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Pushing the digital retail experience: "Holoroom How To: Lowe’s first-ever virtual reality DIY clinics - "
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march 2017 by chrisdymond
Rebecca Minkoff Connected Store Demo - YouTube
Great in-store digital retail experience - now what could the low-end look like..? "Rebecca Minkoff Connected Store"
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december 2014 by chrisdymond
PowaTAG ∙ buying freedom
Guys, QR codes are ugly! £10 says consumers will hate it.. “PowaTAG ∙ buying freedom ”
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may 2014 by chrisdymond
Jifiti - Worry no more about gift cards or gift ideas
Nice idea - instant vouchers for specific items: "Jifiti - Worry no more about gift cards or gift ideas"  jifity  vouchers  ecommerce  platforms  gifts  innovation  retail  from delicious
april 2013 by chrisdymond
Stores Charges Customers $5 'Just Looking' Fee - Business Insider
All avenues of innovation should be explored.. "Store Charges Customers $5 'Just Looking' Fee To Combat Showrooming"  retail  showrooming  business_insider  innovation  from delicious
march 2013 by chrisdymond
Personalized fashion straight from the catwalk unlocks extra content when scanned | Springwise
Burberry’s Runway Made to Order service enabled consumers to purchase tailored goods directly after seeing them on the runway, personalized with tags that unlock digital content.
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march 2013 by chrisdymond
Stationery chain offers drop-in business hubs, with access to services | Springwise
Staples are trying to create 'experience': "Stationery chain offers drop-in business hubs, with access to services"
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february 2013 by chrisdymond
Calming UK store campaign includes quiet shopping areas and debranded products | Springwise
A highstreet full of experiences :) "Calming UK store campaign includes quiet shopping areas & debranded products"  ux  retail  high_streets  springwise  from delicious
january 2013 by chrisdymond
Smart CCTV knows when you need shopping advice - tech - 19 October 2012 - New Scientist
ARE you enjoying your shopping experience? Video surveillance systems might soon be answering that question for you. CCTV security cameras are a familiar fixture in shops, but the same cameras can also be used to track and analyse your browsing habits.
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january 2013 by chrisdymond
BBC News - Town centres 'must adapt to online shopping'
Town centres will need to market themselves as convenient hubs for picking up products ordered online if they are to thrive into the next decade, a report says.
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november 2012 by chrisdymond
Fashion brand offers discounts based on a shopper’s social influence | Springwise¬es=
Is this a case where negative behaviour (gaming the retailer) will have a positive social outcome (not penalising people for being introverts)..?
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september 2012 by chrisdymond
YouTube - ‪Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store (Movie)‬‏
Tesco in Korea use QR codes to let people shop from subway billboards...
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july 2011 by chrisdymond
The Dawn of the Social Consumer - Brian Solis
"Tweet…ReTweet / Like / Share / Check-in / Group buy / QR code scan / Augmented reality / RFID

What may sound like buzz words or mere hype, is actually the beginning of the end of business as usual. Welcome to the rise of the social consumer and a new era of social commerce. "
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november 2010 by chrisdymond

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