Reykjavik Rocks
We deliver high end, customized luxury. Complete tailored experience for Iceland whether it is rejuvenation and relaxation, a family trip, a romantic break for a couple, an individual only or a party experience – we can cater to your every need.
3 days ago
Work is over.
What was just an experiment on Codepen, turned into an uncontrolable worldwide buzz. To avoid any complain about copyright and/or intellectual property infrigement, I decided to close this website.
Thanks to everyone who liked it.

Work is over.

5 days ago
SVG/Animation - W3C Wiki
SMIL animation has been removed from SVG 2, and will not be added back. SMIL animation will still work in SVG 1.1 user agents.
However, there is still author desire for element-based syntax in SVG, and there is legacy content. To meet this requirement, the SVG WG has resolved to redefine SVG's SMIL subset in terms of the Web Animation model. Some features will change slightly, and some syntax has been simplified, but for the most part, older content will still be supported using this new syntax.
8 days ago
Given Enough Money, All Bugs Are Shallow
The submitter is more interested in scaring you about the massive, critical security implications of this bug than actually providing a decent explanation of the bug, so you'll end up doing all the work.

The submitter doesn't understand what is and isn't an exploit, but knows there is value in anything resembling an exploit, so submits everything they can find.

The submitter can't share notes with other security researchers to verify that the bug is indeed an exploit, because they might "steal" their exploit and get paid for it before they do.

The submitter needs to convince you that this is an exploit in order to get paid, so they will argue with you about this. At length.
13 days ago
LINK rel=subresource - The Chromium Projects
What is LINK rel=subresource?

"LINK rel=subresource" provides a new link relation type with different semantics from LINK rel=prefetch.   While rel=prefetch provides a low-priority download of resources to be used on subsequent pages, rel=subresource enables early loading of resources within the current page.  Because the resource is intended for use within the current page, it must be loaded at high priority in order to be useful.
15 days ago
FREE Wireless WiFi Site Survey Software for MAC OS X
NetSpot is the only professional app for wireless site survey, Wi-Fi analysis and
troubleshooting on Mac OS X
16 days ago
August | 2006 |
I’ve signed up for a year on the ice. I deploy in October. I’ve been to the ice several times before, and it’s about time I spent the night. Since my departure is closing in on me, I’m carefully noting all the things I won’t have access to for a long time.

Today I went shopping at Costco and Trader Joe’s. I didn’t look at prices. I didn’t care. I threw everything that I liked into the cart. Everything that I maybe nibble on even once a year.
18 days ago
About CC0 — “No Rights Reserved” - Creative Commons
Dedicating works to the public domain is difficult if not impossible for those wanting to contribute their works for public use before applicable copyright or database protection terms expire.
19 days ago
Source-Connect Now / Source Elements
Source-Connect Now: free high-quality, bi-directional streaming in your Chrome web browser.
25 days ago
Explorable Explanations
From this seed, a movement sprouted. People made programming tutorials, embedded with examples of the very thing that they wanted to teach you to create.
27 days ago
Interview: Jeffrey Zeldman |
My speaking and writing ability has done more for my career than my Photoshop skills or coding chops. I encourage every designer to blog (even if nobody is reading), and to speak.
29 days ago
Importing Web Fonts with variable-exists()
@if variable-exists(font-google-prim) {
@import url($font-google-prim);
4 weeks ago
Should bicyclists be able to run some red lights? | The Seattle Times
A proposed law would let cyclists proceed (if it's safe) after their bike fails to trigger a sensor that would give them a green light.
4 weeks ago
C.WINTERFOX | Feminists are not responsible for educating men
It’s both exhausting and diversionary being expected to hash out the basics with men who haven’t bothered to think about their own privilege before. Men are not entitled to expect feminists to educate them. Real change will only happen when men accept that the burden of education is on them, not on women.
4 weeks ago
JavaScript console - for debugging JavaScript and remote debugging mobile web apps
Directions to inject JS Console in to any page (useful for mobile debugging)
4 weeks ago
The Sea of Ideas » When IE gave us beautiful, fast touch interactions, and nobody cared.
With these APIs, one could take what required a pretty advanced JS library causing all sorts of performance issues and trim that code down to two lines of additional CSS.
4 weeks ago
The Extensible Web Manifesto
he Extensible Web Manifesto
We—the undersigned—want to change how web standards committees create and prioritize new features. We believe that this is critical to the long-term health of the web.

We aim to tighten the feedback loop between the editors of web standards and web developers.

Today, most new features require months or years of standardization, followed by careful implementation by browser vendors, only then followed by developer feedback and iteration. We prefer to enable feature development and iteration in JavaScript, followed by implementation in browsers and standardization.

To enable libraries to do more, browser vendors should provide new low-level capabilities that expose the possibilitie
5 weeks ago
The Cure for Sidewalk Rage Is Gratitude
Once upon a time, cognitive scientists tell us, patience and impatience had an evolutionary purpose. They constituted a yin and yang balance, a finely tuned internal timer that tells when we’ve waited too long for something and should move on. When that timer went buzz, it was time to stop foraging at an unproductive patch or abandon a failing hunt.
5 weeks ago
Why libsass is important to the community |
@hcatlin took a huge gamble. He saw this issue and wanted to see if he could find a way to fix it. The Ruby community was not really playing well with others and JavaScript is NOT always the answer. Shedding off layers in computing, you quickly get to the bare metal of it all, C/C++. The core language that rules most of our worlds.
5 weeks ago
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