learned. - CDM Create Digital Music
Aphex Twin's "Vordhosbn" just got a surprising video reveal, showing how the track was made. So let's revisit trackers and 90s underground music culture.
aphex  twin  music  tracker  druqs  software  video  PlayerPRO 
july 2017 by cla
Aphex Twin Speaks To Ex. Korg Engineer Tatsuya Takahashi
Richard D. James and Tatsuya Takahashi discuss their collaboration on the Monologue, microtuning, geometry and dreams.
richard  james  aphex  twin  music  audio  synthesizer  synth  interview  korg  tatsuya  takahashi 
july 2017 by cla
fubby -縷縷夢兎2015SS- | DID (Web Video label)
DIDはドウガストリートレーベルです。an account of japanese web video label, DID, starting from 2012
jpop  idol  kuromiya  japan  music  rei 
may 2017 by cla
fubby -縷縷夢兎2015SS- on Vimeo
fubby -縷縷夢兎2015SS- MUSE:黒宮れい スタイリング:東佳苗(縷縷夢兎) 撮影協力:シャドウ,ロケット 音楽 : Idiot Pop / All love I want ヘアメイク:山本りさ子 写真:岩澤高雄 ドウガ:udocorg(DID) DID :
jpop  idol  kuromiya  japan  music  rei 
may 2017 by cla
VHS Head's top 3 sampling tips
Old school VHS addict Adrian Blacow aka VHS Head on why he prefers sampling to synths
vhs  head  vhsdead  idm  sampling  interview  music  skam  records 
may 2017 by cla
The 14 pieces of software that shaped modern music
From Performer and Cubase to GarageBand and Ableton Live, we trace the evolution of music software.
software  music  computer  sequencer 
october 2016 by cla
recochoku  jmusic  music  buy  digital  flac  hires  hi-res  jpop  jrock  japan 
august 2016 by cla
A Brief History of Autechre’s Album Covers
I’ve always hated minimalism. I don’t think that’s a blanket statement I’d make about any other artistic movement but I hate minimalism. From my perspective, it was audacious for like a year, and then it was decoration. This hatred even […]
autechre  cover  idm  music  electronic  art 
august 2016 by cla
Slowdive - Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell on the Bands That Inspired Them
While Slowdive's early singles rode in on waves of distortion that saw the band lumped in with the rest of the shoegaze pack, by the time they released their 1991 debut album, Just For A Day, they had delved into a more ambient territory that set them apart from their peers. We asked founding members Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell—who share guitar and vocal duties in the recently reformed band—to tell us about the artists and albums that helped shape Slowdive's sound. While they acknowledged the influence that classic rock groups such as The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, and The Byrds had on their music, the bands that most heavily informed their sound were practically their contemporaries.
music  slowdive  shoegaze 
july 2016 by cla
Autechre: elseq et al
Joe Muggs goes deep with the seminal Warp Records duo.
autechre  elseq  interview  idm  music  electronic  warp  maxmsp  max  msp 
june 2016 by cla
Bending Metal: Marty Friedman Takes on the Babymetal Invasion
Japanese idol group Babymetal have stormed onto the world heavy metal scene with a unique brand of music that combines established metal riffs and high-octane performances with anthems on such everyday themes as chocolate. Legendary heavy metal guitarist and long-time resident of Japan Marty Friedman argues that, love or hate them, the trio is giving the long-established genre a needed shakeup.
japan  music  jpop  babymetal  marty  megadeth  guitarist  guitar  enka  interview  metal  heavy  friedman 
june 2016 by cla
David Bowie's love affair with Japanese style - BBC News
How David Bowie's well-known love of Japan not only brought Japanese culture to a new audience but also may have helped heal post-war rifts.
david  bowie  music  fashion  japan  style 
january 2016 by cla
What Hi-Fi? | Tech news and reviews
Latest hi-fi, home cinema and technology reviews, products, news, advice, videos and more, from the world's no.1 technology buyer's guide - What Hi-Fi?
audio  music  hifi  Review  news  blog 
october 2015 by cla
A Ghost in the Machine | Music | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly
It is a common criticism in America — especially among the traditional rock'n'roll set — that electronic music lacks soul. Programming a machine will never...
autechre  idm  music  interview  electronic 
october 2015 by cla
Saving the World with Strength and Cuteness ; Exclusive Interview with Super Kawaii Team “LADYBABY”
With the MV of their first single, “Nippon Manju”, receiving almost 9,000,000 plays on YouTube (as o...
japan  interview  music  rei  kuromiya  idol  ladybaby 
october 2015 by cla
Autechre Is Still More Post-Human Than You Are | Thump
The UK duo is back in the states for the first time in eight years. We caught up with them about where they're headed next and the early influences they never left behind.
