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Personalised learning lets children study at their own pace - tech - 02 January 2015 - New Scientist
Time for a 'fast follow', Sheffield..? "Personalised learning lets children study at their own pace - New Scientist"
edutech  education  flipped_classroom  new_scientist  future_of_education  from twitter
january 2015 by chrisdymond
Hummingbird Duo: A Robotics Kit for Ages 10 to 110 by BirdBrain Technologies — Kickstarter
BirdBrain Technologies is raising funds for Hummingbird Duo: A Robotics Kit for Ages 10 to 110 on Kickstarter!

Make and program robots, animatronics, and more with Hummingbird Duo. Duo grows with your abilities, the sky is the limit!
robotics  kit  kids  education  Kickstarter  from twitter
may 2014 by chrisdymond
Shaun the Sheep's Game Academy
RT : Oooh, Aardman Animations have teamed with Scratch to run Shaun the Sheep game design competitions for kids!
Scratch  gaming  coding  kids  Aardman  education  from twitter
may 2014 by chrisdymond
Reverse the changes to school term time family holiday rules | Campaigns by You
New family holiday rules will deny crucial experiences to thousands of kids - please sign this to have them debated!!  attendence  petition  holidays  education  from delicious
september 2013 by chrisdymond
Education reform in Indonesia likely to backfire - Washington DC International Affairs |
The decision by the Indonesian government to radically alter its current primary school curriculum by replacing science with classes focused on religion and courses that strengthen nationalism will have a generational impact that may prove to make the country less economically competitive and less attractive to foreign direct investment in the years ahead.
religion  international_affairs  Islam  Indonesia  education 
march 2013 by chrisdymond
Tyler DeWitt: Hey science teachers -- make it fun | Video on
@dajbelshaw Not sure if you're aware of Tyler DeWitt's 'tyranny of precision' argument? In case not:  TED  education  science  story  from delicious
february 2013 by chrisdymond
"OLPC XO Tablet hands-on" - Videos - Viddler
I *hate* this - why weigh down learning with 'dreams' of what you will become?? One Laptop Per Child Tablet: #edutech
edutech  education  kids  learning  CES  ux  design  olpc  from delicious
january 2013 by chrisdymond
A mini-course on network and social network literacy - howardrheingold's posterous¬es=
I've become convinced that understanding how networks work is an essential 21st century literacy. This is the first in a series of short videos about how the structure and dynamics of networks influences political freedom, economic wealth creation, and participation in the creation of culture. The first video introduces the importance of understanding networks and explains how the underlying technical architecture of the Internet specifically supports the freedom of network users to innovate.
education  networks  Rheingold  literacy  socialmedia  from delicious
november 2012 by chrisdymond
On The Internet, Everyone Knows You're Not A Dog | Fast Company
Using Facebook is a social skill--and one that it's increasingly important for colleges to teach, says educator Ed Cabellon. "The term 'digital native' is a misnomer," he tells us.
identity  fast_company  social_media  education  literacy  Facebook  from delicious
november 2012 by chrisdymond
BBC News - Warning over shortage of engineering graduates
The UK needs to increase by as much as 50% the number of science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) graduates it is creating, a report says.
utc  skills  engineering  STEM  bbc  econdev  education 
november 2012 by chrisdymond
It's Time to Re-Think the U.S. Education System - Tammy Erickson - Harvard Business Review
Children today, those born after 1995, are seeing a world that looks substantively different to them than the world did to members of Generation Y during their formative years. In an earlier post, I discussed how the global financial crisis and mobile technology have catalyzed the formation of a new generation. Because this new cohort is concerned about sustainability and living within finite limits, I call them the Re-Generation.
generational_change  youth  hbr  future_of_education  education  from delicious
november 2012 by chrisdymond
What Will The Ed Tech Revolution Look Like? | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation
Predictions for how the next 15 years are going to change how children learn, at school and at home.
