Shadow DOM 201: CSS and Styling - HTML5 Rocks
The /deep/ combinator is similar to ::shadow, but more powerful. It completely ignores all shadow boundaries and crosses into any number of shadow trees. Put simply, /deep/ allows you to drill into an element's guts and target any node.
25 days ago
Javascript JSON templating engine
26 days ago
HomeMade Modern
Smart, affordable DIY design ideas for cool people who like modern home furnishings.
26 days ago
Giving Good Praise to Girls: What Messages Stick | MindShift
“What we’ve shown is that when you praise someone, say, ‘You’re smart at this,’ the next time they struggle, they think they’re not. It’s really about praising the process they engage in, not how smart they are or how good they are at it, but taking on difficulty, trying many different strategies, sticking to it and achieving over time.”
27 days ago Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead: Orjan Gamst, Ingrid Haas, Vegar Hoel, Martin Starr: Movies & TV
The lone survivor of Dead Snow's Zombie attack wakes in the hospital with his severed arm replaced with the arm of his Nazi nemesis, sparking a rampage of revenge by raising an undead army of his own.
27 days ago
We created an interactive web map with the contour lines of Iceland, were we and Jositajosi are based, it looked pretty interesting, but we quickly realized that the constrains imposed by the small format of the notebook called for something simpler. We focused then on the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano which erupted in Iceland in 02010 causing chaos across Europe.
27 days ago
Paths.js demo
Generate SVG paths for geometric shapes
4 weeks ago
Try, Catch, Fail: Working with SVG in Ember
The reason JQuery doesn't work to add and remove classes from SVG elements is that JQuery tries to do so by setting element.className to a string. In SVG, element.className is an SVGAnimatedString, and you must set baseVal to the string instead. But better still, if you're in IE8 and newer the "modern browsers" JQuery 2.x and higher purports to target, you can just use classList to add and remove classes. Alternatively, setting class via setAttribute('class', 'whatever') will also work with SVG.
5 weeks ago
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