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bumpversion 0.5.3 : Python Package Index
Version-bump your software with a single command!

A small command line tool to simplify releasing software by updating all version strings in your source code by the correct increment. Also creates commits and tags:

version formats are highly configurable
works without any VCS, but happily reads tag information from and writes commits and tags to Git and Mercurial if available
just handles text files, so it’s not specific to any programming language
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january 2016 by christianmlong
A Python Versioning Workflow with Bumpversion - Kyle W. Purdon
The basic setup of bumpversion is to drop a .bumversion.cfg in the root of your project that contains the following code:

current_version = 0.0.0
commit = True
tag = True

With this file, and bumversion installed you can run the command

$ bumpversion [patch | minor | major]

which will bump the version to 0.0.1, 0.1.0, or 1.0.0 respectively (assuming you started at 0.0.0). In addition because the commit, and tag flags are set to true bumpversion will create a tag and commit to your git repository. (see this commit for an example).

This setup works great if all you care about is patch, minor, or major versions. However when you need something like 1.0.0rc to indicate a pre-release (or snapshot) the setup is slightly more complex.
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january 2016 by christianmlong

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