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TOML aims to be a minimal configuration file format that's easy to read due to obvious semantics. TOML is designed to map unambiguously to a hash table. TOML should be easy to parse into data structures in a wide variety of languages.
ini  yaml  toml  config  configuration  file  format  spec 
may 2017 by christianmlong
How to use Augeas to add DenyUsers line to sshd_config - Ask Puppet: Puppet DevOps Q&A Community
However I'd strongly recommend you just use the augeasproviders module as it handles this and a number of edge cases that this snippet won't.

sshd_config { "DenyUsers":
ensure => present,
value => [""],
puppet  augeas  augeasproviders  ssh  config  configuration  multi  line  ssh_config 
january 2017 by christianmlong
Alternative Augeas-based providers for Puppet
puppet  augeas  module  ssh_config  sshd_config  config 
january 2017 by christianmlong
parsing - Using Python's ConfigParser to read a file without section name - Stack Overflow
n python 3, use itertools.chain() to simulate a section header for read_file().

from configparser import ConfigParser
from itertools import chain

parser = ConfigParser()
with open("foo.conf") as lines:
lines = chain(("[top]",), lines) # This line does the trick.
python  config  parser  ini  section  itertools  python3 
august 2016 by christianmlong
github deploy keys: how Do I authorize more than one repository for a single machine - Stack Overflow
The simplest solution I found was outlined here.

1) Enter this command(You'll do this for however many keys you need):

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

2) When prompted with the the statement below type in a unique name(i.e.,foo1_rsa).The file will be created in your current directory and you may need to move it to .ssh if you want to be tidy:

Enter file in which to save the key (/Users/you/.ssh/id_rsa): [Press enter]

3) Update your SSH config file:

vi ~/.ssh/config

Which may be empty:

Host cheech
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/foo1_rsa

Host chong
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/foo2_rsa
ssh  git  deploy  key  multiple  config 
october 2015 by christianmlong
Using Multiple Github Deploy Keys for a Single User on a Single Linux Server | Snipe.Net
Fortunately, the workaround here is very simple, using named SSH keys and an SSH config file.
ssh  git  deploy  key  multiple  config 
october 2015 by christianmlong
Less Perplexing Terminal Multiplexing with tmux
There are scripts, like this one that will attempt to find ssh-agent’s socket after it has been lost, but I recently discovered that tmux has an option that should save you the trouble. Just add: set -g update-environment -r to your .tmux.conf—it will automatically copy a handful of useful environment variables into new shells from the parent environment.
tmux  ssh-agent  config  dotfiles  tips 
august 2015 by christianmlong
command line - tmux becomes unresponsive when tailing a quickly updated file - Ask Ubuntu
set -g c0-change-trigger 20 #default is 250
set -g c0-change-interval 1000 #default is 100
tmux  annoyances  config  setup  unresponsive 
august 2015 by christianmlong
In what cases could `git pull` be harmful? - Stack Overflow
However, with all versions of Git, I recommend configuring a git up alias like this:

git config --global alias.up '!git remote update -p; git merge --ff-only @{u}'

and using git up instead of git pull. I prefer this alias over git pull --ff-only because:

it works with all (non-ancient) versions of Git,
it fetches all upstream branches (not just the branch you're currently working on), and
it cleans out old origin/* branches that no longer exist upstream.
git  pull  up  alias  config  ff-only  merge 
july 2015 by christianmlong
git - Can I specify multiple users for myself in .gitconfig? - Stack Overflow
You can configure an individual repo to use a specific user / email address.

git config "Your Name Here"
git config

where as the default user / email is configured in your ~/.gitconfig

git config --global "Your Name Here"
git config --global
git  config  multiple  emails 
july 2015 by christianmlong
Powerline consolas font that works with PuTTY on Windows
Windows  font  config  consolas  PuTTY  powerline 
march 2015 by christianmlong
PuTTY configuration - Arabesque
apt-get install ncurses-term
PuTTY  config  xterm  terminal  ssh 
july 2014 by christianmlong
unixODBC without the GUI
Configuring unixODBC with the osbcinst utility
unixODBC  howto  ODBC  linux  config 
november 2005 by christianmlong
The Book of Webmin
Documents system configuration and ongoing system maintenance using the Webmin web-based administration tool.
webmin  linux  config  debian 
march 2005 by christianmlong

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