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6 weeks ago – one click video conversations is a video collaboration tool that lets you have video conversations effortlessly. PRO supports up to 12 people simultaneously. Create a room with no required registration. Upgrade the room to PRO to customize it and for more great features.
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6 weeks ago
The Forum Network, hosted by the OECD | Bridging dividesBridging divides
Over the past 15 years, the OECD Forum has grown to become a major international conference that debates the most pressing social and economic challenges confronting society. At the OECD Forum, policies and ideas are shared by a growing community of leaders and influencers from government, business, civil society and academia. This site is designed to allow the OECD Forum community to extend their discussions and exchanges year-round and to expand the network to include those who cannot attend the conference in person.

The Forum Network is open for anyone to browse, read and share its content. To comment and contribute, you will need to join the network as a Friend - anyone may join. Friends are able to post comments and to ask questions (comments and questions will be moderated) and you may be invited to become a contributor.
6 weeks ago
Sharing Content
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8 weeks ago
Arcadia | Protecting endangered culture and nature
Including a bibliography of Arcadia’s publications; works on the cost of academic publishing and the open access mandate in the United Kingdom; general publications on open access; and links to useful websites and open access organizations.
december 2017
Hello, we’re Juno.
Solicitors who take the stress out of moving home.
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december 2017
The Evolving Scholarly Record
oclc 2014
This report presents a framework to help organize and drive discussions about the evolving scholarly record. The framework provides a high-level view of the categories of material the scholarly record potentially encompasses, as well as the key stakeholder roles associated with the creation, management, and use of the scholarly record.

A confluence of trends is accelerating changes to the scholarly record's content and stakeholder roles.
Scholarly outcomes are contextualized by materials generated in the process and aftermath of scholarly inquiry.
The research process generates materials covering methods employed, evidence used, and formative discussion.
The research aftermath generates materials covering discussion, revision, and reuse of scholarly outcomes.
The scholarly record is evolving to have greater emphasis on collecting and curating context of scholarly inquiry.
The scholarly record’s stakeholder ecosystem encompasses four key roles: create, fix, collect, and use.
The stakeholder ecosystem supports thinking about how roles are reconfigured as the scholarly record evolves.
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november 2017
sherpa doar open access sustainability
november 2017
Register of Commission expert groups and other similar entities
Horizon 2020 expert group on Future of Scholarly Publishing and scholarly Communication (E03463)
october 2017
CHORUS is creating a future where the output flowing from funded research is easily and permanently discoverable, accessible and verifiable by anyone in the world.
october 2017
Running for Fitness
training calculator race times
september 2017
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