CoExist  future_of_education  education  from delicious
november 2012 by chrisdymond
BBC News - Google funds computer teachers and Raspberry Pis in England
Dozens of teachers specialising in computer science are to work in English schools thanks to a partnership between Google and the charity Teach First.
bbc  education  raspberry_pi  Google 
november 2012 by chrisdymond
Dave Eggers' wish: Once Upon a School | Video on
Haven't watched this in ages - it's still mind-blowingly brilliant idea... #TED #education
writing  Eggers  education  TED 
november 2012 by chrisdymond
This is Learning Without Frontiers - YouTube
Catalysts for new and better approaches to education Learning Without Frontiers #education
– alansmlxl (alansmlxl)
education  via:fav  from delicious
october 2012 by chrisdymond
MediaBerkman » Blog Archive » RB 197: University 2.0
"This week’s guest, Juan Carlos de Martin, readily admits that he is only the latest in a long line of thinkers to portend the end of the university as we know it. He almost gleefully cites Thomas Edison as one of his most notable predecessors. But Juan Carlos may be the first to be right."
education  universities  Berkman  Center  innovation  perfect_storm  de_Martin  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
MediaBerkman » Blog Archive » Alison J. Head on Modeling the Information-Seeking Process of College Students in the Digital Age
"What is it like to be a college student in the digital age? Alison Head — lead researcher for the national study, Project Information Literacy, Berkman Fellow, and Research Scientist in University of Washington’s Information School — presents a working typology of the undergraduate information-seeking process, including students’ reliance on and use of Web sources."
education  universities  research  students  behaviour  Berkman  Center  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
Education Week: Educators Evaluate 'Flipped Classrooms'
"A growing number of educators are working to turn learning on its head by replacing traditional classroom lectures with video tutorials, an approach popularly called the "flipped classroom." Interest in that teaching method was in full view this summer at the International Society for Technology in Education annual conference in San Diego, where almost every session on the topic was filled to capacity."
innovation  education  teaching  flipped_classroom  video  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
Best Practices for Deploying iPads in Schools | MindShift
"As schools get ready to deploy iPads this year, each one is scrambling to figure out how to develop an efficient and effective system that works. With no standardized system or uniform roadmap to follow, at the moment, it’s up to individual schools to reach out through their networks to find information about best practices and smooth, streamlined service."
ipads  innovation  byod  education  teaching  tablets  mobile  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
Personalised learning – constraints and what educators can do about them | learningshrew
"We live in an era of “mass customisation”, where everything from cars to sandwiches can be tailored exactly to our preferences. And some have argued that similar customisation is happening in the world of education, bringing in a new era of personalised learning."
innovation  education  personalised_learning  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » Fifteen Citations about Peer to Peer Learning and Education
"digital technologies are now providing educators and students with tools of study, as opposed to tools of instruction"
innovation  education  teaching  p2p  learning  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
Innovating Pedagogy Report 2012 published
"Institute of Educational Technology and Mathematics, Computing and Technology academics have published the first in a new series of OU Innovation Reports which explore new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world. This first report, called ‘Innovating Pedagogy 2012’ proposes ten innovations that are already current but haven’t yet had a profound influence on education."
Open_University  OU  innovation  report  education  teaching  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
Educational Technology and Change Journal
Educational Technology and Change Journal (ETCJ) is a nonprofit, non-refereed, professional electronic publication that focuses on the latest developments, trends, ideas, concerns, and issues related to the use of technology to enhance and improve K-12 and higher education. Although articles aren’t refereed, they’re carefully reviewed by the editor for content and style. As part of the review process, the editor often confers with staff editors and writers.
education  etc  innovation  journals 
september 2012 by chrisdymond
Online schooling is exploding in US - tech - 05 September 2012 - New Scientist
Traditional schools are being replaced with internet-centric teaching methods that could change education forever
edutech  online_schools  remote_learning  education  New  Scientist 
september 2012 by chrisdymond
Isaac Asimov Interviewed by Bill Moyers - Mental Floss
In 1988, Bill Moyers interviewed Isaac Asimov, when Asimov’s Prelude to Foundation was released. The three-part interview is fascinating, partly because of when it was recorded; Asimov’s insights are partly timeless (for example, his thoughts about death) and partly extremely timely (his predictions about the near future, like global networks). Discussed: education, the future, science, astronomy, chemistry, technology, religion, population growth, employment, curiosity, and more.
