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24-core CPU and I can’t type an email (part one) | Random ASCII
This investigation included a lot of rabbit holes. Some were important (page tables), some were instructive (locks), and some were purely a waste of time (WMI details). I’ll talk more about these, and a vmmap bug, in a follow-up post. If you want more gory details – some of which ended up being wrong or irrelevant – you can follow the whole investigation at crbug.com/870054.
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august 2018 by cjitlal
10 Tips for Javascript Debugging Like a PRO with Console
I must admit it for the first time, and I’ll use this platform to clean up the skeletons from my development closet. Sometimes, the magic I do — which some call “coding” — is not as perfect as the…
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march 2018 by cjitlal
How To Use Traceroute and MTR to Diagnose Network Issues | DigitalOcean
In this guide, we will discuss how to use traceroute and mtr to diagnose network issues. These tools and utilities will provide a good overview of what stage of the network is causing problems. You can tell if an issue falls within your realm of influ
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september 2016 by cjitlal
tcpdump is amazing - Julia Evans

tcpdump is amazing

It took me 2 years, but I think now I love tc...
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march 2016 by cjitlal
How to use Chrome DevTools like a Pro — JotForm — Form Builder — Medium
To open DevTools, you can right-click anywhere on the page and select inspect element or you can choose the “tools > developer tools” option from the top right menu.

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september 2015 by cjitlal
Linux system debugging super tutorial
Extensive tutorial explaining how to systematically approach, analyze and resolve complex problems in Linux using a layered strategy, with component search and comparision between good and bad machines, using tools like strace, ltrace, vmstat, lsof, and others
linux  sysadmin  debug 
march 2015 by cjitlal

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