autechre  electro  interview  music  idm  warp 
october 2015 by cla
Autechre Melts IDM
UK duo spans from pirate radio to the dark side of the Internet
interview  autechre  music  idm  electronic  warp 
october 2015 by cla
Gamasutra - Memorial: Composer Ryu Umemoto
Though not very well known in the West, Ryu Umemoto (a composer for shmup creator Cave, among others) was a beloved member of the Japanese game industry who tragically died at the young age of 37 just last year -- and in this article, journalist and friend Audun Sorlie explores his life and work.
ryu  umemoto  music  cave  shmup  composer  videogames  japan 
september 2015 by cla
The story of UK industrial pioneers Test Dept
Scouring scrapyards for drums, being ripped off by Depeche Mode and more.
industrial  music  interview  test  dept 
august 2015 by cla
Bakudan Johnny - Tada Hitori - JPopsuki TV
Release Date: 2014.06.04
爆弾ジョニー - 唯一人
1st Single
TV Anime "Ping Pong" Opening Theme - The JPopsuki video portal
bakudan  johnny  jrock  japan  rock  videoclip  video  pingpong  animation  anime  op  opening  ping  pong  jmusic  music 
march 2015 by cla
Pop Culture Pulsar: Origin Story of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures Album Cover [Video] | SA Visual, Scientific American Blog Network
Latest news and features on science issues that matter including earth, environment, and space. Get your science news from the most trusted source!
joy  division  unknown  pleasures  cover  music  postpunk  punk  post 
february 2015 by cla
sphere - Hazy - JPopsuki TV
Release date: 2011.05.11
スフィア - Hazy
7th single (Oricon # 10)
Tie-in: ED to the Tokyo MX anime Hanasaku Iroha (花咲くいろは) - The JPopsuki video portal
スフィア  hazy  sphere  anime  hanasaku  iroha  jmusic  jpop  music  videoclip  video 
february 2015 by cla
Kim Gordon: ‘Women aren’t allowed to be kick-ass. I refused to play the game’
Sonic Youth’s charismatic frontwoman recalls the band’s shambolic early days, her feud with Courtney Love, and the implosion of her marriage
sonic  youth  music  kim  gordon  interview 
february 2015 by cla
Top 10 Best Full Size Hi-Fi Headphones |
Our review of the top 10 best full size Hi-Fi headphones - we rate the best headphones for home Hi-Fi and movies.
headphones  music  audio 
january 2015 by cla
25 QUESTIONS for Aphex Twin
Elektronische Musik und Clubkultur
music  aphex  twin  idm  interview  electronic 
december 2014 by cla
lyrics  im@s  imas  idol  idolm@ster  idolmaster  music  videogames  anime  japan  japanese 
november 2012 by cla
Boomkat - Your independent music specialist
Boomkat - A specialist music website selling VINYLs, CDs, DVDs and DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, brought to you by a dedicated team who have been operating in this field for 10 years - building up a huge resource of information and opinion about music that exists beyond the radar... Our product extends to cover the most underground forms of Electronic music, Hip Hop, Post-Folk, Alt.Country, IDM, Electro, Acoustica, Post-Rock, Ambient, Micro House, Detroit Techno, Mentalism, Electropop, Indiepop, Grime, Free Jazz, Modern Composition, Cologne Techno, Future Disco, Drone, Sublow, Soundtracks, Noise and out and out post-generic objects of wonder.
music  audio  store  lossless  flac  alac  electro  electronic  download  vinyl  digital  boomkat  independent 
october 2012 by cla
Music Price Guide
Music Price Guide, Rare Records collectors price guide, a guide to vinyl and cd value
price  vinyl  record  collector  community  rare  online  store  music  audio  guide 
october 2012 by cla
Search for auction results of rare collectors vinyl records
popsike  vinyl  record  collector  community  rare  online  store  music  audio 
october 2012 by cla
Vinyl Records, LPs, CDs, Rare and Out of Print Albums. Since 1994, The World's First Online Marketplace. We're Bigger and Safer. Nobody comes close to GEMM. Buy and sell Vinyl, LPs, CDs, Cassettes, Videos, Books, and Music Memorabilia. New, used, out of print, rare and hard to find vinyl and all kinds of music from thousands of record stores and independent music collections around the world on the world's largest music marketplace.
gemm  vinyl  record  collector  community  rare  online  store  music  audio 
october 2012 by cla
Music Stack
Buy rare vinyl records and used CDs that are out-of-print and hard to find from thousands of online record stores.
stack  vinyl  record  collector  community  rare  online  store  music  audio 
october 2012 by cla
Discogs - Database and Marketplace for Music on...
Buy rare and hard to find music on vinyl records and used CDs from thousands of online record stores. Manage your music collection with a detailed discography on rock, electronic, hip hop, classical and other popular and obscure music genres.
discogs  vinyl  record  collector  community  rare  online  store  music  audio 
october 2012 by cla
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