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The Worst Is Yet To Come: an Interview With Peter Andersson of Deutsch Nepal - Heathen Harvest
Along with Roger Karmanik (Brighter Death Now), Deutsch Nepal is one of the co-founders of the genre-defining Cold Meat Industry (CMI) label operating out of Sweden. CMI paved the way for many influential artists within the genres of Gothic/ Industrial/Power Electronics/Ambient music. In addition to Brighter Death Now and Deutsch Nepal, other respected pioneers of …
deutsch  nepal  cmi  cold  meat  industry  industrial  music  interview  lina  baby  doll  sweden 
january 2018 by cla
Dee Snider talks about Twisted Sister's legacy
In an interview with iconic frontman Dee Snider about the legacy of Twisted Sister present, past and future.
sister  snider  dee  twisted  music  interview  metal 
august 2017 by cla
How To Create Pixel Art GIFs? An Interview With Illustrator Yuuta Toyoi
Hello everybody, it's Nyalra (@nyalra).Today I'm interviewing Yuuta Toyoi (@1041uuu), illustrator and pixel artist who i...
yuuta  toyoi  1041uuu  tumblr  gif  animated  animatedgif  interview  japan  pixel  art 
july 2017 by cla
Aphex Twin Speaks To Ex. Korg Engineer Tatsuya Takahashi
Richard D. James and Tatsuya Takahashi discuss their collaboration on the Monologue, microtuning, geometry and dreams.
richard  james  aphex  twin  music  audio  synthesizer  synth  interview  korg  tatsuya  takahashi 
july 2017 by cla
Fighting pilgrimage: Meet foreign Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike players living in Japan in this mini-doc
A glimpse of what it's like to live and battle in the heart of the 3rd Strike scene.
Japan's arcades are where the spirit of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike dwells, and for foreigners to Japan that love the game, living right alongside the Japanese 3rd Strike scene is the best place to be to enjoy t
japan  videogames  street  fighter  fighting  sfiii  documentary  interview 
june 2017 by cla
David Gibson: What makes great street photography? - Amateur Photographer
David Gibson, one of Britain’s best-known street shooters, talks to AP about the ethics, practicalities, frustrations and joys of great street photography
photography  street  streetphotography  interview 
may 2017 by cla
VHS Head's top 3 sampling tips
Old school VHS addict Adrian Blacow aka VHS Head on why he prefers sampling to synths
vhs  head  vhsdead  idm  sampling  interview  music  skam  records 
may 2017 by cla
Autechre: elseq et al
Joe Muggs goes deep with the seminal Warp Records duo.
autechre  elseq  interview  idm  music  electronic  warp  maxmsp  max  msp 
june 2016 by cla
Bending Metal: Marty Friedman Takes on the Babymetal Invasion
Japanese idol group Babymetal have stormed onto the world heavy metal scene with a unique brand of music that combines established metal riffs and high-octane performances with anthems on such everyday themes as chocolate. Legendary heavy metal guitarist and long-time resident of Japan Marty Friedman argues that, love or hate them, the trio is giving the long-established genre a needed shakeup.
japan  music  jpop  babymetal  marty  megadeth  guitarist  guitar  enka  interview  metal  heavy  friedman 
june 2016 by cla
'DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviours' Is The Game We've Waited Over A Decade For - Forbes
In these modern times, classic genres like shmups are somewhat overlooked. One of the founding series of these games though, that of Darius, refuses to walk out blindly into the night. With the release of the latest game imminent, I recently visited the developer of the game Pyramid and found out why Darius is such an enduring series.
shmup  videogames  shooting  psvita  ps4  pc  steam  interview  japan 
november 2015 by cla
INTERVIEW: Cave on the shmup business and Mushihimesama on Steam
The success or otherwise of the Steam release will shape direction of company's future strategy
videogames  steam  cave  shmup  pc  shooting  interview  japan  mushihimesama 
november 2015 by cla
A Ghost in the Machine | Music | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly
It is a common criticism in America — especially among the traditional rock'n'roll set — that electronic music lacks soul. Programming a machine will never...
autechre  idm  music  interview  electronic 
october 2015 by cla
Saving the World with Strength and Cuteness ; Exclusive Interview with Super Kawaii Team “LADYBABY”
With the MV of their first single, “Nippon Manju”, receiving almost 9,000,000 plays on YouTube (as o...
japan  interview  music  rei  kuromiya  idol  ladybaby 
october 2015 by cla
Autechre Is Still More Post-Human Than You Are | Thump
The UK duo is back in the states for the first time in eight years. We caught up with them about where they're headed next and the early influences they never left behind.
autechre  electro  interview  music  idm  warp 
october 2015 by cla
Autechre Melts IDM
UK duo spans from pirate radio to the dark side of the Internet
interview  autechre  music  idm  electronic  warp 
october 2015 by cla
Interview: Cave’s Tsuneki Ikeda (IKD) from 2010
Game Developer's Conference is this week, so I'm going to be busy hopefully gathering material both for here and for assorted freelance outlets until Friday. Seeing as how I'm not going to have time t
tsuneki  ikeda  cave  shmup  videogames  japan  danmaku  interview 
september 2015 by cla
The story of UK industrial pioneers Test Dept
Scouring scrapyards for drums, being ripped off by Depeche Mode and more.
industrial  music  interview  test  dept 
august 2015 by cla
Kim Gordon: ‘Women aren’t allowed to be kick-ass. I refused to play the game’
Sonic Youth’s charismatic frontwoman recalls the band’s shambolic early days, her feud with Courtney Love, and the implosion of her marriage
sonic  youth  music  kim  gordon  interview 
february 2015 by cla
25 QUESTIONS for Aphex Twin
Elektronische Musik und Clubkultur
music  aphex  twin  idm  interview  electronic 
december 2014 by cla
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Developer On How To Make Retro Beat ‘Em Ups
By Spencer . March 11, 2013 . 6:23pm While it hasn’t gotten as much attention as Castle Crashers or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is a so
phantom  breaker  videogames  japan  fighting  kurisu  steins;gate  steins  gate  xbox  battle  grounds  interview 
march 2013 by cla

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