Wikipedia  internet  Moyers  education  Asimov  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
BBC News - UK schools 'most socially segregated'
Schools in the UK are among the most socially segregated in the developed world, according to a major annual international education report.
bbc  segregation  education  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
Brilliant - I'd love #SheffieldUTC to have one: "Roving DIY lab lets kids test out ideas with cutting-edge tools"
SheffieldUTC  springwise  dyi  makers  education  3dprinting  from delicious
september 2012 by chrisdymond
The outer limits of the human brain - life - 01 October 2008 - New Scientist
Yet some brains are that little bit more remarkable than others. Why do the most gifted and talented brains stand out from the crowd? Is there anything physical or physiological that sets them apart? Here we take a look at some outstanding grey matter, and ask what brains are like at the outer limits of human achievement.
cognition  learning  genius  new_scientist  education  intelligence  neuroscience  brain  New  Scientist  from delicious
may 2012 by chrisdymond
Why some people can't put two and two together - science-in-society - 24 January 2009 - New Scientist
Welcome to the stressful world of dyscalculia, where numbers rule because inhabitants are continually trying to avoid situations in which they have to perform even basic calculations. Despite affecting about 5 per cent of people - roughly the same proportion as are dyslexic - dyscalculia has long been neglected by science, and people with it incorrectly labelled as stupid. Now, though, researchers are starting to get to the root of the problem, bringing hope that dyscalculic children will start to get specialist help just as youngsters with dyslexia do.
new_scientist  education  numbers  cognition  brain  dyscalculia  maths  New  Scientist  from delicious
may 2012 by chrisdymond
A federal judge learned to code - O'Reilly Radar
RT @kevinmarks: Programming is part of cultural context now. This is a good thing:  programming  justice  education  from delicious
may 2012 by chrisdymond
New York City imposes new social media rules for teachers
On Monday, the New York City Department of Education published its first set of guidelines for the use of social media, underscoring the importance for teachers and staff to keep a clear distinction between the use of their personal and professional accounts.
policy  teachers  education  NYC  social  media  from_Instapaper  from delicious
may 2012 by chrisdymond
School ICT to be replaced by computer science programme
And just like that, school computing was transformed... > "School ICT classes to be scrapped"
curriculum  programming  ICT  Gove  education 
january 2012 by chrisdymond
Digital literacy campaign – we need your help
Today the Guardian will launch a campaign to improve IT and computer science teaching in schools and universities – and we want input from as many teachers, lecturers, pupils, parents and developers as possible
digital_literacy  literacy  campaign  teaching  education  computer_studies  ITC  guardian 
january 2012 by chrisdymond - Summify
Technophobia has no place in education - comment < good semi-rant from Graham Brown-Martin #fb
fb  Brown-Martin  TES  edutech  education 
january 2012 by chrisdymond
Programming should take pride of place in our schools | Technology | The Observer
If we don't change the way ICT is thought about and taught, we're shutting the door on our children's futures
UTC  curriculum  education  programming  observer  Naughton  ICT 
december 2011 by chrisdymond
SpaceChem is an obscenely addictive, design-based puzzle game about building machines and fighting monsters in the name of science!

Take on the role of a Reactor Engineer working for SpaceChem, the leading chemical synthesizer for frontier colonies. Construct elaborate factories to transform raw materials into valuable chemical products! Streamline your designs to meet production quotas and survive encounters with the sinister threats that plague SpaceChem.
games  spacechem  education  edutech  imported 
november 2011 by chrisdymond
Coding - the new Latin
RT @thegreatgonzo: BBC News - Coding - the new Latin < that'll pack 'em in... #nextgen #brandingfail
brandingfail  nextgen  education  BBC  programming  coding  imported 
november 2011 by chrisdymond
Wikimedia blog » Blog Archive » From My Dirty Little Secret to My Favorite Tool for E-Pedagogy: How One University Professor Learned to Love Wikipedia
I was never a fan of Wikipedia. In fact, I was quite skeptical when I first heard about the Wikipedia Global Education Program. How things have changed...
wikipedia  education  skills  imported  from instapaper
november 2011 by chrisdymond
Learning about learning | Matthew Taylor's blog
The subject of my first speech (worryingly, they have asked me to deliver two!) is schools of the future.

