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sinistrail sentinel by Autechre
Listen to a new track by Autechre now via the Adult Swim Singles program.
autechre  music  adult  swim  sinistrail  sentinel  idm 
8 days ago by cla
interview with Autechre
interview  autechre  music  idm  japanese  electronic 
september 2018 by cla
Autechre on Their Epic NTS Sessions, David Lynch, and Where Code Meets Music
Getting in the middle of the mind-meld between Sean Booth and Rob Brown, as the IDM masters’ four-part radio sessions see a proper release
music  idm  interview  autechre  david  lynch 
august 2018 by cla
Autechre: NTS Sessions 1-4
Autechre’s eight-hour NTS Sessions adds another level of the British duo’s legacy of monumental digital music. Though it’s created by a computer, it will bring you to another plane of human existence if you let it.
autechre  music  nts  sessions  review  idm 
may 2018 by cla
VHS Head's top 3 sampling tips
Old school VHS addict Adrian Blacow aka VHS Head on why he prefers sampling to synths
vhs  head  vhsdead  idm  sampling  interview  music  skam  records 
may 2017 by cla
A Brief History of Autechre’s Album Covers
I’ve always hated minimalism. I don’t think that’s a blanket statement I’d make about any other artistic movement but I hate minimalism. From my perspective, it was audacious for like a year, and then it was decoration. This hatred even […]
autechre  cover  idm  music  electronic  art 
august 2016 by cla
Autechre: elseq et al
Joe Muggs goes deep with the seminal Warp Records duo.
autechre  elseq  interview  idm  music  electronic  warp  maxmsp  max  msp 
june 2016 by cla
A Ghost in the Machine | Music | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly
It is a common criticism in America — especially among the traditional rock'n'roll set — that electronic music lacks soul. Programming a machine will never...
autechre  idm  music  interview  electronic 
october 2015 by cla
Autechre Is Still More Post-Human Than You Are | Thump
The UK duo is back in the states for the first time in eight years. We caught up with them about where they're headed next and the early influences they never left behind.
autechre  electro  interview  music  idm  warp 
october 2015 by cla
Autechre Melts IDM
UK duo spans from pirate radio to the dark side of the Internet
interview  autechre  music  idm  electronic  warp 
october 2015 by cla
25 QUESTIONS for Aphex Twin
Elektronische Musik und Clubkultur
music  aphex  twin  idm  interview  electronic 
december 2014 by cla

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