I am thinking of taking as my theme the idea of untapped resources. The point being that if there is no new money in schools (whatever the Government says, essentially there isn’t) then they have to squeeze their assets more effectively. The key aspects of this strategy can be grouped under three headings...
education  Taylor  RSA  schools  learning 
november 2011 by chrisdymond
Learning about learning | Matthew Taylor's blog
The subject of my first speech (worryingly, they have asked me to deliver two!) is schools of the future.

I am thinking of taking as my theme the idea of untapped resources. The point being that if there is no new money in schools (whatever the Government says, essentially there isnt) then they have to squeeze their assets more effectively. The key aspects of this strategy can be grouped under three headings...Honey, at home: Philips urban beehive shrinks your ecological footprint, increases holes on belt -- Engadget"Philips urban beehive shrinks your ecological footprint..." < I bet this is messier in practice than it looks...Updating the Bechdel Test for video gamesHow can universities support economic growth and innovation? Take the open road : JISCGAME CHANGER: Boxee Box Will Soon Let You Watch Live TVOoh, #boxee is going to offer live network TV: - will it be offered in the UK too, @boxee? #boxeeukCalling all Cloud Services Providers in South Yorkshire and the LEP regions | LinkedInDiscussion about Network infrastructure engagement with the Sheffield City Region & the CDI Sector Group.Economics: What are some actual examples of the law of unintended consequences in action? - QuoraRe-Sweet: @umairh -McKinsey report the_great_transformermijori23: RT @@jhagel James Manyika + Charles Roxburgh on role of Internet in driving economic growth. A positive disruptorBBC News - Adobe abandons work on Flash plug-in for mobile devices"Adobe giving up on mobile Flash" - shame Jobs isn't around to savour his victory...Letters LRB 17 November 2011Tips on How to Increase the Number of Your Twitter Followers - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.comCESG asserts security of open source software | Guardian Government Computing | Guardian ProfessionalRT @Mark_Antony: The UK Government officially affirms that Open Source is every bit as secure as Proprietary Software ...Coach's Eye: T
education  taylor  rsa  schools  learning  imported 
november 2011 by chrisdymond
Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies - CARET
At CARET you’ll find space for your ideas and support in the shape of an innovation team dedicated to learning and research technologies, and committed to facilitating collaboration within the University and beyond.
innovation  CARET  education  Cambridge  imported  from iphone
october 2011 by chrisdymond
Excellent Harper’s Article on Being a Teacher. « AEPSA
"Garret Keizer recently wrote one of the most honest and insightful articles on being a teacher that I have ever read. "
education  Keizer  Harper's  teaching 
october 2011 by chrisdymond
Children show improved verbal IQ from cognitive training ‘cartoons’
: children show improved verbal IQ after 20 days exposure to music-based cognitive training cartoons
education  kids  apps  iq  cognition  from twitter
october 2011 by chrisdymond
Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value -
"Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value:" / HT @MoodleDan #edutech #fb
edutech  education 
october 2011 by chrisdymond
Teach Less, Integrate More by Paul Backett - Core77
"A lot of recent discussion about design education argues for expanding the design student's skill set. Many of today's Industrial Design programs ask their students to be social scientists, technologists, business analysts and brand strategists—just about everything. The reality is, most of these skills are best learned through experience on the job, and the traditional ID skill set still makes for the best foundation: framing the problem, exploring ideas, making prototypes and storytelling."
design_and_ux  core77  education 
september 2011 by chrisdymond
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